L.F. Volokhova, O.F. Yevseyenko

Methodological Basis of the Share Market System Analysis

The authors determine the essential features of the “share market” system and substantiate its efficiency. They also suggest a block scheme of software purpose-oriented model for socio-economic relations with the indication of share market location.


Ye.V. Halytska, N.V. Kovtun

Statistical Groupings in Analysis of the Investment Process and Investment Activity in Ukraine

The article considers theoretical principles for construction and use of statistical groupings and classifications in statistical analysis of the investment process and investment activity. It also substantiates the necessity of designing groupings by different criterion depending on the research objectives.


S.S. Gerasymenko

Statistics of Management Efficiency at the Macrolevel

The author presents the principles of working out a new branch of statistics - statistics of management efficiency at the macrolevel and proves the necessity of its development. The article provides the tasks of statistical support of management efficiency analysis and gives its structure. It is suggested to take into account demands of the system approach in the analysis of management efficiency at macrolevel: it will make it possible to estimate the contribution of some public administration agencies to formation of standard of well-being. The author shows the possible approaches to solution of the problem related to the estimation of activity efficiency of public offices whose business is non-market service production.


N.Yu. Skachek

Methodological Approaches to Formation of Sampled Population for Agrarian Enterprises of EU

The article considers the main principles of forming the EU agricultural enterprises sampling basis for carrying out a survey of major indicators of their activity. The author proves the necessity of stratified sampling taking into consideration region, size and type of specialization of agricultural enterprises. The paper determines the Ukraine’s problems and prospects as for using the EU experience in agriculture.


O.V. Varfolomeyev

Seasonality Evolution Analysis in the Real GDP Dynamics in Ukraine

The paper discusses the issues of seasonal adjustment of the real GDP monthly time series in Ukraine since January 1996 till December 2004. On the basis of the applied statistical methods the author substantiates the necessity of studying the possible evolution of seasonal indices of the macroeconomic indicator. The four months detected in dynamics of the GDP volume in Ukraine are characterized by a seasonal factor that was changing in the observed period.


L.O. Zbarazska, O.O. Chebanov

The Estimation of Structural Changes in the Ukraine’s Economy in 2000 - 2003

on the Basis of Comparative Resource Output

The article is devoted to the development of the calculation method for comparative resource output while estimating interindustry structural changes. The authors have presented and analyzed the results of estimation of this indicator for economic activities of Ukraine in 2000-2003. The main trends in structural changes are revealed in Ukrainian economy over this period.


I.H. Mikhalina

The Pressing Problems in Development of Leasing in Ukraine

Leasing is a relatively young activity of financial and insurance institutions in market economy but its introduction and successful using is an essential and alternative source for additional logistics. The state of agricultural sphere, material support for agrarians in particular, requires urgent state policy on attraction of European leasing institutions and financial corporations as well as formation of competitive environment for the development of domestic leasing funds and enterprises.


Ye.A. Nosova

The Role of Information in Planning and Realization of Marketing Research

The paper considers the significance of information in marketing researches and presents its classification. The existing information sources are examined and their advantages and drawbacks are determined. The article suggests the directions for using marketing information and gives an analysis of its main sources. Using the foreign experience the author shows the directions for improving the existing information sources and appearance of new ones.




O.M. Oleksiychuk

Statistical Information Sources on Execution of the State Budget of Ukraine: Comparative Characteristic

The article contains information on the existing sources of information and analytical support of research process related to the State budget execution.


V.V. Popova

Determination of Efficiency of Macroeconomic Activity: Statistical Aspects

The author substantiates the necessity of using the efficiency criterion for the estimation of macroeconomic development dynamics. A method of relevant calculations is shown. The article suggests a modification of statistical indicators system oriented to the determination of the efficiency level.


Yu.H. Zhukovska

Methodological Aspects of Revision of the Central Product Classification

The article provides an examination of conceptual problems which specialists from different countries were confronted with while revising the Central Product Classification (to be enforced in 2007).


T.S. Klebanova, A.I. Talaschenko, L.S. Guryanova

Comparative Analysis of the Level of Socio-Economic Development of the Ukraine’s Regions

The paper examines a complex of anticipative management models allowing to analyze threats to stable performance and development of a region, and to work out a package of measures for their prevention or minimization of losses caused by their impact.


O.M. Motuzka

Legislative Framework of International Technical Assistance Statistics

The article provides a system analysis of the existing legal and regulatory foundations for controlling the policy of international technical assistance as well as the analysis of modern programs of assistance to Ukraine from European Union, TACIS in particular. A comparative characteristic is given to the system of technical assistance extension in Ukraine and in Poland. The author suggests new approaches to the rational performance of international technical assistance statistics.


L.S. Pyrozhkov

Evaluating the Influence of an Applicant-Country’s Accession to the WTO on Its Trade Flows: Experience of Bulgaria

The article presents an effective method for the determination of changes in trade flows of an applicant country after its accession to the World Trade Organization.


V.I. Dyachek

Comparative Characteristic of the Process of Public Policy Formation and State Decision Making in Poland and Ukraine

The article analyses the Polish Government’s state policy on integration into European Union as well as the achievements of Ukraine in this direction.


N.R. Nyzhnyk, S.D. Dubenko, L.A. Pashko, V.V. Novak.

Non-government Organizations as a Determinative Feature of Democracy

Examining the role of non-governmental organizations the author passes an opinion that democratization of the society depends on their successful operation.


O.I. Pavlov

Conceptual Basis for Developing the Social Sphere of the Countryside in Conditions of Its Reforming

The paper analyses measures taken by the government to improve the socio-cultural and consumer service for the rural population and to develop the social infrastructure of the countryside. The author gives his own notion of conceptual basis for the development of the social sphere of the countryside in conditions of its reforming.


M.H. Sytnyk

Globalization Processes in the Context of Modernization of National Political Institutions

The author motivates the statement that globalization processes destroy the principles of state sovereignty in its political, economic and other aspects; they also exert an essential influence on the evolution of national political institutions. It is shown that globalization destructively affects the structural and functional aspects of statehood and its system principles. The factors influencing this process are characterized. The author shows the direction for further research into the influence of globalization processes on evolution of state sovereignty and national political institutions.