O.H. Osaulenko, Yu.M. Ostapchuk

Guarantee of Confidential Data Protection by the State Statistics Agencies

The article deals with the issues concerning legislative, methodological, organization and technical guarantee of confidential statistical data protection. The authors considered the successive stages in the development of normative and legal guarantee of data confidentiality; they made a review of the main results achieved by the state statistics agencies of Ukraine in this sphere and analyzed the experience that had been obtained. The paper presents examples of using methodological, organization measures directed to providing statistical observation data confidentiality. Conceptual approaches to the implementation of program and technological means of protection and safety of confidential information were lighted up. The key problems existing both at the state and regional levels were determined.

This article will be useful for the officials of public authorities, scientists, other users of statistical information.


N.H. Lutsenko, N.O. Parfentseva, V.I .Gladkova

Methodological Basis for the Development of Building Production Nomenclature

Using the theory of sets the Branch Statistical Classification – Nomenclature of Building Production (NPB) was designed; it develops the State Classifier of Building Structures (DKBS). For industry items of NPB conversion keys between its codes and those of the Nomenclature of Industrial Products (NPP) were designed, 6 symbols of which are harmonized with codes of the Classification of Economic Activities (KVED).


D.D. Aistrakhanov

Short-Term Forecasting of Macroeconomic Indicators Based on the Business Tendencies Survey Information

The article presents short-term prediction algorithm of some macroeconomic indicators which are to be surveyed and analyses the possibility of using business survey information at different stages of statistical data procession.


V.I. Lyshylenko, P.P. Laiko, M.B. Maxma, S.D. Shulga, O.I. Shevchyk

Methodical Approaches to the Calculation of Aggregative Index of Agricultural Production Expenditures

The paper introduces methodical approaches to the calculation of aggregative index of plant growing and live-stock farming production considering changes in payment for work and in prices and tariffs of material and technical resources and services given to agricultural commodity producers.


M.V. Pugachova

Main Methodological Principles for Comparing Indicators of Conjuncture Survey of Industrial, Building and Trade Enterprises of EU Countries and Ukraine

The article provides the possibility of comparing the indicators of harmonized surveys of enterprises of different sectors, developed by EU Commission for industrial, building and trade enterprises of European countries, and Ukrainian conjuncture survey indicators developed with European countries’ experience and OECD recommendations taken into account. It allowed to get more detailed and specific information for transition economies to carry out economic analysis. On the basis of developed methodological principles the possibility of comparing information on all forms of conjuncture surveys are regarded, examples are presented.

Such analysis has not been done in CIS countries before, that’s why the information is of great interest to everybody who is interested in business surveys


I.O. Zhadan

Peculiarities of the Efficiency of State Corporative Law Management

The author showed and analyzed different approaches to the estimation of business efficiency. The conclusion is made about the necessity of the state corporative business estimation for the purposes of its contribution in solving macroeconomic tasks which meet the guideline system of state regulative policy. An estimation object should be the control system of Constitutional corporative laws as a whole, where separate economic entities’ efficiency characterizing the level of economic effect with minimum expenditures, i.e. productivity, is of minor importance if compared with purpose efficiency which is determined by social and economic needs of the state and can be achieved by properly determined and sound methods for their achievement.


A.O. Degtyar

Organizational Providing Information and Analytical Service for the Authorities in the Decision Making Process

The article is about the peculiarities of using information analytics in Public administration. A scheme of multi-level system of information and analytic support of the authorities in the decision making process is suggested.


 V.S. Tolubyak

Simplified Tax System for Agricultural Commodity Producers and Advance in the Local Budget Profitability

The author studies the role and meaning of the simplified mechanism of agricultural producers’ taxation, the development of agricultural production in market conditions and its influence on formation of the local budget revenues in Ukraine, in particular, in Chortkivsky district of Ternopil region.


T.O. Senyushkina

Information and Analytic Support of Decision Making Activity in Ethnic Conflicts

This paper analyses the problem of information and analytic support of administrative decision making in ethnic conflicts. It shows the role of forecasting and modeling in ethnic conflict control, the peculiarities of public authorities’ analytic work, the use of geoinformation system in ethnologic monitoring.


V.V. Leleka

Comparative Statistical Research of Scientific and Technological,

Productive and Trade Capacity of Power Engineering of Ukraine

With the use of statistical information a comparative research of scientific and technological, productive and trade capacity of power engineering of Ukraine was carried out. The author made a conclusion that scientific and innovation potential surpasses productive and trade capacity of the branch.



Sectoral Analysis of Share Market on the Basis of System Economic and Statistical Instruments

The paper determines the main factors characterizing the modern situation at the share market and presents the branch classification in its system based on cluster analysis. The author shows how the share market indicators manipulate financial results of branch performance.


T.P. Krushelnytska

Excise Taxation of Alcohol and Tobacco Production as a Factor of Guaranteed Budget Returns

The article analyses the existing excise tax system on alcohol and tobacco production that provides stable budget returns. Drawbacks and problems of excise taxation, that need to be solved immediately, are determined.

The article is designed for government officials, scientists, economists and students.


V.L. Bondarenko

Principles of Combining Income and Expenses of the City’s Budget

through their Connections with the Main Production Factors

This article deals with the necessity and mechanism of combining personal budget income and expenses taking into account their relations with the main production factors. On the basis of municipal financial office’s monthly reports the author determines the main relations of personal payments for natural resource use, capital, business capability.


A.V. Bodyuk

Accounting and Control of Fulfillment of Economic Entities’ Pecuniary Obligations to the Government

The author considers the pending problems on the theory of public control in execution of economic entities’ pecuniary obligations to the government. He substantiates the essence, goals, functions and methodology of tax audit and shows its procedures. The long-term problems of tax audit are interpreted.