Statistics of Ukraine


2005, 3 (30)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Volokhova L.F., Yevseyenko O.F. Methodological Basis of the Share Market System Analysis 4

Halytska Ye.V., Kovtun N.V. Statistical Groupings in Analysis of the Investment Process and Investment Activity in Ukraine

Gerasymenko S.S. Statistics of Management Efficiency at the Macrolevel 11

Skachek N.Yu. Methodological Approaches to Formation of Sampled Population for Agrarian Enterprises of EU


Market Economy: Statistical Analysis and Predictions

Varfolomeyev O.V. Seasonality Evolution Analysis in the Real GDP Dynamics in Ukraine 22

Zbarazska L.O., Chebanov O.O. The Estimation of Structural Changes in the Ukraine’s Economy in 2000 – 2003 on the Basis of Comparative Resource Output

Mikhalina I.H. The Pressing Problems in Development of Leasing in Ukraine. 31
Nosova Ye.A. The Role of Information in Planning and Realization of Marketing Research 36

Oleksiychuk O.M. Statistical Information Sources on Execution of the State Budget of Ukraine: Comparative Characteristic.

Popova V.V. Determination of Efficiency of Macroeconomic Activity: Statistical Aspects 47

Design and Introduction of Classificators and Standards

Zhukovska Yu.H. Methodological Aspects of Revision of the Central Product Classification 54

Regional Statistics


Klebanova T.S., Talaschenko A.I., Guryanova L.S. Comparative Analysis of the Level of Socio-Economic Development of the Ukraine’s Regions


International Organizations, Programs and Projects

Motuzka O.M. Lagislative Framework of International Technical Assistance Statistics 61

Pyrozhkov L.S. Evaluating the Influence of an Applicant-Country’s Accession to the WTO on Its Trade Flows: Experience of Bulgaria


Public Administration


Dyachek V.I. Comparative Characteristic of the Process of Public Policy Formation and State Decision-Making in Poland and Ukraine


Nyzhnyk N.R., Dubenko S.D., Pashko L.A., Novak V.V. Non-government Organizations as a Determinative Feature of Democracy


Pavlov O.I. Conceptual Basis for Developing the Social Sphere of the Countryside in Conditions of Its Reforming


Sytnyk M.H. Globalization Processes in the Context of Modernization of National Political Institutions


New Editions

Parfentseva N.O. A Step on the Way to Effective Economy. (A new manual The System of National Accounts) 88
Abstracts 89