N.V. Kovtun

Efficiency of the Investment Process and Investment Activity: the System of Criteria and Indicators

The article determines the distinctions between efficiency indicators and the investment efficiency criterion. The system of investment efficiency indicators has been designed. It allows estimating effectiveness of the investment process and investment activity at the micro-, meso- and macrolevels.


V.S. Chystenko

Developing the Aggregative Index of Inflation in Conditions of Transition Economy

The author has studied aspects of forming an aggregative index of inflation and showed the necessity of its calculation in present-day conditions. The article presents a modification of the aggregative index of inflation adapted to Byelorussia.


O.V. Dyachenko

Control Problems of External Trade Statistical Data Quality and Reliability

The article provides a comprehensive analysis of causes of errors emerging in data compilation. It gives examples of foreign experience as to upgrading data quality in the external trade in commodities. A special part of the article is devoted to the analysis of discrepancy factors in data accounting of trading partner-country and their revealing by a “mirror statistics” method.


S.Sh. Movlamov, Sh.A. Abbasova

Stability Analysis of the Socio-Economic Development of Azerbaijan

Using factor analysis the authors study stability of the socio-economic development of Azerbaijan over the last ten years (1995 - 2004). The indicators under consideration are divided into three groups: economic, social and ecological ones. Factor analysis was carried out with the use of the program application SPSS and the major component method. The obtained results show the priority of ecological indicators for stable development of a society.


O.V. Mukha

Econometric Analysis and Inflation Forecasting at the Present Stage in Byelorussia

The article gives the analysis of different factors influencing on the inflation dynamics in Republic of Byelorussia. On the basis of econometric modeling the author has obtained a quantitative estimation of influence of inflation inertia, monetary aggregates, currency exchange rate, wage, industrial output and a “system effect” on the inflation rate. This econometric model is static and can be used for short-term inflation forecasting in Byelorussian economy.


K.O. Prokopenko

Some Aspects of Agricultural Effect on the Balance of Payments and Balance of Foreign Trade

The article deals with the influence of agriculture on the balance of payments and the balance of foreign trade of the state and structural changes that took place over the last years. The author describes some positive and negative effects of Ukraine’s entry into the World Trade Organization.


V.Ye. Sklyarenko

Evaluating Statistical Dependence of Predictive Indicators on Some Factors in Consumption and Production of Medicines

The paper gives the forecast calculation system for the medicine output indicators and the determination of influence ratio of each factor on the indicator that makes it possible to use them in state decision making. These methods are based on statistical data and regression.


I.O. Kurylo

Statistical Research of Gender Peculiarities in the Socio-Economic Structure of the Population

The article studies gender specification of the population socio-economic structure on the data of the first All-Ukrainian census of the population, the sample survey of economic activity of the population, the household living condition survey and on statistical reports of enterprises and organizations. Using statistical methods and indicators the author analyses gender peculiarities of the educational level, professional and sectoral structure of the population of Ukraine, gender distinctions in income and wages and their factors.


A.V. Malikov

Distribution of the Ukrainian Population by Income: Forecasting Peculiarities

The article is devoted to theoretical and methodological aspects and practical approaches to forecasting of the Ukrainian population distribution by income. The author presents forecast of the population distribution by per capita income.


V.S. Gerasymenko

Principles of Development and Statistical Support Structure for Effective Management of Business Entity

This article contains the research results on the ways of efficiency enhancement in business entity management. The author proves that in conditions of market economy it is necessary to develop for each enterprise the appropriate statistical support allowing to consider a business entity to be an economic system and to use the proper statistical methods for the analysis of its performance. The paper presents the principles of development of such statistical support.


M.M. Zhylenkova

The System of Indicators for Estimating the Socio-Economic Development of Ukraine’s Regions

The article substantiates some new theoretical and practical approaches to construction of the system of indicators for estimating the socio-economic development of the regions of Ukraine.


M.V. Schuryk

Lease as a Line of Land Resource Optimization in Agriculture of Carpathian Macroregion

Lease of land in the Carpathian macroregion was conditioned by the land reform in agriculture. It is shown that lease development doesn’t guarantee optimization in reproduction of land resources. The main reasons of deficiency in the development of lease of land in Carpathian macroregion are insufficient legislative foundations, high lease payment, terms of lease, lack of land.


O.O. Vasechko, Ye.M. Zhuikova

Approaches to Quality Estimation of Statistical Business Observations

The authors consider the problem of control organization and quality estimation methods in statistical survey.


M.V. Pugachova

Quality Assurance of Business Tendency Survey Data

For the first time in national statistics, for the purposes of data quality assurance, the main characteristics of business surveys are analyzed, as well as questionnaires and main indicators, the issues relating to formation of sampled population for different branches of economy and the business survey organization scheme. The paper also gives the estimation of economic efficiency and costs to maintain information quality. The author analyses the key aspects of co-operation with respondents and survey information users for the purposes of its quality assurance. Special attention is given to the issues of using information from surveys and data quality.


T.I. Byrkovych

Diplomacy and Diplomatic Service Concepts

The article presents the concepts of diplomacy and diplomatic service. It considers the development of diplomatic service as a part of government service of Ukraine in the public administration system.


M.M. Bilynska, V.M. Rudy, V.I. Semenyuk

State Accreditation of Public Health Establishments of Ukraine: Legislative Coverage Analysis

The article is devoted to the analysis of legislative framework of the existing state accreditation procedure for health establishments of Ukraine. The authors have analyzed the main international documents on accreditation of similar establishments in the European Union. They have formulated the problems in current accreditation procedure and suggested the decision-making versions to solve these problems.


K.V. Kuznetsov

International Tax Agreements and Shadow Economy

The article considers the state resources in prevention of shadow schemes of tax payment minimization in the context of international tax agreements.


O.V. Minogin

Organization of Military and Technical Co-operation with Foreign States: Foreign Experience

The article analyses the experience of Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, China in the organization of authorities interaction for the development of international military and technical cooperation.

Taking into consideration the present state of affairs, the conclusions made by the author are of great theoretical and practical importance and can be introduced while organizing international military and technical cooperation in Ukraine for the enhancement of its efficiency.


Kh.V. Khachaturyan

Methodological Foundations for Research and Introduction of Managerial Innovation

This article provides an analysis of methodological foundations for introduction of innovations into the public administration system. It also studies theoretical and methodological principles of innovations in elements of the public administration system.