Statistics of Ukraine





D.D. Aistrakhanov

Results and Prospects for Calculation of On-Line Estimates of Macroeconomic Indicators

The article presents and analyses the results of works on modeling and short-term forecasting for the main macroeconomic indicators carried out in the department of methodology of statistical monitoring and business surveys of the Research Institute of Statistics of the State Statistical Committee of Ukraine. It also outlines the main directions of long-term surveys.


V.K. Danylko

Methodological Approaches to Formation of Ecological Statistics in Ukraine

Using published scientific sources the author analyses the stages of development of national ecological statistics and examines methodological approaches to its formation. At the same time he shows the role and importance of ecological statistics in carrying out accounting and control of environmental protection measures in order to stabilize economic situation in our country.


S.G. Gelashvily, N.N. Chihladze

Medical Aspects of Gender Statistics (Georgia as an example)

The article is about social consequences of transitional period in Georgia for the female population. It analyses statistical data on women’s health, reveals adverse demographic tendencies (falling fertility, increasing mortality including maternal and prenatal mortality), decline both in women’s sickness rate and health of fetus.

To reveal the main causes of women’s worsening health a sample survey has been carried out. In the authors’ judgement the results of women’s interview give reason both for reflection and for solution of problems concerning providing women with high level medical service.


S.O. Bila

Conceptual Framework of Market Structural Regulation

The article deals with theoretical and methodological basis of forming structural policy in Ukraine. It determines the long-term directions in improving the structural regulation methods in order to raise the efficiency of structural reorganizations. The author analyses the correspondence of modern world theories of stabilization and macroeconomic growth to priority of social transformation in Ukraine.


M.M. Bilynska

Rating Estimation of Higher Medical Educational Establishments: Qualimetric Analysis

The paper is devoted to the qualimetric analysis of two procedures for rating estimation of higher medical institutions. One of them is the method of the Head department of education, science and information support of the Ministry of health of Ukraine and the other is the authorized one based on the estimation of management system conformity with the ISO 9000 standards. The aim of this work is to create a new instrument for the estimation of higher medical institution performance.


V.O. Gusev, G.M. Dovgal

State Control of Technological Parks in Ukraine

The article considers the model features of technological parks in Ukraine and its distinction from the generalized model widely practiced in the world. The authors have analyzed legal aspects of work of the Ukrainian technological park system and substantiated its business strategy. The important functions of technological park administration and proposals on the development of technological park system in Ukraine have been formulated.


O.S. Maxymchuk

Problems and Prospects for Developing Non-State Pension Funds of Ukraine

The article covers the issues on establishing the non-state pension funds system in Ukraine. It presents the estimation of main factors of introducing mechanism for protecting non-state pension funds’ assets from losses and depreciation. The author substantiates feasibility of policy formulation for realizing control over the use of personal resourses accumulated in these funds.


G.P. Sytnyk

Normative Acts as the Basis for Performance of National Security Management System

This article presents a clear determination of purpose, tendency and hierarchy in developing and adopting a conception, doctrine and strategy of national security of Ukraine.


A.S. Sitsinsky

Conflicts in Management Activity and the Ways of their Solution

Conflicts in management are analyzed. Subjects of different interpersonal disputes and methods of their prevention and settlement are under consideration. Groups of reasons that may cause conflicts in an organization are revealed, namely: the reasons within the control object system (executor, group of executors), those concerning the style of management and caused by the chief’s negative features and the reasons revealed in main forms of conflicting forces. It is pointed out that effective management means the manager’s ability to form, organize and mobilize a social group as well as to settle conflicts using different methods.


Yu.V. Suptelya

Problems of Information and Analytical Support of Elections in Ukraine

In this article the author examines the main principles of information and analytical support while organizing, preparing and conducting elections. Studying history and practice of elections both abroad and on the present-day Ukraine’s territory Yu. Suptelya analyzes election technologies, election systems, election process as the objects of political research. He examines the peculiarities of their introduction in transition societies, covers the problems of information and analytical support of the election process. The author also offers the definite recommendations as to the solution of controversial questions and development of information and analytical support of elections.


O.S. Shaptala

Material and Economic Base for Existence and Development of Recreation Service Sphere

 in Autonomous Republic of Crimea: Situation and Problems

The article provides an analysis of such components of material and technical base as the ARC recreation potential, recreation establishments’ property, recreation service sphere investment and financial receipts from tourist activity.


V.I. Anin

Analysis of Statistical Data of Fixed Capital Expenditures

The article analyses statistical data on fixed capital expenditures in Ukraine over the period 1997-2002 by investment source: national budget, local budget funds, own funds of enterprises and organizations, foreign investors’ funds, personal means in home construction, bank credits and other sources.


O.M. Maryuta, O.K. Yeliseyeva, O.O. Tretyak

Information and Statistical Estimation of Performance Quality of Electrical Network Controllers

The authors have carried out an analysis for the electrical network controller’s daily amount of work and determined the necessary information processing speed. On the basis of the suggested approach they give recommendations concerning upgrading of controller’s work.



Living Standard Category: Modern Approach

The article is devoted to the review of the living standard category evolution and development of statistical approaches to its study. The author substantiates the connection between the living standard category and the synonymous categories of well-being, cost of living, quality and conditions of life.

The paper presents generalized results of analysis of the systems of living standard indicators and gives a suggestion to use socio-economic state of the population as a base for the analysis of living standards.


T.A. Dragunova

Spatial Analysis of Migration Process in Kyiv

Research into migration relations of big cities provides for studying peculiar forms of spatial life and migration dynamics, forming the flows of migrants’ arrivals and departures in quality and quantity terms. The author analyzed migration relations between the capital and Ukrainian regions and revealed directions and sectors where inversions in normal development can be observed. She also presents an estimation of Kyiv migrants’ education and determines main tendencies of their educational level.


N.O. Parfentseva, V.I. Gladkova, Yu.G. Zhukovska

Developing National Classifications in Ukraine

The article is about the ways and methodological approaches to the development of national statistical classifications of Ukraine over the last decade. In tabular form the authors present a list of national statistical classifications and classifiers approved by orders of Derzhstandart or Derzhkomstat of Ukraine.


M.G. Sydorenko

Determination of Method for Retrospective Calculations in Transition from the General Classifier of Branches of the National Economy to the Classification of Economic Activities

The article offers the issues concerning the determination of ultimate method for retrospective calculations while switching from the General Classifier of Branches of the National Economy to the new Classification of Economic Activities.


I.V. Smolin

Principles and Forms of Enterprise’s Adaptation to the Changing Market External Environment

The article is devoted to theoretical prerequisites of enterprise’s adaptation to the changing external environment.


V.K Gorkavy, N.G. Goncharenko

Using Rating Principles for the Analysis

of Socio-Economic Status of Rural Districts

Using rating principles of public administration is under consideration. The authors make clear the issues of determining the system of characteristics and technical approaches to the economic entity rating.