Statistics of Ukraine


2001, № 4 (15)



In the issue:


Public  Administration


Osaulenko O.H.  Problems of Designing the Program of Development of National Statistics  for 2003-2007.

Protsenko T.O. Official Administration of Foreign Investment in a Region of Ukraine.

Zhadan I.O.  Enterprises of Mixed Form of Ownership: Role and Place in the Context of Public Policy.

Tokovenko V.V. Conceptual Model of Interaction of  Political  Management and Official Administration.


Rudakevitch M.I. Value Approach to the  Analysis of Ethic Problems of a State Official.

Romat E.V. Executive Authorities in the System  of Official  Administration of Advertising in Ukraine.


Theory  and Methodology of Statistics


Kalacheva I.V. Statistics of services: Conceptual Basis  of Reforming.

Sarioglo V.G., Hladun O.M., Lysa O.V. Composition Estimation Method in Solution of the Problem of “Small Territories”.


Statistics and Economics


Shishkina K.M. Present-Day Problems  of Dissemination of Statistical Information.

Ostapchuk I.L. Ukraine and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development: Cooperation, Strategy and Prospects.


Official Materials


Socio-Economic Situation of Ukraine  in January-September 2001.




Halytsya I.O. Peculiarities of Reproduction and Innovation Process Today.

Kostenko V.V.  The Use of  Accounting Indicators in Material  Incentives.



New Editions