Statistics o Ukraine


2002, № 3 (18)



P.D. Shapoval

Market Infrastructure of Agricultural Region: State Regulation

Peculiarities of agricultural region, its characteristics and influence of the state on its stable development in new economic conditions are presented in the article. It is stressed that market efficiency depends on the developed production and social infrastructure. Need for state regulation of its formation processes is substantiated.


Z.M. Borysenko

Businessmen’s Monopoly Position at the Market

The article deals with the problems of commodity market analysis and determination of individual enterprises monopoly position in the light of Ukraine’s Law “Protection of Economic Competition” put into force on 03.03.2002 and a new “Determination Method of Monopoly (Dominating) State of Enterprises at the Market”.


A.O. Degtyar

System Analysis in the Process of Making and Implementation of Administrative Decisions

The peculiarities of the system analysis usage in the process of making and realization of administrative decisions are studied. Usage expediency of the “aim tree” and “interrelation tree” in formalization of the process of accepting administrative decisions and control over realization is substantiated. Classification of aim structurization indicators based on analysis of government directions and administrative decisions is given in the article.


Yu.M. Kobzar

Key Directions and Problems Concerning the Development of Legal Basis of Information Activity: Third Convocation Parliament Performances

The article deals with the Ukraine’s Supreme Soviet performances on the problems concerning the development of normative and legal basis in the information sphere. Special attention is given to the problems of improvement of laws on audiovisual mass media and organizational and legal aspects of activity of the National Council of Ukraine on TV and radio broadcasting issues.


O.Ya. Prokhorenko

The Community as an Opposition to Corruption

The article shows the possibility and necessity of the public’s influence upon corruption in Ukraine.


S.I. Kolesnyk

Atmospheric Pollution by Motor Transport: Statistical Determination of Volume

The author presents the Methodology of accounting of harmful substances in automobile exhaust gas which form an essential share in environmental pollution in Ukraine, developed by the Ecological Statistics sector of the Research Institute of Statistics. The necessity of such development is studied and main directions of further work on this problem are presented.


O.B Salikhova

International Technology Transfer Monitoring and the Ways of its Improvement

Problems of domestic statistics as to data collection on international transfer of technologies are considered in the article. The Russian experience in accounting of commercial exchange of technologies is presented as an example. To improve present-day methods of data collection and analysis of international technologies, recommendations are given for the State Statistical Committee and the National Bank of Ukraine.


S.M. Samaryna

Balance Method and Cross-Sectional Surveys as a Possibility of Usage in Order to Reveal the “Hidden” Economy Phenomena in Agriculture

Discrepancy between food consumption funds data on the balance of food resources (published in statistical year-book “Agriculture of Ukraine”) and those on household sample surveys can be partly explained by the availability of “hidden” economic activity of agricultural enterprises.


N.V. Gunko, G.I. Melnyk, G.M. Okhrymchuk

Household Books as a Source of Reporting Data

and a Base for Social and Demographic Study

The article deals with the issues concerning household accounting, its development and the use of household books as the base for social and demographic study.


T.O. Senyushkina

Ethnodemographic Factor and Problems of Young Families in Ukraine

The article deals with the problem of correlation between ethnodemographic factors and social status of young families. Analysis of statistical data and results of the sociological research is given. Relations between demographic changes and ethnic conflicts in former Yugoslavia are grounded. Key problems of young families in Crimea and their influence on ethnodemographic situation in the region are analyzed.


M.I. Kolnobrytsky, O.V. Syrotenko

Present-Day State of Productivity Modeling

on the Earth Aerospace Monitoring Data

The author analyses the present-day state of using materials of distance photography of aerospace systems for agricultural crop productivity modeling.


O.V. Parkhomenko

Patent Research and Technical Potential Efficiency in Ukraine’s Industry

A new approach to the research of mutual influence and dependence of patent productivity and scientific and technological potential activity is suggested in this article. On the basis of many-sided analysis of patent-associated literature the author studies data on 11 subindustries and suggests measures to use the approach in practice. Expediency of deepening research on this problem is stressed.



International Experience in Overcoming Numerical Inequality

The ways to overcome the problem of numerical inequality in the forming information society are discussed. The experience of the United Nations, European Union and the Seven’s countries is analyzed. Statistical data concerning this problem in Ukraine are presented.


Ye. V. Romat

Government Regulation of Advertising Business: Experience of France

The mechanism of government regulation of advertising in France is shown in the article. The author interprets some issues, such as the legislative guarantee of advertising, the executive power’s influence and its co-operation with public organizations of advertisers.