Statistics o Ukraine


2002, № 2 (17)





I.A. Zhukovich, O.M. Kuznetsova

Methodological Aspects of Reporting Data Analysis Concerning Scientific and Technical Activity in Ukraine

The article deals with the analysis of indicators of statistical reporting forms № 1-sciense and № 3-sciense. The authors give proposals concerning the deepening of economic analysis and expansion of information basis, that characterizes the state of scientific and technical sphere in Ukraine by the existing conventional indicators as well as by introduction of new indicators that are widely used in international practice.


L.L. Zezenko

Financial Account as an Integral Part of SNA

The author gives propositions as to the addition of the system of national accounts of Ukraine by financial accounts, which can be made at the national economy level as well as at the level of sectors and branches. A special attention is paid to the development of financial account by sector of economy in matrix form. Besides, the problems concerning identification of financial operations registered at financial accounts are presented.


A.P. Revenko

Present State and Trends of Development of Commodity Price Index
The author examines the present-day situation as to the CPI calculation in Ukraine, its conformity with international recommendations and the latest changes in the list of goods and services covered by this index. The paper contains slightly known information on the calculation of the similar indices in the middle twenties of the last century. The author motivates his proposals on the improvement of CPI calculation, in particular, coverage of the rural population, consideration of subsidies and benefits in communal services.


I.O. Zhadan

Control and Stimulation of Management at an Enterprise of Mixed Property

The author generalizes forms of control and stimulation of managers of enterprises in developed countries, presents mechanism of control at Ukraine’s enterprises of mixed property and makes conclusions concerning their efficiency. In the author’s opinion, the mechanism of options directed to management motivation to a rise of efficiency and presentation of information about enterprise would be much better to promote the development of microeconomic indicators than administrative measures of multi-level control.


T.P. Krushelnytska

Conceptual Principles of State Policy Concerning Formation of Alcohol and Tobacco Market in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the main principles of state policy at the alcohol and tobacco market directed to providing civilized conditions for its performance. It describes successive stages of forming conceptual principles of public regulation and determines rules and mechanism as to their introduction in this sphere. The article is designed for the government authorities, scientists, economists and students of economic institutes.


O.I. Sushynsky

State Authority Regarded in the Light of Public Power

State authority is regarded within the framework of concept of power dynamic transition as one of the stages in the organizational structure of public power institutions. It is shown that tightening tendency of state power makes it urgent to reform control power in the light of its internal and external functions.


M.S. Danko

Statistical Monitoring of Structural Technological Changes in Industry

Methodological approaches concerning the development of statistical monitoring of the structural technological changes in industry are considered. The author presents the system of indicators and the results of statistical analysis of forming tendencies of new technological structures, which are to guarantee intensive innovation development of the Ukraine’s economy.


V.M. Lesyk

Estimation of Structure Factor Impact on Wholesale Price Development

The author examines the possibility of using a compound system of interconnected indices of average means for the analysis of the structure and structural changes in the wholesale price movement. In particular, an influence of variability of a range of aggregate elements on the average price change is analyzed.


O.V Moroz, S.N Ignatov, L.B Shtefan

Energy Efficiency of Agriculture in Vinnitsa Region: Regularities of Dynamics

The article deals with the retrospective analysis of energy efficiency of agriculture of Vinnitsa region, the volume and structure of power costs. The obtained data testify of a recession of energy efficiency of agriculture in the region over the period under research. Concrete measures as to the improvement of this indicator are offered.


V.I Superson

Methodological Aspects of System Analysis of Development of Regional Agricultural Sector in Ukraine

The article is devoted to methodological aspects of the development of regional agricultural sector of Ukraine from the position of a system approach to the analysis of economic structures as a single whole. It is shown that the system approach to the analysis of economic phenomena is based on the accounting of all associations, analysis of separate enterprises as structural parts of composite systems, determination of significance of each of them for the process of performance of the economy, and, on the contrary, the impact of the system on its units.


M.T. Bilukha, T.V. Mykytenko

Tax Development Evolution and Accounting Problems

The article deals with the evolution of the tax system in Ukraine and abroad. Tax systems in the developed countries have been studied. The article covers the problems of tax accounting in Ukraine and the ways of its improvement.


V.V. Kostenko

Improvement of Accounting of

Manufacturing Expenditures Using Anglo-Saxon Methodology

The author examines the problems of the improvement of manufacturing expenditures accounting by Anglo-Saxon methodology.


 V.V. Skalsky

Statistical Observation of “1-Business” Form: Regional Level Problems

The paper is devoted to the issues concerning organization and methodical approaches to carrying out statistical observation of enterprises, the problems and difficulties in forming aggregate of reporting entities, their reporting discipline.


K.O. Redko

Methodological Basis of Financial Reporting Audit of Household Societies

The article briefly analyzes the origin of methodological approaches to financial reporting control of household societies. The author recommends the methodological model of financial reporting audit where the main problem is the determination of criteria for continuous work of an enterprise as one of the basic components in the audit conclusion. In addition five criteria of continuous operation are recommended for the use in audit control.

The article is designed both for scientists and for practicians in audit of financial reporting.


S.O. Pogodin

Evaluation of Information by Non-Value Synthesis

The article is devoted to the problem of estimation of indicators of statistical observation units that can be not quantified. For this purpose marks and adequate methods allowing adjust multiple-value indicators to a simple criterion are used. The model of the data evaluation method that makes it possible to judge of significance and completeness of information is suggested. Vries (Part II)

Meaningful Measures: Indicators on Progress, Progress on Indicators

The article reviews the international debate on statistical indicators. It describes historical background, as well as the present chaotic situation. It discusses what statistical indicators are and what they are for, as well as criteria for the choice of indicators designed to monitor the achievement of economic, social, demographic, environmental and other goals set by United Nations conferences. Some suggestions for future work are made.


T.V. Honcharova

William Petty, the Founder of Statistical Economics

The subject of this article is the statistical inheritance of the outstanding scientist – economist of XVII century William Petty due to which we may call him the founder of a science named “political arithmetic” which got its modern name only a century later. The most significant statistical works of the scientist are mentioned. The article also mentions the methods used by Petty for his own statistical calculations, the indicators he firstly introduced into statistical practice, his ideas as to the organization of statistics as a state service and programs of statistical works.