Statistics of Ukraine


2001, № 4 (15)



O.H. Osaulenko

Problems of Designing the Program of Development of National Statistics

for 20032007

The paper deals with preparation of the State Statistical Committee of Ukraine new program of  development of national statistics for 20032007 which main purpose should be a new system of collection, processing and dissemination of information. This is the third 5-year program of improvement of statistics over the period of Ukraine’s independence. It was made a conclusion that the new program should become a successive logical  stage in the process of development of national statistics. The new statistical survey methods should be foreseen in the new program.


T.O Protsenko

Official Administration of Foreign Investment in a Region of Ukraine

The author analyses the principles of management of foreign investment. An influence of efficiency level of investment policy on economic upsurge of a region is shown in the paper. The China example is given but it cannot be significant for Ukraine. The conclusions concern the state’s influence on the investment process by means of tax, amortization, credit policy through the system of privileges and sanctions on the basis of simplified procedure  of tax collection, etc.


I.O. Zhadan

Enterprises of Mixed Form of Ownership: Role

and Place in the Context of Public Policy.

The author shows the need to determine the role  and rank of enterprises of mixed type of ownership which are strategically important  for  national economy and security  in the context of  macroeconomic and social purposes of public policy on the ground of analytical conclusions of researchers of Western Europe, Canada and the United States of America.


V.V. Tokovenko

Conceptual Model of Interaction

of  Political  Management and Official Administration.

The author  offers conceptual models of interaction of political management  and official administration which are presented as subsystems in the structure of a society connected by a complex of subordinate  interactions and are two variants of realization of administrative functions of a state. It’s emphasized that division of levels of political guidance and official administration is conditioned by real definition  of power in a society and a state, and  their relations may be both constructive and destructive. In this connection the author presents some forms of efficiency - inefficiency of official administration and  political leadership and  politico-administrative relations which are constant problems for the state system and important foundation for successful reforming.


M.I. Rudakevitch

Value Approach to the Analysis of Ethic Problems of a State Official.

The paper discusses issues related to  moral and professional  duties of a state official. The analysis concerns the reasons of moral problems that have negative effect  on state officials’ behaviour and the ways of solution of these problems. The author considers that ethic standards should be based on the Constitution of Ukraine and legislative and normative acts, which assign different aspects of professional etiquette of state officials.


E.V. Romat

Executive Authorities in the System

of Official  Administration of Advertising in Ukraine.

The paper deals  with the leading position of executive authorities along with legislative and judicial authorities in the system of official administration of advertising in Ukraine  on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine and active legislation. The conclusions concern the development  of the system of management  of advertising  business and its further improvement.


I.V. Kalacheva

Statistics of services: Conceptual Basis  of  Reforming.

The paper concerns the purpose and main problems of  the improvement of statistics of services. It shows methodological  and organization aspects of  the improvement of statistics of services  relating to classification, data sources, determination of statistical units, general economic indicators and periodicity of surveys. The author determines final results of the improvement of conceptual approaches to statistics of services.


V.G. Sarioglo, O.M. Hladun, O.V. Lysa

Composition Estimation Method in Solution of the Problem of “Small Territories”.

The authors give general characteristic of the problems of  “small territories”:  enhancement  of statistical data estimation representativeness on the results of sample surveys for territories or groups of statistical units in the general totality which design and sample size  do not allow to obtain authentic data. Basic  concepts and terms are presented in the paper. The authors discuss the main trends as to the development of new methods for solution of the problems of  “small  territories” for the purposes of official statistics. Special attention is given to peculiarities of the composition estimation  method which  makes it possible to use the results of sample surveys  and other data for enhancement of statistical data representativeness.


K.M. Shishkina

Present-Day Problems  of Dissemination of Statistical Information.

The article is  about  socio-economic environment of Ukraine which needs  radical changes as to the approaches to dissemination of statistical information. Special attention is given to the development of theoretical principles and practical tasks in the sphere of data dissemination by the state statistical agencies.  It is pointed out that the experience of the Federal statistical agency of Germany  may be  the most available  for Ukrainian statistics.


I.L. Ostapchuk

Ukraine and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development: Cooperation, Strategy and Prospects.

Active co-operation of  Ukraine and  EBRD is presented in the paper. Further development of this co-operation will help Ukraine to solve one of the key problems which our state is faced with - creation of favorable investment climate to involve investment resources for support and  deepening of upward tendency  that emerged in the economy of Ukraine lately.


I.O. Halytsya

Peculiarities of Reproduction and Innovation Process Today

The paper is devoted to  the peculiarities of reproduction of basic funds taking into account   global post-industrial economic growth factors. The author is making a study of innovation process  tendencies for some time past.


V.V. Kostenko

The Use of  Accounting Indicators in  Material Incentives.

The subject that is discussed in this paper concerns  the estimation of work of collectives (expenditure centers) on the basis of accounting indicators with the purpose of  the improvement  of material incentives of  each  worker in saving and  speedup of labor productivity.