N.V. Kovtun

Peculiarities of Using Statistical Methods for Investment Activity Periodization in Short Dynamics Conditions

The author studies methodological problems related to carrying out periodization in short dynamics conditions and on the basis of suggested methods provides periodization of investment process in Ukraine over the period 1996-2002.


M.V. Mazur

Methodical Approaches to the Estimation of Hidden Inflation in Ukraine

The article offers methodical approaches to hidden inflation measurement at the consumer market taking into account the population differentiation by income using the Gini coefficient as well as the approaches to measurement of hidden inflation at all markets with the use of the inflation aggregated index. Using international experience the author suggests approaches to construction of future price index as a leading indicator of inflation.


V.G. Sarioglo

Estimation Principles of Statistical Weighting System Influence on the Population Sample Survey Data

The main advantages and drawbacks in weighing the population sample survey data are considered for the purposes of possibility of their adequate distribution on the total population. A research has been carried out related to the weighting system influence on the indicator estimation reliability. The article presents the calculation results illustrating the necessity of statistical weighting system accounting in the household living conditions surveys and labor force surveys.


A.V. Shykulenko

Methodological Approaches to the Detection of Outliers in Sample Surveys

The author has carried out a comparative analysis of the main methodological approaches to the detection of outliers in sampling population of enterprises. The results obtained from the structural sampling survey of enterprises of all economic activities allowed forming a new algorithm for the detection of outliers. The article includes a detailed substantiation of expediency of such an approach and proposals for its further development.


I.A. Zhukovych, Yu.O. Ryzhkova

Innovation Activity in Ukrainian Economy. Present-day State and Problems

The article analyzes the main quantitative and qualitative indicators of the development of innovation activity in Ukraine as one of the basic elements in increasing competitiveness of the economy as a whole. The authors have studied the problems of Ukrainian economy on the way of innovation development and determined perspective directions of improving innovation statistics.


V.M. Lesyk

Estimation of Swings in Demand for Motor Petrol

The paper deals with the problem of seasonal factor elimination, presenting monthly dynamic series on motor petrol consumption in Ukraine. It substantiates expediency of using statistical and economic analysis of seasonally adjusted data.


R.M. Motoryn, K.R. Prykhodko

Conceptual Scheme for the Development Analysis of Institutional Sectors of Ukraine’s Economy

This article provides a conceptual scheme of the development of institutional sectors of the Ukraine’s economy, its theoretical substantiation, the main analysis ways, a performance scheme of institutional sectors of the economy, and the possibility of its using by scientific and administrative agencies.


M.G. Sydorenko

The Necessity of Dynamic Series Calculation at the Regional Level in Transition from ZKGNG to KVED

The issues on the necessity of dynamic series calculation both at the regional level and in Ukraine as a whole are under consideration. The recalculation analysis has been carried out on the basis of primary reporting of enterprises of Volynsk region over the period 1998 - 2000.


S.S. Kartashova, Ryazantseva V.V.

The Influence of Demographic Processes on the Socio-Economic Development of Kyiv

The article studies the development of demographic situation in the Ukraine’s capital and its influence on the socio-economic situation in the country. It also examines trends of possible changes in the main population growth indicators; the average expectation of life, standardized mortality risks, indicating their proper accuracy.


S.M. Zinchenko

Managing Personnel in the State Authorities

 and Agroservice Agencies of Ukrainian Regions: Similarities and Distinctions

The author analyzes personnel management in the state authorities and agroservice agencies taking into account that the main purpose of their activity is to provide customers with administrative and material and technical services respectively.


O.S. Pryadko

Effectiveness Analysis of Investments Attracted to Free Economic Areas

and Priority Development Territories of Donetsk Region

The investment activity special regulations have been acting in Donetsk region for more than six years but the matter of their expediency is still disputable. The main reason of such uncertainty is lack of the system of indicators for performance estimation of free economic areas and priority development territories not only in Donetsk region but also in Ukraine as a whole. That is why creation of a single system for the analysis of national FEA is an extremely urgent problem.


V.I. Superson

Monitoring of Socio-Economic State of Ukraine’s Regions for the Purposes of Its Infrastructure Development

The paper deals with the socio-economic situation in Ukraine’s regions for the purposes of its infrastructure development in conditions of basic restructuring of national-economic complex both at the state and regional levels.


O.O. Babinova

Interaction of Public Authorities and the Public at the Central and Local Levels: Legislative Basis of Ukraine

The article presents the analysis of the Ukraine’s legislative basis as to participation of the public in the decision making process. It shows that there is a legislative framework in Ukraine for interaction of public authorities with the public at the local level, but it doesn’t exist at the central level. The main regulating documents of the Supreme Soviet and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine do not contain any section providing for participation of the public in their activity. That is why these documents should undergo changes.


A.O. Kuznetsov

Public Control of Socio-Economic Development: Experience in Using Indicative Planning Technology

This article provides the experience of the industrially advanced countries in using indicative planning technology in public control of socio-economic development. The author substantiates propositions on the expediency of using indicative planning technology in domestic practice of public control of socio-economic processes.


O.V. Molodtsov

Information Society – the Ukrainian State’s Development Vector

The paper describes the state of basic elements of information society in Ukraine, the national strategy positives and negatives in development of a new type of social organization. It also presents an analysis of changes in the economy and public management and gives the conclusion as to the necessity of institutional development in the context of transition to the information society.


G.P. Sytnyk, T.V. Levytska

Effectiveness of Managing Military Organization of the State

in the Context of Improvement in Civilian-Military Relations

The authors substantiate the necessity of more distinct differentiation of functions, powers and responsibility for managing military organization at the political, administrative and operating level in the context of analysis results on the main factors and problems in improving civilian-military relations. On this basis the key problems have been determined in democratic civilian control of Ukraine’s military organization.


V.M. Solovyov

Parliamentary Control – a Special Method of Guaranteeing Legality in Public Administration of Ukraine

This article is a part of complex research into legality in public administration of Ukraine. The priority goal at this stage is studying parliamentary control over legality as a special method for its ensuring. To achieve this goal the legality control objects have been determined and, taking into account the constitutional reform, a comparative analysis of control powers of the Supreme Soviet and the President of Ukraine has been carried out.


V.І. Tsybukh

Public Control in the Sphere of Tourism in Ukraine

This article covers the issues related to the development of the sphere of tourism in Ukraine as one of the main priorities of the state. The author analyzes the legislative basis of tourist industry performance. He emphasizes on the necessity of further development of tourist legislation as a basis for effective tourist policy as well as the development of the integrated structure for the tourist complex management. It is pointed out that for the increase in the rate of growth of tourist and recreate sphere of Ukraine it’s necessary to join efforts of business, public organizations and executive authorities in order to solve all problems in the tourist industry.


V.V. Yurchyshyn

Prospects of Long-term Non-inflationary Growth

The work is devoted to the analysis of problems and prospects in realizing the long-term growth policy, maintaining low inflation in Ukraine. It also presents some risks and challenges that may emerge in conditions of swift economic growth in the near-term outlook. The development of political recommendations for prevention of such risks in Ukraine is carried out with positive foreign experience taken into account.