Statistics of Ukraine


2001, № 2 (13)



O.H.Osaulenko, N.O.Parfentseva

Uses of Central Statistical Classifications by Public Administration Sector

The paper highlights the system of the international, multinational (european) statistical classifications, and the national statistical classifications of Ukraine, their specifics, history, harmonisation scheme. Also, it shows different aspects of uses of the statistical classifications by public administration sector in Ukraine.



Macroeconomic Regulation of Economic Growth in the Conditions of Economic Transformations: Performance and Perspectives

The paper highlights the essence and significance of administrative regulation of economic growth, its analysis concerns macroeconomic conjuncture in Ukraine and the need for further economic reforms, scenario of economic development of Ukraine over 2001-2005.



Report on Key Indicators of Enterprises Performance: Issues Concerning Formation of Integrated Information Resources

The paper examines the performance and areas of improvements in the system of enterprises statistics. The analysis covers aspects, such as formation of current expenditures by economic activity; coherence of the indicators of statistical reporting with information resources of accounting; algorithm of production output at enterprise level. Also, in focus of the discussion is functional authorities of central government in compiling of information data base of enterprises statistics.


Statistical Data on Foreign Trade: Reliability Issues

The paper discusses the experience available in certain countries and international organisations related to reliability and authenticity of data on foreign trade. The analysis concerns the performance of foreign trade statistics in Ukraine, methods applied in foreign trade statistics, up-to-date approaches in foreign trade statistics that can enable to up-grade accuracy, reliability and representation of data on foreign trade.


M.A.Oklander, K.D.Semenova
Marketing Costs: Accounting and Reporting Issues

The authors analyse marketing in Ukraine in terms of present performance and perspectives. The problem in the focus concerns improvements in accounting of marketing costs at the level of institutional units. They offer amendments in reporting scheme at the enterprises level and a new reporting format "Report on Marketing Costs of the Enterprise” that would lay the conditions for up-grading the accuracy in estimating marketing performance at any level.


D.D. Aistrakhanov
Up-to-date Monitoring Systems of Social and Economic Performance: Development Issues

On the basis of the national experience, the author proposes ways to solve a set of existing or potential problems that the designers of monitoring systems of social and economic performance on the basis of statistical information and business tendency surveys on Ukrainian enterprises may face at their engineering and implementing stages.


An Approach to Algorithm of Sample Size in Systematic Distribution

The author proposes algorithms of sample size by applying statistical methods, when sample distribution is not normal. Thus, the equations are given enabling to derive sample size for indicative, binomial and Poisson distributions. By way of example, the author gives an algorithm of sample size on the basis of data from a pilot survey held to estimate the size of the sector of private farmers in Ukraine in 1999.



Tendencies and Dialectics in Personal Consumption Production of Households: Economic and Statistical Context

The analysis concerns tendencies in personal consumption production of households, by specific example of Kharkiv region of Ukraine, the focus being made on their stabilising effects in the conditions of severe recession of agricultural output in public sector. Also, highlighted are the issues relating to economic performance of production in personal consumption sector and its potential developments.


Statistical Observations on Informal Economic Sector in Ukraine: Development Issues

The paper concerns issues of designing the system of official statistical monitoring on employment in information economic sector in Ukraine. The author scrutinises existing systems of information supply, proposes measures to improve existing schemes of household surveys (on economic activity, living conditions of households), and some of the other classes of statistical observations.


National Innovation Systems: Inductive Approach to Their Evaluation

The author tries in “science mapping” on the basis of inductive approach to describing national innovation systems. By advancing the method of inductive taxonomy, the author analyses the national system of R&D budgeting and performing. The author’s comparison enables to range Ukraine in the list of EU member states. The author’s conclusion concerns the need to design the strategy of scientific policies, and feasibility of certain perceptions about evolution of scientific systems in the national context.


Production of Technical Facilities: Economic and Statistical Issues

The paper concerns some of the issues relating to statistical description of production of modern technical facilities, engineering and introducing of processes applying modern technical facilities, and identifying and classifying different types of techniques and technologies. The author proposes statistical reporting formats on introduction of advanced techniques in production sector.



Women in the Statistics Profession: A Status Report

International Statistical Institute (ISI) aims to create favourable conditions for statistical performance and exchange between individual statisticians and countries. However, women representation in ISI is still inadequate and this situation raises concern in ISI, among ISI members, and in the Committee on Women in Statistics especially. The paper is devoted to analysis of women representation in ISI and in statistical profession, which is low in nearly all the countries. The situation is analysed in the context of individual countries and regions, and in a broader context, e.g. women involved in statistics profession.



Economist and Statistician Ivan V.Vernadsky (180 Anniversary since Birthday)

Highlighted are landmarks in the life and work of well-known economist of XIX century, Ivan V.Vernadsky, the farther of academician V.I. Vernadsky, with analysis of his findings in economic theory, history of economic theories and statistics.