Statistics of Ukraine

2003, № 2 (21)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Osaulenko O.H., Ostapchuk Yu.M. Guarantee of Confidential Data Protection by the State Statistics Agencies


Lutsenko N.H., Parfentseva N.O., Gladkova V.I. Methodological Basis for the Development of Building Production Nomenclature


Aistrakhanov D.D. Short-term Forecasting of Macroeconomic Indicators Based on the Business Tendencies Survey Information


Lyshylenko V.I., Laiko P.P., Maxma M.B., Shulga S.D., Shevchuk O.I. Methodical Approaches to the Calculation of Aggregative Index of Agricultural Production Expenditures


Pugachova M.V. Main Methodological Principles for Comparing Indicators of Conjuncture Survey of Industrial, Building and Trade Enterprises of EU Countries and Ukraine



Public Administration


Zhadan I.O. Peculiarities of Estimation of the Efficiency of State Corporative Law Management 30
Degtyar A.O. Organizational Providing Information and Analytical Service for the Authorities in the Decision Making Process 36
Tolubyak V.S. Simplified Tax System for Agricultural Commodity Producers and Advance in the Local Budget Profitability 39
Senyushkina T.O. Information and Analytic Support of Decision Making Activity in Ethnic Conflicts 43


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Leleka V.V. Comparative Statistical Research of Scientific and Technological, Productive and Trade Capacity of Power Engineering of Ukraine 46
Yevseyenko O.F. Sectoral Analysis of Share Market on the Basis of System Economic and Statistical Instruments 52


Statistics and Related Fields of Research

Krushelnytska T.P. Excise Taxation of Alcohol and Tobacco Production as a Factor of Guaranteed Budget Returns


Bondarenko V.L. Principles of Combining Income and Expenses of City’s Budget through their Connections with the Main Production Factors



Development of Accounting and Reporting

Bodyuk A.V. Accounting and Control of Fulfilment of Economic Entities’ Pecuniary Obligations to the Government



As a Matter for Discussion

Yusyfov Yu. On the Necessity of Developing Statistical Register of Transport Facilities for Carrying out Sample Survey



Chronicle 72
New Editions 74
Abstracts 80