Statistics o Ukraine


2002, № 1 (16)



V.A. Holovko, E. Pelero, M.V. Pugacheva, I.M. Nikitina

Construction of Synthetic Indicators Based on Market Surveys for Macroeconomic Indicators Forecast

The article presents a new approach to the estimation and forecasting of macroeconomic indicators based on market survey information. This approach grounds on multiplicity of market survey indicators which reflect main economic trends at a definite stage and are the basis for building synthetic indicators by sectors of the economy and generalized for several sectors.

Synthetic indicators make it possible to estimate trends of macroeconomic indicators in the nearest one or two quarters. It is stressed that though data series are not long enough to make detailed econometric analysis, the suggested approach allows us to obtain satisfactory results.


N.V. Kamasheva

The Use of Statistical Methods in Studying Associations of Macroeconomic Indicators

The author examines the use of correlation-regression analysis to study relationship of economic indicators. The paper presents the methodology of construction of regression equation and statistical characteristics for the determination of adequacy of a model. An experimental model based on actual data has been developed. It determined dependence between real GDP and main macroeconomic indicators.


I.M. Nikitina, N.I. Lyusina

Methodological Basis of Organization and Carrying out of Manufacturing Expenditures Sample Survey

This article is devoted to methodological background for organization and carrying out sample survey of manufacturing expenditures; its data are the basis for developing macroeconomic Input-Output and Resources-Consumption tables. Data of the statistical report form I-Business cover sectors of financial and non-financial corporations. On the results of detailed analysis of these data by economic activity and Ukraine’s region methodological principles of sample survey were determined and sample versions were formed. Work on scientific reasonable sample representation has been performed.


V.N. Tamashevich

Compromise Estimate of Economic Conditions of the Population of Belarus

The author makes an attempt to show the reasons of differences in expert judgements and to find compromise estimate which will fit with logic of social processes to a great extent, in particular it concerns customer habit, dynamics of poverty level, emigration aspirations, etc. It is shown that composite estimate design is possible if we take into consideration some phenomena typical for the post-soviet society, but are slightly followed or not registered at all: shadow economy, uneven income distribution, hidden price rise, etc. The article presents analytical results on real data of statistics of Belarus.


N.M. Darmograi

Efficiency of the Government System in Ukraine: Parity Aspect

The conclusion is made that development of new democratic reality needs cultural level of man’s and woman’s social functions. Profound economic and social changes in the society are impossible without changes in the government structure standard in Ukraine; its expressive manifestation is the establishment of parity democracy in the society.


Ya.V. Ilchenko

Evolution of the Communal Property Right in Ukraine

The article deals with main stages of emergence and development of communal property institution on the basis of Ukrainian legislation that has been acted before enactment of the Constitution of Ukraine. The process of developing the mechanism of legal regulation of communal property is interpreted.


S.M. Klimova

The System of State Financial Control

The author studies the state financial control as a system with the following elements: object, subject and control action. The complex of elements is a system if it’s capable for self-organization, self-control and stability.


V.I. Khoroshkovsky, V.V. Yurcyishyn

Liberalization and Development: Investment Requirements

The paper analyses the requirements for stimulation of import of goods and capital, interprets the problems concerning risks for Ukraine, and sets task of economic policy to help Ukraine to enter the world economic environment as quickly as possible.


A.V. Sydorova

Composite Estimate of the Development of Services in Regions

Analysis of different approaches to the selection of base of comparison in the calculation of general indicators is shown in the paper. The author presents the method of estimation of the state of services at a regional level. Tables of indicators as to the development of the sector of services are given.


V.V. Skalsky

Market Situation Analysis and Prospects

of Trade Development in Khmelnytsky Region

The article deals with the state of trade in the countryside that has declined since 1990, and shows tendencies of its development in present-day conditions.


V.K. Danylko

Ecological Statistics of Ukraine: Achievements and Progress

The paper describes the achievements in statistics of environment and natural resources as one of the youngest sections of the state statistics over the years of Ukraine’s independence.


I.V. Kokarev

Commodity Market Analysis in Present-Day Economic Conditions

The main goals and tasks of commodity market statistics in developed countries are considered. The author analyses the peculiarities of this process in Ukraine and studies methodological aspects of statistical estimation of commodity markets.


Yu.S. Tsal-Tsalko

On Assurance of Statistical Financial Information Resources

of Balance of Enterprise

The article is devoted to the state and directions of the improvement of statistical information resources of balance of enterprise. In particular, it covers the following questions: estimation of assets and obligations; the balance items transformation procedure for statistical analysis of forming information resources for the balance reference, fair cost of assets and conditional rights and obligations of enterprises.


M.V. Onopriyenko

Statistics of Dissertations on Informatics Defended in 1992-2000

Data on dissertations defended in Ukraine over the period of 1992-2000 are given with distribution according to professions and places of defense. Analysis of statistical information allows us to make conclusions as to dynamics of training of scientific specialists last years. Vries

Meaningful Measures: Indicators on Progress, Progress on Indicators

The article reviews the international debate on statistical indicators. It describes historical background, as well as the present chaotic situation. It discusses what statistical indicators are and what they are for, as well as criteria for the choice of indicators, designed to monitor the achievement of economic, social, demographic, environmental and other goals set by United Nations conferences. Some suggestions for future work are made.