I.Yu. Yegorov, I.A. Zhukovych

Urgent Questions of Predictive Estimation and Economico-Mathematical

Modeling of Manpower Dynamics in Domestic Science

The article analyzes the problems emerging in modeling personnel potential dynamics, characteristic indicators and some typical models used by researchers last years. The authors consider the formulation of a problem of scientific manpower dynamics and peculiarities of practical implementation of the model.

R.P. Zadorozhna

Studying the Social Structure by Multiway Classification Methods

The article deals with the problem of methodological approaches to the social structure analysis. It also considers the experience of practical application of cluster analysis and multiway ranging based on the household survey data for the analysis of the social structure of the modern Ukrainian society.


G.A. Pashynska

The Necessity of Improvement of Organizational and Methodological Basis in Market Statistics

This paper covers the problems of forming an information basis in market statistics conditioned by organization of overall statistical observations. The statistical reporting data analysis concerning the use of energy materials and oil processing products by economic entities depending on consumption volume proves the low efficiency of these observations. The author offers the ways to solve the problems.


V.G. Sarioglo

Statistical Estimation of the Ability of the Population to Pay for Public Services at a Municipal Level

The article introduces the main principles of statistical estimation of solvency of the population of some cities and its readiness to pay for the used public services. The author analyzes the sources of information that may be used in measurement of solvency and readiness to pay. The paper offers the models designed for the increase of estimation reliability of incomes of the population at the local level and for the determination of readiness to pay for public services.


V.Yu. Keretsman

Regional Monitoring as an Information and Analytical Basis of State Control of Regional Development

The author has made an attempt to clear up the nature of regional monitoring and the main problems on the way of its formation as well as to activate the research work carrying out by state management specialists. Regional monitoring should be based on the data of reformed regional statistics, sociological research, and on the data of other information systems. It should include data collection, data analysis, diagnostics of the situation in a region and serve as information and analytical basis for region development forecasting. On the other hand the government support of regions, investment of public funds in regional development and solution of regional problems should directly depend on the regional monitoring results.


V.F. Martynenko

Interaction of Investment Entities in Ukraine: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects

The article analyses the relations of public, individual and private subjects of investment activity. Each of them should perform a function of consumer or buyer, or the investment resources supplier. The relations of economic entities at the present stage are of subject-object character. Their improvement requires transformation to the subject-subject character.


L.A. Pashko, S.A. Kindzersky

Vocational Training for Administration Managers – a Challenge of XXI Century

The paper is devoted to the analysis of one of urgent problems on public administration that is continuous professional training in human resource management. The authors offer specific ways for successful solution of this problem, namely: introduction of such concepts as “human resource management in public administration”, “public administration manager”; developing the system of continuous professional education of administrative personnel for realization of effective human resource management; implementation of the National program “Future Managers in Public Administration”.


V.M. Solovyov

Legality Assurance Methods in Public Administration of Ukraine

This article is a part of complex research into legality in public administration of Ukraine. The main problem at this stage is to define and analyze the concept and ways of legality assurance. A special attention should be paid to ad hoc methods. Using the latest scientific researches and publications the author has given definitions of the following concepts: legality assurance methods in public administration; control, supervision, citizens’ applications and public compulsion as a way of legality assurance in public administrations.


V.I. Tymtsunyk

Soviets of People’s Deputies in the Soviet System (1953 – 1964)

The paper shows the performance peculiarities of the Soviets of people’s deputies in 19531964. A conclusion is made about the impossibility to carry out effective reformation of a government system in conditions of lack of democracy, publicity, openness of the society.


M.V. Chechetov

Methodology and Practice of Management of Public Corporative Rights in Ukraine

This article considers the basic methodological principles of management of public corporative rights in Ukraine. The author introduces analytical materials on business activity of the state in this direction. The corporative sector’s activity over nine months of 2004 has been summarized and the results compared with corresponding data of 2003. The paper examines the main tendencies of the development of management system of corporative rights of the state.


