Statistics of Ukraine


2005, № 2 (29)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Vasechko O.O. Forming and Using the Turnover Index in Industry Statistics


Hladun O.M. Harmonization of the Population Sample Survey Programs: Problems and the Ways of Solution. 8

Honchar O.V. Detection and Registration of the Population Extreme Elements (Sample Survey of Non-Financial Service Small Enterprises as an Example)


Kovtun N.V. Peculiarities of Multivariate Periodization of the Investment Activity Indicators in Conditions of Short Dynamics

Ostapchuk Yu. M., Mykhailov V.S. Indices of Foreign Trade in Ukraine: Prospects for Introduction. 24
Sarioglo V.G. Statistical Efficiency Estimation for Some Stages of the Population Sample Survey 27
Stolyarov G.S. Methodological Principles of Statistical Research into Information Processes in Ukraine. 32

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Verba D.V. Analysis of Working Place Formation Influence on the Labor Productivity Dynamics in the Ukraine’s economy in 2001 - 2003 36
Dyachek V.I. Renewal of Lorry and Tractor Fleet of Ukraine by Foreign Investments on a Government’s Security 42
Kaminska T.M. The Ability of Modern Health Statistics to Reflect Reforms in Health Protection 45

Market Economy: Statistical Analysis and Predictions

Vlasyuk V.S., Shpirko V.V., Krekhivsky I.O. Forecasting the Volume of Ferrous Metal Rolled Products at the Internal Market of Ukraine. 50
Yeliseyeva O.K. Forecasting Methodology for the Price Market Situation Based on Statistical and Heuristic Methods 56

Regional Statistics


Ignatov S.N. Socio-Economic State in Rural Areas of Vinnytsya Region and Its Influence on the Labor Market.


Superson V.I. Monitoring of Socio-Economic State of Ukraine’s Regions for the Purposes of Its Infrastructure Development (continuation).


Development of Accounting and Reporting

Ponomarenko D.V. The Issues of Investment Activity Comprehensive Reflection in Statistical Reporting. 74

Public Administration

Bezzubko L.V. Creation of Mechanism for Public Management of Collective Labor Disputes 80
Kindzersky S.A. Concept Identification of Humanitarian Sphere as a Challenge of Today 84

Levchenko M.O. The Ways of Training a Personality Oriented for Service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the Present Stage of their Reforming.

Mikhalina I.G. Some Aspects of Technical and Technological Supply of Agriculture of Ukraine 90

Sokhatska O.Ye. The Concept and Kinds of Organization and Legal Contracts Signed by Local Self-Governing Authorities

New Editions 98
Chronicle 100
Abstracts 102