O.M. Gladun, V.G.Sarioglo

Directions of Improvement in the Data Quality of Household Living Conditions Sample Survey and Solution of Small Area Problems

This paper deals with the main problems of providing reliability of family living survey results. Special attention is paid to the data estimation procedures and to the estimate quality characteristics. Individual methodological approaches for enhancement of reliability of data estimates on the results of household sample surveys are discussed. The authors present concrete examples of insufficient reliability of living conditions survey data while measuring poverty at a regional level and forming the system of indicators for branch departments of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine.


I.M Lyashenko, O.I.Snytyuk

Prediction of Agricultural Production Dynamics on the Short Sample Basis

The article presents the analysis of three methods used in forecasting on the short sample basis, namely: the least-squares method, group argument accounting and neural network method. The initial procedures of data preparation for use of each method are suggested; the example of dynamics prediction for agricultural production in Cherkassy region is considered.


I.M Nikitina., O.O Moskvin., N.I. Lyusina

Experimental Design of the Import Product Matrix

The article is prepared on the results of research work concerning the import product matrix construction. According to international standards the system of national accounts provides for this matrix building in order to estimate the influence of final demand for domestic production and for import and supply of foreign and home resources. This study gives important information for further development of domestic production and the ways of decrease in the volume of import.


M.M. Bilynska

Legal Control of Monitoring Procedures in Public Administration of Higher Medical Education

The article is devoted to the problems of the national legal basis analysis of monitoring process regulation of medical education based on introduction of higher medical education standards in Ukraine. The conclusion is made about new conceptual-program approach to the problem of higher medical education standards on the basis of changes in the state’s legislative space. This approach is directed to formation of scientific and methodological conditions for public quality policy in the higher education system.


O.B Gayevska

Correlation of Administration and Self-Administration


The article deals with the problem of correlation of administration and self-administration which is now the most urgent one due to feudalization of administrative relations in some countries of the world, in particular the post-socialist ones. In the author’s opinion self-administration is a property of a definite system, of a unitary state, in particular, and administration is a kind of activity used by the system for realizing its self-administrative energy. That’s why you shouldn’t consider territorial self-administration as a self-administrative phenomenon. The author’s treatment in the presented scientific interpretation is an improved one.


A.V. Merzlyak

Foreign Investment: is it Panacea

for Vehicle Production Regeneration in a Region?

The article investigates the state of car production in Zaporizhia region in dynamics. Financial results of AutoZAZ – DAEWOO joint venture activity are analyzed. The forecast data of joint venture economic activities for the years of 2002-2003 are determined. The positive and negative effects of foreign investments in joint venture economy are reviewed. The ways of enhancement of foreign and home investment efficiency in the joint venture are offered.


O.O. Pidgaina

Investment Process Management by Use of Technologies

The article deals with the investment process management, exactly: the new strategic approaches of public administration with the use of information technologies on an example of coal mining industry of Ukraine.


Ye. V. Romat

The Main Factors Determining Peculiarities

of National State Control Systems in Advertising

It is known from experience that practically each country has peculiarities in solving problems of advertising business control. The article points out that special features of a country’s government regulation depend on many factors, the most important of which are the following: the level of development of the economy and society; sociocultural peculiarities; national special features; intensity of influence of different religious confessions on the government regulation process and on other spheres of life; traditions established in the process of forming legislation, judicial and executive authorities etc. The effect of each factor is analyzed in detail.


O.I. Sushinski

Organizational and Legal Institutions in the Aspect of Public Service

Public activity and public posts are regarded in the context of state-powerful and state-political activity. Separation of public service and other activities is made in the context of responsibility of governmental authorities and their officials. Responsibility specified by execution of obligations is considered from the position of corruption phenomena.


V.I. Tymtsunyk

Preconditions for Reforming Soviet Public Management of Agriculture

On the basis of archives and other papers the author convincingly shows extremely difficult conditions of Ukrainian peasants in 1945-1953 and advances arguments for the necessity of reforming state management of agriculture of the republic by the new authorities of the country.


A.P Gaidutski.

Main Tendencies of International Investment Processes

The article presents main tendencies of international investment processes. The author gives characteristics and forecast of positive and negative tendencies of investment processes.


V.K. Danylko

Ecological Charges and Current Environmental Expenditures

The author analyses the official statistical information concerning realization of economic mechanism of management of nature and environmental protection activity. The author shows he role of basic economic instruments of national ecological policy of Ukraine: ecological charges, funds and current environmental expenditures.


L.A Doroshenko

Raw Materials Price Prospects

The author analyzes the state and perspectives of the basic primary goods price movements at world markets and Ukraine’s place at these markets. The revealed tendencies serve as a guide to determine economic policy with the purpose of establishment of Ukraine in the common economic space.



V.V. Yurchyshyn

GDP Macrostructure as Inconsistency of Growth Manifestation

A special attention is given to the GDP structure analysis in the context of its conformity with economic expansion problems. Analysis was carried out for some comparative aspects of macroeconomic structure by categories of use and income for Ukraine and Russia.


M.I. Kolnobrytsky

Air-Space Methods of Statistical Data Collection on Agricultural Objects

Present day achievements of air-space control methods of agricultural and forest objects are presented in this article. The author shows the possibility of air-space methods use for identification of plants by type; for determination of area under crops, the degree of their ripening, moisture and humus supply of different kinds of ground; for estimation of the state of crops as to supply of mineral fertilizer; for productivity forecast as well as for determination of damage of crops by diseases and weeds.


V.V. Kostenko

Development of Basic Assets Accounting as a Necessity of Realization of Reproduction Processes

Some issues concerning the improvement of basic assets accounting as one of their reproduction process are under consideration. Disparity between the definition of basic assets, given in the instruction and the classifier, and their economic origin is shown; the meaning of analytical accounting of capital consumption by conditional estimate is marked.


G.T. Karcheva

Some Issues of Providing Development of Ukrainian Banking System

The article introduces theoretical and practical issues concerning the development of the Ukrainian banking system. It also presents the developed econometric models of bank performance in Ukraine and suggests a stable development model of the banking system based on criteria of efficiency, financial reliability and enhancement of banks’ influence on social and economic development of Ukraine.


F. Yaroshenko

Peculiarities of Poultry Farming Development in the World Regions (Comparative Analysis)

The article presents comparative analysis concerning poultry farming development, the level of production, realization and consumption of poultry meat and eggs in large regions of the world and individual countries. The main purpose of this analytical study is to show the ways of poultry farming development in developing countries, in particular, in Ukraine.