Statistics o Ukraine


2002, № 3 (18)


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Public Administration


Shapoval P.D. Market Infrastructure of Agricultural Region: State Regulation.

Borysenko Z.M. Businessmen’s Monopoly Position at the Market.

Degtyar A.O. System Analysis in the Process of Making and Implementation of Administrative Decisions.

Kobzar Yu. M. Key Directions and Problems Concerning the Development of Legal Basis of Information Activity: Third Convocation Parliament Performances.

Prokhorenko O.Ya. The Community as an Opposition to Corruption.


Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Kolesnyk S.I. Atmospheric Pollution by Motor Transport: Statistical Determination of Volume.

Salikhova O.B. International Technology Transfer Monitoring and the Ways of its Improvement.

Samaryna S.M. Balance Method and Cross-Sectional Surveys as a Possibility of Usage in Order to Reveal the “Hidden” Economy Phenomena in Agriculture.


Demographic and Social Statistics


Gunko N.V., Melnyk G.I., Okhrymchuk G.M. Household Books as a Source of Reporting Data and a Base for Social and Demographic Study.

Senyushkina T.O. Ethnodemographic Factor and Problems of Young Families in Ukraine.


New Modern Research Methods


Kolnobrytsky M.I., Syrotenko O.V. Present-Day State of Productivity Modeling on the Earth Aerospace Monitoring Data.

Parkhomenko O.V. Patent Research and Technical Potential Efficiency in Ukraine’s Industry.


International Projects and Experience


Grygor O.O. International Experience in Overcoming Numerical Inequality.

Romat Ye. V. Government Regulation of Advertising Business: Experience of France.




Nekoval V.T. Sergi Arkadiyovych Tomilin. The 125-th Anniversary.


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