Statistics of Ukraine


2001, № 2 (13)

In the Issue:


Public Administration

Osaulenko O.H., Parfentseva N.O. Uses of Statistical Classifications by Public Administration Sector.

Vorotin V.Ye. Macroeconomic Regulation of Economic Growth in the Conditions of Economic Transformations: Performance and Perspectives.

Tsal-Tsalko Yu.S. Report on Key Indicators of Enterprises Performance: Issues Concerning Formation of Integrated Information Resources.


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Mikhailov V.S. Statistical Data on Foreign Trade: Reliability Issues.

Oklander M.A., Semenova K.D. Marketing Costs: Accounting and Reporting Issues.

Aistrakhanov D.D. Up-to-date Monitoring Systems of Social and Economic Performance: Development Issues.

Honchar O.V. An Approach to Algorithm of Sample Size in Systematic Distribution.


Statistics and Economics

Horkavy V.K. Tendencies and Dialectics in Personal Consumption Production of Households: Economic and Statistical Context.

Tkachenko L.H. Statistical Observations on Informal Economic Sector in Ukraine: Development Issues.


Individual Methods of Research

Bulkin I.O. National Innovation Systems: Inductive Approach to Their Evaluation.



Bodyuk A.V. Production of Technical Facilities: Economic and Statistical Issues.


International and National Organisations, Programmes and Projects

Carlson B.A. Women in the Statistics Profession: A Status Report.


History of Statistics


Onoprienko V.I. Economist and Statistician Ivan V.Vernadsky (180 Anniversary since Birthday).



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