O.H. Osaulenko

The Project “Development of the State Statistics System for Monitoring

of Socio-Economic Reforms in Ukraine” and Its Significance for the Further Development of National Statistics

The author describes in detail the urgent problems of restructuring of the state statistics system, which gave prerequisites for preparing the Project “Development of the State Statistics System for Monitoring of Socio-Economic Reforms in Ukraine”.

The article determines the goal and task of the Project, suggests the ways of their realization. The author presents the detailed characteristic of the Project structure formed according to the aims and ways of the national statistics reform.

He stresses the importance of ratification of the Project by the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine as quickly as possible. The implementation of the Project is of great importance for the further development of national statistics.


O.O. Vasechko

New Approaches to the Detection of Outliers in Structural Statistics

The majority of national statistical agencies realize structural survey in part of data collection from small businesses by a stratified sample. In the near future Derzhkomstat of Ukraine is also planning to put small business survey on a sample basis. The outlier detection in a sampling frame before the analysis of results is necessary for theoretical and practical reasons.

After a brief review of different outlier detection methods (algebraic, graphic and on the basis of probability) the article presents new approaches to the detection of outliers in business statistics based on relative variance. Application of this idea to the outlier detection in structural survey is under consideration.


T.M. Kovalyova

Improving Methodology of Statistics of the Corporate Sector of Ukraine’s Economy

The article deals with the problem of improving methodology of statistics of the corporate sector of Ukraine’s economy based on international statistical standards and on the Strategy of development of the state statistics of Ukraine. The author suggests a new scientific approach to the determination of a composite political, social and economic object of statistical observation that is out of the state statistical service’s attention and is based on the departmental administrative data sources. Coordination of administrative and statistical databases, orientation to the wide use of statistical data should become one of priority directions of the state statistical agencies for a medium-term outlook.


N.V. Kovtun

Index Analysis of Investment Activity

The author studies the problem of the potential and necessity of using the index method in the investment activity analysis. She substantiates the necessity of using limited factor quantity in the index analysis of investment activity. The article presents the index system of factor influence on changes in permanent investment reproduction structure and the influence of extensive and intensive investment activity factors on the increase in production.


O.I. Kremen

Statistical Research Methodology of Employment

The article introduces methodological approaches to formation of national employment statistics based on the system of indicators for the occupational level estimation. The author shows the association of indicators and determination of the employment level changes in the state depending on the employment level changes in regions.


M.V. Mazur

Seasonal Adjustment of Consumer Price Index

According to the international standards, using international experience experimental calculations of seasonally adjusted consumer price index in Ukraine have been made and the ways of practical application of the obtained results have been determined. The author suggests the approaches to the determination of seasonal goods (services) in the consumer price index structure and the methods of its seasonal adjustment.


 V.G. Sarioglo

Problems of Quality Measurement of Population Sample Survey Results

The article deals with main characteristics of the population sample survey results. A special attention is paid to the data reliability indicators. The author shows the comprehensive nature of the data quality concept and the necessity of a system approach to quality measurement.


S.M. Vdovenko

National Minorities in Chernigiv Region: Statistical, Managerial and Cultural Aspects

On the basis of statistical and practical-scientific information the author analyzes the regional peculiarity of the national minorities’ status (Chernigiv region as an example), the level of satisfaction of their requirements, organization processes, participation in public authorities’ activity.

Attention is paid to the necessity of application of interaction purpose method, allocation of local budgetary funds for educational, cultural an information development of national minorities.

The author emphasizes peculiarities of the national process taking into account that the region borders on Russia and the Republic of Byelorussia.


N.V. Grytsyak

International Methodology of Gender Equality Measurement

Gender indicators support new approaches to social development designed for changing its patriarchal gender stereotypes as to the natural role of women and men by dissemination of gender equality ideas. That is why gender indicators at the national level take a key position among methods used by politicians, government officials, their assistants and analysts in the gender inequality measurement. Gender indicators make an information basis, which helps specialists prove that it’s necessary to follow policy assuring equal rights for both men and women.


