Statistics o Ukraine


2002, № 1 (16)

In the Issue


Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Holovko V.A., Pelero E., Pugacheva M.V., Nikitina I.M. Construction of Synthetic Indicators Based on Market Surveys for Macroeconomic Indicators Forecast.

Kamasheva N.V. The Use of Statistical Methods in Studying Associations of Macroeconomic Indicators.

Nikitina I.M., Lyusina N.I. Methodological Basis of Organization and Carrying Out of Manufacturing Expenditures Sample Survey.

Tamashevich V.M. Compromise Estimate of Economic Conditions of the Population of Belarus.


Public Administration


Darmograi N.M. Efficiency of Government System in Ukraine: Parity Aspect.

Ilchenko Ya.V. Evolution of the Communal Property Right in Ukraine.

Klimova S.M. The System of State Financial Control.

Khoroshkovsky V.I., YurcyishynV.V. Liberalization and Development: Investment Requirements.


Regional Statistics


Sydorova A.V. Composite Estimate of the Development of Services in Regions.

Skalsky V.V. Market Situation Analysis and Prospects of Trade Development in Khmelnytsky Region.


Statistical Research Problems


Danylko V.K. Ecological Statistics of Ukraine: Achievements and Progress.

Kokarev I.V. Commodity Market Analysis in Present-Day Economic Conditions.

Tsal-Tsalko Yu.S. On the Assurance of Statistical Financial Information Resources of Balance of Enterprise.


Official Materials


Socio-Economic Situation in Ukraine in 2001.



Statistics and Science


Onopriyenko M.V. Statistics of Dissertations on Informatics Defended in 1992–2000.


International and Foreign Organizations: Programs and Projects Vries. Meaningful Measures: Indicators on Progress, Progress on Indicators.

Symchera V.M. 53-th Session of the International Statistical Institute (22–29 August 2001, Seoul Republic of Korea).

Statistics of Austria: Recent Structural Changes.


In the State Statistical Agencies


Shamshetdinov Yu.M. Activities and Prospects for Development of the State Agency on Statistical Data Dissemination.



New Editions