Statistics of Ukraine


2001, № 1 (12)

In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Holovko V.A. NA system of Ukraine: Present Status and Up-Grading Perspectives.

Chirkov V.G., Pogodin S.O. Sample Data: Accuracy and Reliability Aspects.

Lishilenko V.I., Laiko P.P., Makhsma M.B., Skatchek N.Yu. An Algorithm of Monthly Production Output and Gross Output in Agriculture.


Public Administration


Lebedinsky Yu.P., Drapikovsky O.I., Ivanova I.I. Real Value of City Areas as a Significant Component of Stable City Development.


Statistics and Economics


Tkachenko L.G. Statistical Observation of Informal Economic Sector of Ukraine: Improvement Areas.


Regional Statistics


Shishkin V.S. Conceptual and Methodological Approaches to Studies into Regional Dimension of Human Development.

Kolesnik S.I. Environmental Performance of a Region: Methodological Approaches.

Klimchyk O.M. Water Uses and Water Protection in a Region.


Demography Statistics


Ostapchuk O.Ye. Commentaries on the Law of Ukraine “On the Ukrainian National Population Census”.


Social Statistics


Hrihorovitch N.V. Children’s Labour in Ukraine (based on the results from the sample survey).


Statistics and Market


Shamshetdinov Yu.M., Stolyarov G.S. Information Market in Ukraine and the Position of the State Statistics Committee.


Techniques, Consulting, References


Yatsenko I.V. Approaches to Algorithm of Leasing Rates


International and National Organisations, Programmes and Projects


Statistical System of the Federal Republic of Germany


History of Statistics


Zlupko S.M. Pioneering Statistical and Economic Studies of Eugeny Slutsky.


Official Materials


Law of Ukraine “On the Ukrainian National Population Census”.

Statute of the Administrative Council of Regional Departments of Official Statistics.


Statistical Press-Release


Social and Economic Performance of Ukraine over 2000




New Publications