S.M. Konyk

Decentralization and Deconcentration of Public Administration in Ukraine

(second half of XIX – early XX cent.)

This scientific article covers an urgent question of the present since it is agreeable to the constitutional and administrative reforms in Ukraine. It deals with the questions of decentralization and deconcentration of government administration in the second half of XIX – early XX cent. in Ukraine. Without overstatement, it was the first experience as for decentralization and deconcentration of government administration, which is worth the honorable place in the history of the Ukrainian state formation.


T.O. Lukina

Mechanism of Public Management of General Secondary Education Quality

The article shows the essence of concept of public management in general secondary education quality and presents a model of such mechanism at a regional level.


O.V. Molodtsov

The Nature of Information Space as a Paradigm of Social Development

The article is devoted to the socio-cultural aspect of a concept of information space, its role as a key factor of social development. The author presents the substantiation of theoretical and methodological approaches to the use of information and knowledge as a cognitive basis of social development.


T.F. Yaremenko

The Citizens’ Right to Participate in Management of State Affairs: Concept and Characteristic Features

This article provides the concept of citizens’ constitutional right to take part in management of state affairs as a priority political right guaranteeing the possibility to participate in formation and work of public authorities, and in state decision making. The characteristic features of this right are analyzed.


A.P. Haydutsky

Contradictions of investment processes in agrarian sector of Ukraine

The article summarizes the dynamic and structure of investment processes in the agriculture sector of Ukraine and analyzes disparity between the rate of attraction of foreign capital and high economic potential of the industry.


O.K. Yeliseyeva

Methodology of Business Effectiveness Management

The article is devoted to the methodology of economic and statistical analysis of enterprise’s activity effectiveness as well as to forecasting of general index of its activity effectiveness. The author analyses the work of Pridniprovska railway over the last 10 years.


K.V. Kuznetsov

Some Aspects Related to the International Contractual Relations on Taxation in the Investment Environment Formation

The article covers the questions concerning the influence of international agreements on taxation on the investment environment of Ukraine.


M.V. Lesnikova

Application of Factor Analysis Methods for Building Investment Attractiveness Rating of Financial Position of Innovation Companies

The paper analyses the urgency of a problem concerning the foreign investment attraction into innovation sphere of the economy. A question of investment attractiveness estimation of enterprises engaged in innovation activity is interpreted. Using the latest research the author offers an algorithm of rating estimation of financial state of innovation enterprises, based on factor analysis methods.


O.M. Maryuta, S.B. Lukianchuk

Multifactor Dispersive Model of Small Business Investment Projects: Concepts and Characteristic Features

The authors suggest a multifactor dispersive model of small enterprises’ investment projects using experiment planning on a Greek-Roman square scheme or a Yuden’s squares scheme. The model allows to consider different situations at the market and to estimate profitability and risk of a business investment project.


V.K. Danilko

Ecological Insurance: Reality and Outlook

Modern condition and development prospects of ecological insurance in Ukraine are reflected in the article as one of the most actually problems of nowadays. This class of insurance is an important ecological and economic lever for providing protection of the environment and rational utilization of natural resources. It is also a source of compensation for  losses from ecological problems.


D.G. Tsvyrko-Godytsky

Optimization Trends in Dynamics of Domestic Scientific Activity

The author considers the main components of scientific manpower movement. He also opens a question on the development of a concept of scientific activity management co-ordinated with natural and social forces and adjusted to up-to-date requirements.


M.V. Chechetov

Results and Tasks of Privatization in Ukraine

The article presents privatization quantity indicators and determines their influence on the changes in the market in Ukraine.

The author emphasizes that privatization is a main instrument of market transformation of possession relations that stimulate economic growth and solution of the social problems.


O.V. Lyshylenko

On the Issue of Enterprise’s Income and Expenditure Accounting

This article describes the existing system of enterprise’s financial activity estimation On the results of investigation the suggestions are made to regulate the comparability of income and expenditures of economic entity by its economic activities.