Statistics o Ukraine


2002, № 2 (17)


In the Issue



Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Zhukovich I.A., Kuznetsova O.M. Methodological Aspects of Reporting Data Analysis Concerning Scientific and Technical Activity in Ukraine.

Zezenko L.L. Financial Account as an Integral Part of SNA.

Revenko A.P. Present State of Commodity Price Index and Trends of Its Development.


Public Administration


Zhadan I.O. Control and Stimulation of Management at an Enterprise of Mixed Property.

Krushelnytska T.P. Conceptual Principles of State Policy Concerning Formation of Alcohol and Tobacco Market in Ukraine.

Sushynsky O.I. State Authority Regarded in the Light of Public Power.


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Danko M.S. Statistical Monitoring of Structural Technological Changes in Industry.

Lesyk V.M. Estimation of Structure Factor Impact on Wholesale Price Development.

Moroz O.V., Ignatov S.N., Shtefan L.B. Energy Efficiency of Agriculture in Vinnitsa Region: Regularities of Dynamics.

Superson V.I. Methodological Aspects of System Analysis of Development of Regional Agricultural Sector in Ukraine.


Improvement of Accounting and Reporting


Bilukha M.T., Mykytenko T.V. Tax Development Evolution and Accounting Problems.

Kostenko V.V. Improvement of Accounting of Manufacturing Expenditures Using Anglo-Saxon Methodology.


Regional Statistics


Skalsky V.V. Statistical Observation of “1-Business” Form: Regional Level Problems.



Statistics and Related Fields of Research


Redko K.O. Methodological Basis of Financial Reporting Audit of Household Societies.

Pogodin S.O. Evaluation of Information by Non-Value Synthesis.


Official Materials


Preliminary Data of All-Ukrainian Population Census of 2001.


International and Foreign Organizations, Programs and Projects Vries. (part II). Meaningful Measures: Indicators on Progress, Progress on Indicators.

Joals tasks of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

Recommendations of the IX International Scientific Conference “Development of Information Society: Resources and Technology”.


History of Statistics


Honcharova T.V. William Petty, the Founder of Statistical Economics.

Zlupko S.M. “Experiments from Statistics Field” by Volodymyr Barvynsky.




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