O.O. Vasechko, O.I. Сhernyak, Ye.M. Zhuikova, V.O. Nebukin

Application of Sample Survey Technique for Estimation of Small Enterprises Output and Sales Volume

The article offers detailed description of methods of estimation by regression and by ratio for simple and stratified random samples. Using samples of different size simple and stratified sampling estimates (classical, by ratio and regression) were calculated for average and total output and sales volume of small enterprises of Ukraine. The authors present comparative description of all applied estimating methods.


V.I. Anin

Economic and Statistical Analysis of Volume

of Contract Works in Different Forms of Ownership

The article presents the analysis of contract work distribution by form of ownership and econometric models of dependence of contract works volume indicators on the following factors: investment value and the number of building organization


I.A. Honchar

Mortality Tables Design with the Use of Age Classes Transposition Method

The research institute of statistics developed a national procedure of making survival (mortality) tables on one-year and five-year age classes. The new methods take into account the present day survival condition of the population of Ukraine and its regions and the existing information support of demographic statistics.

The procedure was introduced into practical work of Derzhkomstat of Ukraine in 2003.


M.M. Bilynska

Strategic Management of Higher Medical Education: the Essence and Content

The article is devoted to the present-day problems concerning higher medical education management and presents results of the author’s own research of the problem of management of a modern domestic institution of higher medical education. The strategic analysis model of an imaginary higher education institution of state property is given. Analysis of internal environment of a modern medical institution is carried out. Operative and strategic goals are determined, some aspects of marketing strategy are studied. The article analyses possible versions for the development of a domestic higher medical education institution proceeding from its competitiveness. The article is written in the context of issues concerning building of national system of quality management in higher medical education.


Yu.F. Dehtyarenko, N.M. Grynchuk

Demographic Situation as a Region Development Efficiency Indicator

(on an example of Kyiv)

The authors analyzed the demographic situation in Kyiv in the intercensal period (1989 – 2001), considered the problems and revealed tendencies. They worked out the demographic forecast used in a new General development plan for the city of Kyiv till 2020. The city demographic policy perspective directions are grounded.


A.O. Leonova

Region Formation and the System of Ethnic and Cultural Process Management

The article deals with the present-day state of social and cultural development of national minorities. It substantiates the proposals on the necessity to consider region formative factors in the system of ethnic and cultural process management. In the author’s opinion it is necessary to define more precisely the concept of ethnic representation in administrative bodies, to take into account specific character of ethic regions while reforming the executive body system in the context of ethnic and cultural reality.


T.O. Lukina

Improving National System of Quality Indicators for General Secondary Education as  a Basis for Reforming Education Management

The article is about the necessity of improving the indicator system of state reporting for carrying out profound analysis and estimation of results on working of a system of general education of Ukraine in conditions of its reforming.


A.S. Sitsinsky

State Service Peculiarities in the Sphere of Ukrainian State Border Protection

The paper shows peculiarities of the state service in the Ukrainian State border protection as a law-enforcement body a military unit. Concepts of ”government official” and “serviceman” are compared.


Ye.O. Senyushkin

Economic and Legal Mechanisms for State Assurance of Stable Development.

The article deals with the problem of functioning economic and legal mechanisms of state regulation in the sphere of rational management of nature and environmental protection. It presents analysis of international experience as to the implementation of strategy and tactics of the “concept of stable development” as well as the analysis of present-day public policy of Ukraine in the sphere of rational management of nature and environmental protection.


V.O. Gusev

Innovation Activity in Ukraine in the World Coordinates of Development

On the basis of comparative analysis of human, economic and innovation development for some countries and Ukraine and considering the innovation processes trend in the national economy the author made a conclusion about slow development of innovation process in Ukraine. He noted the main reasons of stagnation in innovation processes in the national economy and formulated propositions on stimulation of innovation development.


N.R. Magera

Capital -Expenditure Expansion in the Central Europe – a Challenge for Ukraine

Special attention is paid to the analysis of investment flows, to their orientation and results of investment expansion in the Central Europe countries and goals that promote formation of conditions for economic growth and development in Ukraine.


O.K. Mazurenko

Tax Privileges – Statistical Aspect

The work provides the main directions, structure and dynamics of tax privileges by region and tax category. Special attention is given to the ratio of tax revenues to sums of received benefits allowing us to make a conclusion about the unevenness of tax distribution in regions.


O.O. Pidgaina

Analysis of Mining Towns Development Programs

The article provides analysis of coal mining industry restructurization in Ukraine in comparison with economic reforms carried out in coal mining in Romania and Russia over the same period. The aim of research was to make statistical comparison of occupational level and living standards in mining towns with other ones of similar size all over the country.


V.I. Superson

Regulative Aspects of Forming Corn Market in Ukraine at the Regional Level

The article deals with the issues concerning state policy in regions in the sphere of forming corn market, which is to provide civilized conditions for its performance. The author considers regulative aspects of the state regulation conceptual framework and determines


Yu.V. Kovbasyuk

The System of International Organizations: Classification

The paper presents the Classification of International Organizations by purpose, geographic prevalence, membership requirements, terms of financing, etc. It introduces examples of main criteria for international organizations as to their classification.


V.I. Kolesnik

Economical and Statistical Estimate of the Private Sector Development in the Autonomic Republic of Crimea

In the Work the Economic Situation and Problems of the Development of the Private Sector in the Autonomic Republic of Crimea in Condition of Market Changes are Analyzed.