Statistics of Ukraine


2003, № 3 (22)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Vasechko O.O., Сhernyak O.I., Zhuikova E.M., Nebukin V.O. Application of Sample Survey Technique for Estimation of Small Enterprises Output and Sales Volume 4
Anin V.I. Economic and Statistical Analysis of Volume of Contract Works in Different Forms of  Ownership 10
Honchar I.A. Mortality Tables Design with the Use of Age Classes Transposition Method 12


Public Administration

Bilynska M.M. Strategic Management of Higher Medical Education: Essence and Content 18
DehtyarenkoY.F, Grynchuk N.M. Demographic Situation as a Region Development Efficiency Indicator (on an example of Kyiv) 22
Leonova A.O. Regionalization and the System of Ethnic and Cultural Processes Management 27
Lukina T.O. Improving National System of Quality Indicators for Secondary Education as a Basis for Reforming Education Management 30
Sitsinsky A.S. State Service Peculiarities in the Sphere of Ukrainian State Border Protection 33
Senyushkin Ye.О. Economic and Legal Mechanisms for State Assurance of Stable Development 37


Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Gusev V.O. Innovation Activity in Ukraine in the World Coordinates of Development 40
Magera N.R. Capital -Expenditure Expansion in Central Europe – a Challenge for Uktaine 46
Mazurenko O.K. Tax Privileges – Statistical Aspect 50
Pidgaina O.O. Analysis of Mining Towns Development Programs 52
Superson V.I. Regulative Aspects of Forming Corn Market in Ukraine at the Regional Level 59


Classifications and Registers

Kovbasyuk Yu. V. The System of International Organizations: Classification



Regional Statistics

Kolesnik V.I. Economical and Statistical Estimate of the Private Sector Development in the Autonomic Republic of Crimea



As a Matter for Discussion

Smirnov S.O., Maryuta O.M. The Possible Path of Development of Speciality “Economic Statistics” at the Present Stage 74
Yatsenko V.A. Brunches Principles of Creation of the State Classification of Economic Activities and Production and Service Classification 76


Chronicle 77
New Editions 79
Abstracts 89