Statistics of Ukraine

2004, № 1 (24)

In the Issue:


Osaulenko O.H. On the Main Results of Activities of State Statistical Agencies in 2003 and Tasks for 2004




Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Aistrakhanov D.D. Results and Prospects for Calculation of On-Line Estimates of Macroeconomic Indicators 9
Danylko V.K. Methodological Approaches to Formation of Ecological Statistics in Ukraine 13
Gelashvily S.G., Chihladze N.N. Medical Aspects of Gender Statistics (Georgia as an example) 17


Public Administration


Bila S.O. Conceptual Framework of Market Structural Regulation 22
Bilynska M.M. Rating Estimation of Higher Medical Educational Establishments: Qualimetric Analysis 27
Gusev V.O., Dovgal G.M. State Control of Technological Parks in Ukraine 31
Maxymchuk O.S. Problems and Prospects for Developing Non-State Pension Funds of Ukraine 38
Sytnyk G.P. Normative Acts as the Basis for Performance of National Security Management System 42
Sitsinsky A.S. Conflicts in Management Activity and the Ways of their Solution 47
Suptelya Yu.V. Problems of Information and Analytical Support of Elections in Ukraine 50
Shaptala O.S. Material and Economic Base for Existence and Development of Recreation Service Sphere in Autonomous Republic of Crimea: Situation and Problems 55


Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Anin V.I. Analysis of Statistical Data of Fixed Capital Expenditures 59
Maryuta O.M., Yeliseyeva O.K., Tretyak O.O. Information and Statistical Estimation of Performance Quality of Electrical Network Controllers 61


Demographic Statistics


Dzuba I.V. Living Standard Category: Modern Approach 68
Dragunova T.A. Spatial Analysis of Migration Process in Kyiv 73


Classifications and Registers


Parfentseva N.O., Gladkova V.I., Zhukovska Yu.G. Developing National Classifications in Ukraine 80

Sydorenko M.G. Determination of Method for Retrospective Calculations in Transition from the General Classifier of Branches of the National Economy to the Clasification of Economic Activities



Statistics and Related Fields of Research


Smolin I.V. Principles and Forms of Enterprise’s Adaptation to the Changing Market External Environment



Regional Statistics


Gorkavy V.K., Goncharenko N.G. Using Rating Principles for the Analysis of Socio-Economic Status of Rural Districts



As a Matter for Discussion


Revenko A.P. Who Gets Benefit from Preconceived Estimation of Ukraine’s Economy and Statistics?



History of Statistics


Nekoval V.T. Merkov Arkady Mykhailovych (the 105-th Anniversary since Birthday)



Chronicle 102
Abstracts 105