O.O. Vasechko

Conceptual Approach to Statistical Observation

of Turnover in Market Industrial Statistics

The article deals with the problem of methodological guarantee for observation of turnover in national industrial statistics. The author generalizes the world experience in short-term industrial statistics concerning the definitions and organization of data collection from enterprises.


V.I. Lyshylenko

Determination of Labor Input and Farm Production Cost

Labor input and funds for plant-growing and animal husbandry production are regarded in the paper. The problem of ordering necessity of methodological approaches to the data calculation in practice of statistical agencies is under consideration.


O.V Moroz,, S.N Ignatov., L.B. Shtefan

Methodological Approaches to the Determination

of Agricultural Production Efficiency

Methodological approaches to the determination of agricultural production power efficiency are considered. On an example of agriculture of Vinnytsya region the indicator of power efficiency is determined.


A.Yu. Chorny

Problems of the Development of Service Quality Measurement Instruments: Reliability and Validity

The article is devoted to the peculiarities of using Cronbach’s Coefficient Alpha – a statistical reliability index method for the developed tests. Special attention is paid to the estimation of data conformity to service quality measurement, i.e. validity of the measuring tool. It is shown that the use of Cronbach’s Alpha makes service quality research more efficient and helps in better understanding of received results.


V.I. Karpov

Methodology of European Regional Statistics

(Basic Theoretical Principles and Practical Importance for Ukraine)

The author examines and analyses the further development tendencies of national regional statistics oriented, first of all, to modern approaches, recommendations and standards of the United Europe.


V.Ye. Vorotin

The State’s Influence on Global Economic Cooperation

in Conditions of Market Transformations

The article deals with the essence, role and importance of the state’s influence on integration development of Ukraine in conditions of global market transformations. The issues concerning the government regulation of foreign economic activity and the necessity of further improvement of measures to enter the World Trade Organization are regarded.


V.O. Gusev

Formation of State Innovation Policy in the Small Business Sector

Using statistical data analysis concerning the structure of the small business sector and its innovation activity the author shows the disparity between the innovation activity level of small industrial enterprises in Ukraine and the aims of restructuring the national economy according to the model of its innovation development. Methodological approaches to the formation of mechanisms and the measures of state innovation policy in the small business sector for stimulation of its participation in innovation processes are offered.


A.A. Kondratyuk

Analysis of Fluctuation Phenomena in Public Policy

The public policy position in the political process structure and their interdependence is under consideration. Relations between both formal and informal social institutions are in the limelight of this discourse.


O.Ya Prokhorenko

Organization and Legal Aspects and Prevention

of Corruption in the Public Administration System

The article is about the peculiarities of public administration, its importance in the society and the influence of corruption phenomena on it. The nature of social danger of corruption is shown. The role of scientists and the public in prevention and eradication of corruption in public administration is defined.


I.G. Bondarenko

Investment Resources Redistribution: Mobilization and Motivation

Possible sources and forms of mobilization of investment resources for economic entities are under consideration. A macroeconomic model of investment distribution in the form of a simplified model of business cycle is presented. An algorithm of investment resources redistribution by means of Markov’s chains is described.


M.A Oklander, O.G. Mylashko

Statistical Monitoring of Tourism Contribution to the Economy of a Territory

Calculation methods for tourism contribution to gross domestic product (gross value added) of a region. The method includes the estimation algorithm of this contribution, information support of calculations and calculation results on Ukraine and Odessa region over the years 1996-2000.


S. Sh. Movlamov

Provision Safety Forecasting on the Basis of Econometric Models

(on an example of Azerbaidjan Republic)

The problems of provision safety forecasting on the ground of econometric models are under discussion.


G.S. Shyshkina

The Influence of Demographic and Economic Factors on Pension Reform

The paper deals with two main factors that influence pension reform. They are demographic tendencies and economic factors and conditions that cause changes in the pension system. The author dwells upon each of these factors and examines them in detail.


O.O. Grygor

e-Europe as a Key Direction in Development of the EU Information Society

The main aspects of the plan of action on the “e-Europe” Program are regarded. The emphasis is laid on the main three methods for its realization. The key principles of the development and application of e-Governments are noted. Data on electronic readiness for providing administrative services in the EU countries are analyzed.