Statistics of Ukraine

                                                                                                                              2003, № 1 (20)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics


GladunO.M, SariogloV.G. Directions of Improvement in the Data Quality of Household Living Conditions Sample Survey and Solution of Small Area Problems.

LyashenkoI.M, .Snytyuk O.I. Prediction of Agricultural Production Dynamics on the Short Sample Basis.

Nikitina I.M., Moskvin O.O., Lyusina N.I. Experimental Design of the Import Product Matrix.


Public Administration


Bilynska M.M. Legal Control of Monitoring Procedures in Public Administration of Higher Medical Education.

GayevskaO.B. Correlation of Administration and Self-Administration.

Merzlyak A.V. Foreign Investment: is it Panacea for Vehicle Production Regeneration in a Region?

Pidgaina O.O. Investment Process Management by Use of Technologies.

Romat Ye. V. The Main Factors Determining Peculiarities of National State Control Systems in Advertising.

Sushinski O.I. Organizational and Legal Institutions in the Aspect of Public Service.

Tymtsunyk V.I. Preconditions for Reforming Soviet Public Management of Agriculture.


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Gaidutski A.P Main Tendencies of International Investment Processes.

Danylko V.K. Ecological Charges and Current Environmental Expenditures.

Doroshenko L.A. Raw Materials Price Prospects.

Yurchyshyn V.V. GDP Macrostructure as Inconsistency of Growth Manifestation.


New Modern Research Methods


Kolnobrytsky M.I. Air-Space Methods of Statistical Data Collection on Agricultural Objects.


Development of Accounting and Reporting


Kostenko V.V. Development of Basic Assets Accounting as a Necessity of Realization of Reproduction Processes.


Statistics and Related Fields of Research


Karcheva G.T. Some Problems of Providing Development of Ukrainian Banking System.

Yaroshenko F. Peculiarities of Poultry Farming Development in the World Regions (Comparative Analysis).


As a Matter for Discussion


Lyovochkin S.V. Financial Aspects of Forming Middle Class in Ukraine.


Official materials


New Editions