Statistics of Ukraine


2001, № 1 (12)




NA System of Ukraine: Present Status and Up-Grading Perspectives


The paper contains an analysis on the status and up-grading perspectives of NA system of Ukraine. Thus, the analysis covers aspects such as information base for NA compilation, NA by sector, introduction of classifications in NA of Ukraine, quarterly NA algorithms. Emphasis is also made on elaboration of legal documentation on compilation of NA of Ukraine, institutional aspects of coordinated actions of ministries and governmental departments as main designers of NA, planning of NA implementation in Ukraine.


V.G.Chirkov, S.O.Pogodin

Sample Data: Accuracy and Reliability Aspects


Subject to the authors’ discussion are terminological aspects of the notions “accuracy”, “reliability”, “authenticity”, requirements to these indicators, and ways to meet these in the practice of statistical data analysis. In focus are issues concerning accuracy and reliability of the data from statistical sample observations, and specifics of their algorithms. Offered are tables that show correlation between the indicators of statistical sample observations (including sample size, coefficient of variation, marginal error ratio, error probability ratio) and allow users to derive required estimates on the indicators they are interested in, in an easier way.


V.I.Lishilenko, P.P.Laiko, M.B.Makhsma, N.Yu.Skatchek

An Algorithm of Monthly Production Output and Gross Output in Agriculture


The authors examine algorithm of gross production output in agriculture applied in the USSR and in Ukraine over the latest years. It’s emphasized, that the key methodological approach in deriving production output in plant growing and cattle breeding today should be implemented through comparison of production output in the basic period and that of the corresponding period of a current year. The authors offer algorithms of monthly production output in agriculture in the basic period and current year.


Yu.P.Lebedinsky, O.I.Drapikovsky, I.I.Ivanova

Real Value of City Areas as a Significant Component of Stable City Development


Subject to the authors’ analysis is algorithm of value of city areas, different approaches to valuation of land plots, economic, physical and administrative factors and components forming the value of land, legislative, legal and methodological basis of valuation of land plots. Emphasis in made on significance of the policies pursued by local self-administration bodies in respect of land market and their powers to ensure stable city development.



Measurement of “Shadow” Sector on the Basis of Analysing Income Structure of the Enterprises


The author offers an algorithm to measure “shadow” proportion (“hiding” rate) of income in industrial sector by analyzing the structure of gross income of an enterprise involving a set of indexes and objective factors (factor analysis). This approach may be applied in analyzing the performance results of an individual enterprise or a group of similar enterprises, as well as at microlevel. Systems and algorithms designed by this approach with involvement of a comprehensive database enable to systematize a large number of enterprises by characteristics such as income hiding and tax escape.



Statistical Observation of Informal Economic Sector of Ukraine: Improvement Areas


The paper is devoted to the issues of establishing the national statistical monitoring of employment in informal sector in Ukraine. The discussion deals with the existing system of information support, with measured proposed that would aim to up-grade the performance of existing observations of households (covering economic activity, living conditions of households), as well as some other statistical observations.



Conceptual and Methodological Approaches to Studies into Regional Dimension of Human Development


The author explains the meaning of the basic concept of human development, its specifics and aspects in the Ukrainian context. On the basis of multidimensional statistical analysis, the author has designed a unique algorithm for main sets of indicators and individual ones used to measure regional variations of human development. Also the author’s representation covers the estimates on integral indexes of human development and index of regional human development on the basis of data over 1999.



Environmental Performance of a Region: Methodological Approaches


The author highlights basic methodological approaches to environmental performance algorithm at regional level, and the issues relating to information supply required for natural and mineral resources exploitation and environmental protection.



Water Uses and Water Protection in a Region


The author sets out statistics on water uses in Ukraine and Zhitomir region, describing the performance today. Shown are the problems of rational consumption of water in the conditions of economic and ecological crisis, with conclusion concerning the need to employ economic methods to regulate water uses and water protection measures.



Commentaries on the Law of Ukraine “On the Ukrainian National Population Census”


The paper contains the comment on the contents and legal rulings on all the articles of the Law of Ukraine “On the Ukrainian National Population Census” adopted by the Parliament of Ukraine on 19 October 2000, reconciling of some with relevant rulings of other Ukrainian laws, as well as alterations made in course of preparation of the law to the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences.



Children’s Labour in Ukraine (based on the results from the sample survey)


The author gives the results and conclusions from 5 rounds of the sample survey on children’s labour in all the regions of the country covering January 1999 – April 2000, held following Agreement between the International Labour Office and the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine within the framework of International Programme of Elimination of Childen’s Labour (IPEC).


Yu.M.Shamshetdinov, G.S.Stolyarov

Information Market in Ukraine and the Position of the State Statistics Committee


The authors describe information & computing activities as such, their components, especially information products (IP). The discussion also concerns the performance of information market in Ukraine and its specific components, the contribution of official statistics in this area, the measures taken by the Committee that aim to secure the Committee’s high performance standards and position as an information products supplier. Also, there’s an overview of the activities by Derzhstatinform (State Statistical Information Provider).


I.V. Yatsenko

Approaches to Algorithm of Leasing Rates


The paper concerns the procedure and requirements to leasing of enterprises as a whole or their individual units, realty and other types of property, algorithms of leasing rates. Also, information in the paper covers legislative rules, legal rulings, decrees, letters and orders issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, individual ministries, the State Statistics Committee and the State Property Fund, that would guide one in compiling leasing contracts and calculating leasing rates, including the case of indexation of initial value of fixed assets.



Pioneering Statistical and Economic Studies of Eugeny Slutsky


The paper outlines life path and scientific accomplishments of E.E.Slutsky, a prominent Ukrainian researcher in mathematics, statistics, economics. The overview of his research works concerns “Introduction to the Theory of a Consumer’s Balanced Budget of” (1915), “A Sketch on the Problem of Formation of Formal &  Pracseological Foundations of Economics” (1926), “Adding up of Irregular Factors as a Source of Cyclical Processes” (1927), acknowledged worldwide, with emphasis on pioneering character of their key ideas.