O.O. Vasechko

Preconditions and Experience

of Administrative Data Use in Management Statistics

Optimization of information flow incoming to Derzhkomstat from different sources is under consideration in this article. In this way complex use of management information is worthwhile. Solution of this problem can make it possible to diminish the amount of reporting work for enterprises and to upgrade statistical information.


V.K. Danylko

Atmospheric Pollution by Motor Transport: Approaches to Statistical Definition

The author analyses the modern approaches to statistical definition of atmospheric pollution by harmful materials of exhaust gas. He also analyses the recommendations of international organizations and the possibilities of their practical application in statistical surveys in Ukraine.


A.M. Yerina

Comparing Efficiency of Sample Survey Alternative Schemes

The article considers methodical aspects of estimation of relative efficiency of alternative foundations for samples and alternative methods of additional selection of units for the inquiry.

M.T. Mykytenko, N.I. Nedashkivska

Using Business Survey Information for Forecasting Macroeconomic Indicators by a Kalman Filtration Method

The article considers the use of conjuncture survey information for forecasting macroeconomic indicators using the Kalman Filter. The authors present two types of forecasts by this method and results of their using for forecasting the output of goods and services.


I.M. Nikitina, L.O. Popova

Substantiation of Model Selection for

Seasonal Adjustment of Gross Domestic Product

Identification algorithm of time series is approbated (GDP in actual prices, GDP in comparable prices, GDP volume index, GDP deflator), their character, type of trend and seasonal adjustment model are determined.


M.V. Pugachovа

Main Aspects of Interaction with Respondents

and Business Survey Information Users

The article is about the advantage of business survey as an additional information source on enterprises and prospects for their development. The paper presents main aspects of integration of survey organizers with respondents and users. Studying enterprises’ demand for new information and their interest in surveys (their activeness, who answers the inquiries, what information they need, etc.) is an important component in business survey methodology. The paper is devoted just to these problems and to studying the other users’ demand for survey information.


V.G. Sarioglo, M.Yu. Ogai

Methodological Approaches to the Increase in Estimation of Poverty Level Reliability for Ukrainian Regions

The article deals with the approaches to the increase of reliability of poverty indicator estimates based on data of household living condition surveys. In particular, the authors present methodological aspects of using the composite estimates method allowing using effectively indirect estimates of indicators for solution of small area problems without increasing sample size. A special attention is paid to the approaches based on the use of statistic models.


O.G. Yankovoy

Analytical Function of Indices: Myths and Reality

Historical, theoretical and methodological prerequisites of factor index analysis of effective economic indicator are considered. The author criticizes the analytical function of indices and studies the inadequacy reasons of this method to real economic practice. The regressive modeling approach is proposed as the only effective instrument for carrying out analysis corresponding to economic reality.


T.O. Lukina

Educational Public Policy Making in Ukraine: Availability of Education

The article analyses education availability as an effectiveness measure of state educational policy in Ukraine. Using statistical and sociological and monitoring study results the author makes a conclusion as to insufficient financing of the branch. It has become the reason of restriction of finance and availability of education, especially for rural population and children from low-income families.


Ye.V. Romat

Advertising Public Policy: Main Directions and Aspects

The author characterizes the public policy in advertising. He gives the analysis of public policy formation models. The system of principles that should become the basic values of public policy in advertising is under consideration.


A.S. Sitsinsky

State Border Service as a Special-Purpose Law-Enforcement Body

The article provides peculiarities of the state boundary service as a special law enforcement body. Experience in boundary service reforming is analyzed.


I.V. Smolin

Strategic Management Models and Conditions of their Use

The article presents the characteristic of strategic models and conditions of their implementation in accordance with the external environment changes and individual prognostic possibilities of organizations.


V.I. Tymtsunyk

Reorganization of the State Administrative System and Governmental Authorities

 of Ukraine by Production Feature (1962-1964)

Using archival and other documents the author presents consecutive and complete in-depth analysis of reforming party and soviet bodies on the industrial principle in the context of administrative reforms of Khrushchev decade. He convincingly proves inability and unwillingness of senior management to make amendments as to liberalization and democratization of state administration.


V.S. Tolubyak

The Role of Business in Local Budget Formation

The article is devoted to the peculiarities and efficiency of the simplified taxation mechanism for small and middle-sized business in Ukraine. The author studies the role, importance and influence of business on the region development and filling of the local budgets on the pattern of Chortkivsky district, Ternopilska region.


O.S. Shaptala

Productive Force Health and Conditions of its Support and Recovery in Ukraine

The article deals with the problem of health and working activity maintenance, which is the most urgent and actual one in the system of human values in Ukraine.


O.F. Yevseyenko

Estimation of the Share Market Influence on Main Socio-Economic Indicators of the Country Development

The author estimates the influence of the share market factors on the main socio-economic indicators. Using multifactor correlation and regression analysis she shows the dependence of region population movement on the main factors of their development, including the share market factors.


Yu.S. Tsal-Tsalko

Statistical Research of Factor Influence

on Financial Results of Production Activity

The article deals with the methods and problems of statistical analysis of factor influence on financial performance. Using the index method on statistical data basis the author presents the factor analysis of Ukrainian enterprises’ operating profit changes.


A.V. Bodyuk

Statistical Aspects of Personal Monetary Resources Taxation

The article provides an idea to group payers – natural persons – by source of income and to take the determined groups as an observation unit. Indicators of taxable capacity of personal monetary resources and wage fund are developed. The author gives the analysis for regularity of monthly personal tax revenues.


O.I. Chernyak, O.V. Krehivsky, V.O. Monakov, D.V. Yaschuk

Display of Enterprise Insolvency Evidence and its Possible Bankruptcy

The paper considers the main models and integrated methods of enterprise bankruptcy forecasting that are using in international practice. It is inspected, which of them may be used for Ukrainian enterprises.