O.O. Vasechko

Forming and Using the Turnover Index in Industry Statistics

The article considers the industrial turnover index methodology as a part of the research into forming of short-term and structural statistics of turnover in business statistics.


O.M. Hladun

Harmonization of the Population Sample Survey Programs: Problems and the ways for Solution

The author examines the directions and problems of using the harmonized indicators of three basic population sample surveys carried out by the state statistics agencies. He proposes the methods to solve the existing problems.


O. V. Honchar

Detection and Registration of the Population Extreme Elements

(Sample Survey of Non-Financial Service Small Enterprises as an Example)

The article is devoted to the substantiation of solutions related to the extreme population elements. A comparative analysis of the existing methods is given. The author presents a new method for the detection and registration of extreme elements based on accuracy of sample estimates. An integrated approach is suggested to solve the problem. The result of using such a method is examined on an example of sample survey of non-financial service small enterprises.


N.V. Kovtun

Peculiarities of Multivariate Periodization of the Investment Activity Indicators in Conditions of Short Dynamics

The article deals with the methodical problems of multivariate periodization in short dynamics conditions. Using the suggested methods the author realizes multivariate periodization of the investment activity indicators and the investment activity process in Ukraine over the period 1996 – 2003.


Yu. M. Ostapchuk, V.S. Mykhailov

Indices of Foreign Trade in Ukraine: Prospects for Introduction

The paper considers methodological and practical issues of forming and calculating the indices of foreign trade in Ukraine. It provides specific problems concerning the calculation of price indices, index of actual volume and foreign trade conditions. Examples of the foreign trade index value are given for the key items of import/export of Ukraine over 2002 - 2003.


V.G. Sarioglo

Statistical Efficiency Estimation for Some Stages of the Population Sample Survey

The article presents the approaches to the influence estimation of some stages in the population sample surveys on statistical reliability estimation of indicators. It also considers the influence of sampling design, the calibration procedure, etc. on the reliability characteristic value. It is pointed out that for guaranteeing the necessary estimation reliability it’s advisable to use special methodological approaches based on principles of using external information at the main survey stages.


G.S. Stolyarov

Methodological Principles of Statistical Research into Information Processes in Ukraine

The article critically examines the existing approaches to statistical study of the information processes. The author presents the program and methodological principles of statistical research into information and communication technologies: main directions, database creation, models of analytical tables, determining sector structure and its products, effectiveness of the used resources.


D.V. Verba

Analysis of Working Place Formation Influence on the Labor Productivity Dynamics in the Ukraine’s economy in 2001 - 2003

The article studies the influence of the processes on forming places of employment on labor productivity in the Ukraine’s economy. Correlation and regression analysis has been done for the connection between the scale of working places creation and the labor productivity growth rate in the economy as a whole and in nine economic activities over the period 2001 - 2003. It is determined that, as a rule, in this period the increase in working places was accompanied by growth in labor productivity. But for each economic activity there is a fixed limit of working place quantity; its excess did not have a positive effect on labor productivity.


V.I. Dyachek

Renewal of Lorry and Tractor Fleet of Ukraine by Foreign Investments on a Government’s Security

The article analyses one of mechanisms for renewal of lorry and tractor fleet of agricultural commodity producers in 1996 - 1999 by foreign investments on a government’s security.


T.M. Kaminska

The Ability of Modern Health Statistics to Reflect Reforms in Health Protection

The article shows the essence and necessity of restructuring in the economy of health protection and the role of medical statistics as a factor influencing this process. The author analyses data of Derzhkomstat and the Ministry of Health, their regional agencies as well as the WHO statistics, showing the differences in indicators. The comparison results do not permit to make conclusions on the reforms that are being carried out and, what is more, to suggest objective recommendations on the improvements in the health protection economy. The author also proposes a specific indicator, which would reflect restructuring in the health service system.


V.S. Vlasyuk, V.V. Shpirko, I.O. Krekhivsky

Forecasting the Volume of Ferrous Metal Rolled Products at the Internal Market of Ukraine

The paper analyses the state of the ferrous metals market of Ukraine and gives forecasts for ferrous metal rolled product consumption using a regression model with the GDP of Ukraine, Halt technique and a seasonal model. The authors have developed a multifactor model for the indices of consumption growth in finished ferrous metal rolled products and made a comparative analysis of the predictions obtained.


O.K. Yeliseyeva

Forecasting Methodology for the Price Market Situation Based on Statistical and Heuristic Methods

The article offers a methodology of research into the price conditions at the industrial product market based on factor analysis. The author presents economico-statistical models, describing the level of silicomarganese price at the Western European markets.


S.N. Ignatov

Socio-Economic State in Rural Areas of Vinnytsya Region and Its Influence on the Labor Market

The paper covers the issues of the socio-economic state in rural areas of Vinnytsya region in dynamics. Analyzing the output of products by agricultural enterprises and family households, the author shows the influence of performance of agricultural enterprises of all forms of ownership on the countryside labor resources and the results of the rural population economic activity survey, causes of unemployment as well as on predictive indicators for the near-term outlook.


V.I. Superson

Monitoring of Socio-Economic State of Ukraine’s Regions for the Purposes of Its Infrastructure Development (continuation)

The paper considers the socio-economic state of the regions of Ukraine taking into account its infrastructure development in conditions of national-economic complex restructuring both at the state and regional levels.


D.V. Ponomarenko

The Issues of Investment Activity Comprehensive Reflection in Statistical Reporting

The author investigates the problems related to the reflection of enterprises’ investment activity in statistical reporting and substantiates the necessity of using an additional form of statistical reporting. The suggested form’s structure allows to present all types and forms f investment receipts regulated by active legislation and to obtain information on the sources of financing of the investment activity, the use of investments and the state of settlement with the budget.


L.V. Bezzubko

Creation of Mechanism for Public Management of Collective Labor Disputes

The article provides the ways for creation of a public management system of collective labor disputes.


S.A. Kindzersky

Concept Identification of Humanitarian Sphere as a Challenge of Today

The article analyses the various definitions and approaches to the humanitarian sphere. Presenting the current statistics, the author makes a conclusion that there is a need to separate this sphere from the social one, with which it is mistakenly identified


M.O. Levchenko

The Ways of Training a Personality Oriented for Service

in the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the Present Stage of Their Reforming

Analysis of the existing mechanism of forming personality showed the necessity of creation of new and the improvement of working directions of the Ukraine’s public policy as to the forming of a personality oriented for service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the present stage of their reforming

I.G. Mikhalina

Some Aspects of Technical and Technological Supply of Agriculture of Ukraine

Technical and technological supply of AIC directly depends on the direction of public policy of internal and international financial leasing and on the favorable investment climate formation for foundation of joint ventures and renewal of internal reserves.


O.Ye. Sokhatska

The Concept and Kinds of Organizing and Legal Contracts Signed by Local Self Governing Authorities

The article deals with the issues of forming the concept and kinds of organization-legal contracts of local self-administration agencies. Using the survey results the author suggests the new advanced ways for further development of the subject.