Statistics o Ukraine


2002, № 4 (19)


In the Issue



Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Vasechko O.O. Conceptual Approach to Statistical Observation of Turnover in Market Industrial Statistics.

Karpov V.I. The Main Principles of Theory and Practice of European Regional Statistics.

Lyshylenko V.I. On the Determination of Labor Input and Farm Production Cost

Moroz O.V., Ignatov S.N., Shtefan L.B. Methodological Approaches to the Determination of Agricultural Production Efficiency.

Chorny A.Yu. Problems of the Development of Service Quality Measurement Instruments: Reliability and Validity.


Public Administration


Vorotin V.Ye. The State’s Influence on Global Economic Cooperation in Conditions of Market Transformations.

Gusev V.O. Formation of State Innovation Policy in the Small Business Sector.

Kondratyuk A.A. Analysis of Fluctuation Phenomena in Public Policy.

Prokhorenko O.Ya. Organization and Legal Aspects and Prevention of Corruption in the Public Administration System.


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Bondarenko I.G. Investment Resources Redistribution: Mobilization and Motivation.

Oklander M.A., Mylashko O.G. Statistical Monitoring of Tourism Contribution to the Economy of a Territory.


Statistics and Related Fields of Research


Movlamov S.Sh. Provision Safety Forecasting on the Basis of Econometric Models (on an example of Azerbaidjan Republic).

Shyshkina G.S. The Influence of Demographic and Economic Factors on Pension Reform.



International and Foreign Organizations, Programs and Projects


Grygor O.O. e-Europe as a Key Direction in Development of the EU Information Society.

Diduk M.S. The Issues of Auditor’s Activities in FRG.

Zibille fon Oppeln-Bronikovsky Strategic Role of the Output Database and of Metadata in German Official Statistics.

Statistics of Germany. Expertise-Innovation-Topicality. Federal Statistical Office of Germany.