V.O. Shamray, A.S. Sitsinsky

Some Public Administration Problems in the Military Sphere of the State

The paper analyzes some problems related to the state military sphere. The authors point out that it’s necessary to make more precise and clear the meaning of such categories as “special purpose state service”, “special purpose law-enforcement body” and the concepts concretizing them. The article describes the peculiarities of the administrative elite education for the state military sphere.


N.V. Kovtun

Statistical Estimation Methods of Investment Concentration

The article is devoted to methodological problems concerning the use of new approaches to the calculation of concentration index. It also presents an analysis of the process of concentration of fixed capital investment in Ukraine over the period 1996–2002.


D.V. Polozenko

Planning in the System of State Regulation of the Economy and Market Self-Control

This article deals with some problems of how to understand planning in the economic regulation system in conditions of forming market relations.


Yu.Yu. Gnezdovsky

Currency Exchange Rate and Purchasing Power Parity as Instruments of Inter-Country Measurements

The article is devoted to the problem of determining the estimated value and interconnected fluctuations of currency rate and purchasing power parity (PPP). It also deals with the economic theory issues on the PPP calculation and interpretation of variances in currency rate and purchasing power parity. The author has revealed causes and results of differences in values of analyzed indicators. He offers a generalized conclusion based on macroeconomic data of Byelorussia.


V.I. Dyachek

Some Aspects of Marketing Research for Introduction of Leasing

This article considers marketing as a component of market conception, which is characterized by a complex of economic relations of sellers and buyers, availability of supply and demand for goods, services ideas, etc. and stimulates the development of leasing activity.


O.V. Polyak, T.G. Sarchynska

Formation of Administrative Services Statistics

The paper analyzes the necessity of improving the system of indicators for the services sector. The issues concerning the need to form administrative services statistics are under consideration. The authors determine the methods of administrative services data collection and introduction of administrative services into the System of National Accounts.


I.V. Dzyuba

Socio-Economic Condition of the Population: Ranking of Ukraine’s Regions

The article covers the key problems of methodology of regional multiway comparison and presents the results of Ukrainian regions rating by the socio-economic status of the population in its economic and social aspects


L.V. Sytikova

Statistical Analysis of the Motivation of Potential Labor Migrants in Zhytomyr Region

The paper considers the issues concerning statistical analysis of motivation of potential labor migrants, their socio-economic characteristics. An attention is paid to peculiarities of the youth and adult population. Using the interview data of mainly female population of Zhytomyr region the author gives the estimation of labor migration massiveness at the regional level.


O.P. Klymenko

“ISCO – 88” – Urgent Needs for Ukrainian Edition

The article is devoted to the use of “International Standard Classification of Occupations” (“ISCO-88”) for everyday scientific and practical work as well as to the difficulties emerging because of unavailability of its translation into Ukrainian.


T.V. Umanets

The Essence of an Administrative Category “Region” and its Types in Conditions

of the Ukraine’s Economy Structure Transformation

The research results concerning the essence of the term “region” are generalized. The author presents the types of regions depending on different group criteria. The level of development and directions of transforming the key sectors of the Ukrainian economy in a regional aspect are determined.


S.N. Ignatov, O.O. Moroz, N.P. Karachyna, L.M. Tkachuk

Institutional Meaning, Dynamics and Prospects of the Development of Processing Sphere of Agroindustrial Complex

The article provides theoretical and practical aspects as well as the reasons and socio-economic significance of forming processing enterprises in the countryside over the last ten years when the crisis processes took place in agroindustrial complex. The paper analyzes the main problems related to the increase in efficiency and competitive capacity of this kind of business and the ways to solve the problems.


V.F. Pikalo

Statistical Research of Unprofitability Problem in Industry

Using the sample interview data the author has analyzed unprofitable activity of enterprises of Vinnytsya region. The main factors of unprofitable activity in industry have been revealed on the basis of experts’ judgements.


O.S. Maxymchuk

Main Approaches to the Development of the System of Favorable (Advance) Pension Provision of Persons Working at Enterprises with Harmful Production Conditions

The article is devoted to the problems of development of the system of favorable (advance) pension provision of persons working at enterprises with harmful production conditions. It analyses the measures of government support and guarantee of the system.