Production of the main type of food industry goods  by private entrepreneurs in 2010


Products 2010 Production Share of total country production
Meat (slaughted by entrepreneurs), including I-st category by-products


Meat products (Sausages, pate, smoked meat, canned meat, meat preparations, minced meat, etc.)



Fish products (fish: frozen, dried, salted or in brine, smoked, fish meal, canned fish and sticks, caviar, prepared fish products, etc.)



Fruit and vegetable products (products from quick-frozen potatoes, chips, fruit and vegetable juices, nectars, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits: frozen, canned, dried, etc.) 4,4 0,4
Dairy products (including margarine and fat spreads) 1,3 0,05
Vegetable oil 27,8 0,9
Flour 83,7 3,1
Groats 17,1 4,8
Fodders 57,2 0,9
Bakery (normal grain bread by species: rye, wheat, etc.; diet bread, non viennoiserie bakery products) 94,1 5,0
Pastry (pies, cakes, viennoiserie products such as rolls, bagels, etc.) 20,2 3,0
Confectionery (chocolate and chocolate products, candy, gum, pills, halva, oriental sweets, etc.) 1,6 0,3
Noodles without filling (pasta, vermicelli, noodle, shaped noodle products  etc.) 10,8 8,6
Dumplings (pelmeni, varenyky, chiburekkis, ravioli, lasagna, couscous, etc.) 10,7 13,8
Ice-cream 1,4 1,2
Alcoholic beverages, 000. dkl 0,03 0,01
Mineral water, spring, natural water and soft drinks, 000. dkl 6,6 1,8

Note. Information compiled by the results of one-time statistical survey "Survey of entrepreneurs manufacturers of food products."