Statistics of Ukraine


2001, № 3 (14)


In the issue:


Public Administration


Osaulenko O.H. Information and Administrative Resources of Sustained Development.

Byegun A.V., Bondarenko I.H. Factors Administering Investment Resources of Ukraine.


Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Holovko V.A. On Compilation of Quarterly National Accounts of Ukraine.

Sarioglo V.H., Gladun O.M., Valkova T.O. Calibration of Statistical Weights for Up-grading Representation of Data from Sample Surveys on Households.

Chirkov V.G., Pohodin S.A. Optimization of Accuracy and Reliability of Ukraine.

Pugacheva M.V. Application of Methods of Reconnaissance Statistical Analysis for Interpreting Data from Conjuncture Surveys.


Economic Statistics


Lishilenko O.V. Compilation of Accounting & Reporting Information in Administrative Reporting at Enterprises.


Social Statistics


Hrihorovich N.V., Kalachova I.V. Social and Economic Safety of Ukrainian Population.


Regional Statistics


Skalsky V.V. Regional Information and Computing System: Development Issues.

Ihnatov S.N. Rating System as an Approach to Evaluating Performance of Regional Statistical Offices.

Khatyamova-Homan L.A. Variations and Stability in the Dynamics of Tex Output in Cherkasy Region: Measurement Issues.

Danylko S.V. Religious Network of Zhytomir Region: Statistical Aspect.


Statistics and Related Research Areas


Bilukha M.T., Romanenko L.F. Audit of Commercial Banks Performance by International Standards.


Statistics in Market Economy


Grigorovich S.V. Marketing in Statistics.


History of Statistics


Moroz Yu.Yu. Taxation Statistics: Retrospective and Organisation.



New Editions.