O.O. Vasechko

New Aspect of Business Register Quality Assessment

Those who use the statistical business register are always interested in its quality assurance. That’s why the estimation of necessary and adequate degree of quality and approaches to its measurement are very important aspects. The article deals with practical difficulties that may occur when general and specific for the register quality criteria are applied. The author offers a new quality indicator of stratification variable. This indicator is the result of synthetic measurement of discrepancy between the register as a sample basis and a survey at the stratification variable level. The article presents the results of application of the suggested indicator for the existing register of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine.


V.K. Danylko

Information Support of Water Resources Management: Problems and Prospects

The article is devoted to the issue of forming information basis of condition, use, conservation and replenishment of water resources as an important factor of water resources management in Ukraine.


I.V. Kypeschuk

Dynamic Analysis of Structural Changes in the Economy on the Basis of “Input-Output” Tables

Dynamic analysis of structural changes in the economy is an important link in the process of effective management. The “input-output” tables formed by the SNA data are very effective in carrying out research, but they are not often used in analytical practice. The article offers a non-standard approach to the estimation of economic branches based on a structure ratio calculated on the data basis of intersectoral balance of production and consumption of products in Byelorussia.


Ye.O. Lebedev, M.V. Pugacheva, M.M. Sharapov

Statistical Distributions in Econometric Research and Algorithms for their Calculation

The article suggests the effective calculation algorithms of stochastic distribution and their characteristics for practical use. To this effect recurrent procedures are used on the basis of which three calculation algorithms with examples are developed and stated in detail.


V.S. Mykhailov

Some Methodological Issues on Building Indices of External Trade in Ukraine

The paper covers the general problems of index method in foreign trade statistics. It elucidates methodological and practical questions on calculation of monthly, quarterly and annual base and chain price indices, volume and terms of foreign trade indices.


K.Yu. Repin, O.B. Stepanova

Methodological Problems of the Wholesalers’ Performance Sample Survey

The authors consider the problem of forming optimal (by size) sample for carrying out the wholesalers’ performance statistical observation and the obtained data dissemination on the whole population. They offer an algorithm for building optimal sample of wholesalers for analysis by commodity and region.


N.M. Darmogray

The State-Authority Relationship as a Pledge of Democratic Changes in Ukraine (gender analysis)

The author presents gender analysis of parliamentary and local power structure elections that took place in 2002. Solution of gender problems in Ukraine is a pledge of reformation in the democratic society, stimulation of integration processes of Ukraine’s entry into European community.


V.Yu. Keretsman

On the Problem of Information Support of Regional Development

Creation of effective information systems which would provide collection, systematization and processing of regional development data, providing regional and state administrative bodies with the obtained results is an important element of state regulation of region development. The author has made an attempt to study the possibility of present-day official statistics to meet the needs of regional analysis, diagnostics and monitoring. He also substantiates the necessity of its further reforming and development of alternative information systems.


A.P. Lelechenko

Decentralization as a Constitutional Principle of

Government Authority in Ukraine

The paper shows the importance of studying decentralization processes for solution of important internal problems of the social development in Ukraine. The questions of reformation of government authority are of theoretical and practical interest and decentralization itself is a basic principle in public authority and at the same time it is an essential method of its territorial organization regarded in the light of implementation of administrative reform.


L.A. Pashko

Modernization of Managerial Standards as a Basis for Renovation of Administrative Relations

The article analyses problems on managerial standards. The author has made conclusions on the necessity of modernization of managerial standards, which in conditions of social development should become the basis in renovation of administrative relations in national public service.


O.M. Sukhodolya

The Balance of Fuels and Electric Power Structure as an Indicator of the Efficiency Level of Energy Supply

The paper shows how important is formation of the balance of fuels and electric power of Ukraine as one of the priorities in working out the programs of socio economic development of the state. The author points to the necessity of providing the governmental authorities with available, reliable information on the balance of fuels and electric power structure. Application of statistical inquiry of the BFEP structure will make the needed basis for the system of energy indicators. In its turn, observation of energy indicator dynamics will form the necessary information and analytical basis of authorities for making decisions on the development of the power sector and formation of effective, competitive national economy.


V.I. Khoroshkovsky, V.V. Yurchyshyn

Monetary Challenge in Conditions of Economic Growth

The paper is devoted to the analysis of monetary risks and challenges that may arise in conditions of accelerated economic growth and cause the aggravation of the effective development policy making in medium term outlook. Formulation of political recommendations of risk prevention is made on the basis of foreign experience.


V.O. Shamray, V.O. Palamarchuk, Yu.A. Borysov

Reforming Military Commissariats and

Creating a Contract Service Advertizing System

The article is devoted to the problems of maintaining high mobilization level; battle training of the Ukrainian armed forces and creating the effective system of public control. It’s an attempt to determine the main measures to be carried out to achieve this goal.


L.G. Tkachenko

Methodological Problems Concerning the Comparison of Employment Data Obtained

from Economic Activity Sample Survey and All-Ukrainian Census of 2001

The article deals with the problem of comparability of the employment data from two different sources: sample household survey on the issue of economic activity and all-Ukrainian census of 2001. It considers methodological and organization and technological factors which may cause divergences between them.


G.S. Kovalska

Urgent Questions of Reforming Pension System of Ukraine

The paper is devoted to the important question of reforming pension system in Ukraine. The author considers the period from the enactment of the first law in 1991 up to the enactment of two main laws in 2003. A special attention is paid to the problem of a simplified tax system in the context of pension reform.


R.O. Kulynych

Index Analysis of Factor Influence on the Export-Import Volume Formation

The article presents the calculation methods for export/import price indices. It also covers the issue of index analysis use for the estimation of the volume change of exported/imported goods due to the influence of extensive (quantity of goods) and intensive (prices) factors of foreign trade development in Ukraine.


M.Yu. Ogay

Regional Poverty Rate Estimation by the Multiple Regression Method

The article presents methodological approaches to the poverty rate estimation for Ukrainian regions on the basis of regression models. It is determined that direct estimations of poverty indicators for Ukrainian regions are insufficiently reliable. On the one hand, the poverty indicator estimation by a regression model makes it possible to raise accuracy of poverty estimation, and, on the other hand, using this approach you may reveal and analyse interrelations and cause-effect connections between poverty indicators and other factors at the regional level.


S.N. Ignatov, O.O. Moroz, I.G. Melnyk

On the Problem of Business Integration in AIC

The authors consider theoretical and practical aspects of the process of small processing business formation in the countryside over the crisis period of domestic agroindustrial complex last decade, its causes and socio-economic importance. The article presents the analysis of the main problems concerning the enhancement of efficiency and competitive capacity of this kind of business and the ways of their solution.


O.M. Lysyuk

Using Personal Computers in Forecasting of Socio-Economic Processes

Using Excel tables, by adaptive and regression methods, the author makes market research of some food products on statistical data of Vinnytskaya region and compares the efficiency of their application.


S.O. Bila

From the History of Theory and Practice of Statistical and Economic Research

(XIX – early XX cent.)

The article presents historical and economic analysis of statistics theory inception in Russia (XIX – early XX cent.). It provides significant research results obtained by statistic science Founders. A special attention is given to creative heritage of Ukrainian scientists: D.P. Zhuravsky, V.A. Kosynsky, O.O. Rusov and others. The author shows the history of forming government administrative statistics in Russia’s management system (XIX – early XX cent.).