O.O. Vasechko, M.Grun-Rehomme, A.V. Shykulenko

Estimating Quality Parameters of the Basis of Small Enterprises Sample Surveys

The authors suggest quality indicators as an instrument which makes it possible to estimate quality of statistical register and some of its components as well as to compare the obtained results and to keep up with quality changing tendencies in dynamics. The article presents the results of experimental calculation of indicators and their analysis. The research was carried out both for the register as a whole and at the level of separate section.


O.M. Gladun

Sampling Classification Issues

The article provides the issues relating to formation of sampling classification by different characteristics. Advantages and drawbacks of different procedures in forming sampling population are presented.


T.I. Oliynyk

Dynamics of Labor Productivity in Agriculture: Index Analysis

The article deals with theoretical principles of influence of labor requirement structural changes in production of some types of produce on labor efficiency in the branch as a whole and consideration of this factor by the existing index analysis system. A method is offered for calculating the influence of changes in sectoral structure of labor input and the influence of these changes on dynamics of labor productivity value indicators.


L.O. Popova

Main Stages of Statistical Monitoring of Prices in Construction Based on Quantitative and Qualitative Information

The paper describes key stages of statistical monitoring of prices in construction on the basis of qualitative and quantitative quarterly and annual information. The author proves that only combination of qualitative and quantitative information will essentially improve quality and completeness of the results obtained. To receive qualitative information on prices in construction the author offers to use data from business surveys of building materials industry, construction and trade in building materials. To compare business survey information with statistical data its periodicity should be changed from quarterly to annual.


V.K. Danylko

Forests and Environmental Conditions: Ecological and Statistical Aspect

The article gives the analysis of state of affairs in forest using in Ukraine. The author suggests using the improved information base of wood industry in realizing management of efficient use of forest resources of the state.


D.L Yerin

Estimating Financial Solvency of a State: Statistical Aspects

This article provides the essence, theoretical premises and methodological principles of solvency rating by the integral estimation designed on the basis of main components model.


O.M. Oleksiychuk

Statistical Indicators on Execution of the State Budget of Ukraine

The article contains information on the components of the system of statistical indicators on execution of the state budget of Ukraine and peculiarities of their formation at each stage in the budgetary process.


V.V. Popova

Dynamics of Ukraine’s GDP Structure

The paper introduces the research results on structural changes in receipts and expenditures of GDP of Ukraine. An increase in quantitative parameters of the national economy without qualitative changes taken into account is the cause of considerable disproportions in macroeconomic system. Development of the government regulation mechanism should be based on an efficiency parameter, taking into account not only production efficiency, but also changes in public welfare.


Yu.M Kharazishvili

Classic Model of Aggregate Supply Function in the Context of Keynesian Economic Theory

The paper deals with the problem of modeling an aggregate supply function, i.e. reliance of real GDP on the change of general price level. A Cobb-Douglas classical function is used – the price level has an influence on economic activity. Calculation is presented for labor demand, labor proposition, full employment, natural rate of unemployment, production capital and potential GDP.


V.D. Kotelnikov

Regional Statistics: Between Information Requirements and Possibilities

The article is devoted to the issue of improving the information support system for regional management. The author analyzes possibilities of regional statistics agencies to meet information needs. Propositions are formulated on organization of municipal statistics and formation of the regional statistics indicators system.


V.I. Superson

Assurance of Food Security of Ukraine: Regional Aspects

The article examines the ways of providing food security in the country in national scale. It also studies the measures which would guarantee stabilization of production in different regions, branches and AIC spheres and formation of the system of production and social relations for ensuring stable development of this process at all levels.


M.V. Schuryk

Econometric Modeling and Land Use Forecast in Carpathian Macroregion

The author affirms that land reform in Carpathian macroregion was the cause of increase in arable land owned by households. An increase in land area had a positive effect on the development of agrarian sector of macroregion. This tendency will remain in prospect.


M.T. Mykytenko, N.I. Nedashkivska

Considering Time Series Unsteadiness in Macroeconomic Indicators Forecasting by a Kalman Filtration Method

The paper is a sequel of the series of articles devoted to the issues of macroeconomic indicators forecasting by a Kalman filtration method.


I.Yu. Yegorov, I.A. Zhukovych, Yu.O. Ryzhkova

European Innovation Scoreboard: the System of Innovation Development Indicators

The article describes a new system of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) indicators and studies the possibilities of its application for Ukraine. It also analyses the state of innovation development of the EU countries, the USA and Japan.


T.I. Lumpova

Modern Directions for the Development of Integrated Information Systems in Statistics

The paper presents the review of information system architecture offered by Eurostat and gives the examples of using principles of creating the corporate integrated statistical information system for statistical offices of Germany, Croatia and Poland. It also shows how this experience can be used for the statistical information system in Kyiv National Trade and Economic University for studying commodity and services markets.


N.G. Klymenko

Emergencies as a Control Object

The article considers peculiarities of emergencies as a control object. Comparing the existing definitions of the term emergency the author offers a more precise one. Causes of emergencies, stages of its development are discussed as well as the existing classifications of emergencies. An analysis of emergency dynamics in Ukraine and Russian Federation proves actuality of the research. Concrete targets are determined for further study.


N.V. Lugovenko

The State’s Role in Development of Effective Mechanism for Pension Assets Protection against Risk of Pension Loss

Realization of accumulative system of pension security in Ukraine is associated with investment of pension assets in the economy of our country and abroad. It’s known that any investment activity is risky, that’s why the state (local authorities, inspection agencies, analytical divisions of Pension fund of Ukraine) should not only carry out monitoring of economic risks, but develop an effective system of risks identification for the improvement of mechanism of relations between all participants of the investment process.


I.G. Mikhalina

Adaptation of Agrarian Business of Ukraine to the EU Legislative Framework

European choice of public policy and business activity of Ukrainian enterprises requires urgent measures to adapt the legislation of our state to that of EU. The priority direction should be adaptation of EU laws in the internal market with the purpose of forming free trade areas and making cooperation agreement.


N.R. Nyzhnyk., N.T. Goncharuk, L.L. Prokopenko

Problems of Reformation of the System of Vocational Education of State Officials in the Context of European Choice of Ukraine

Using analysis of domestic and foreign experience the authors study the problems and the ways of reforming the system of professional training of public officials in Ukraine.


R.M. Plyusch

Long-Range Directions for Development of Organization Structures in Local Self-Administration

The paper provides directions for the development of organization structures, which guarantee quick reaction to the changes in local self-administration bodies, reduction of cycle from taking a decision to its realization, high quality of services given to territorial community members with their wishes taken into account, quick introduction of new technologies, creative and innovatory approach.


Kh.V. Khachaturyan

A System Approach to Application of Market Technologies in Public Administration

The article substantiates the necessity of using market management technologies by public agencies. The main components of marketing system in public management are analyzed.


E.B. Chekotovsky

Studying Statistical Science History: Approaches and Directions

The paper covers the issues relating to the content of educational program “Statistics History”. It is critical of the existing approaches to periodization of statistics history and the ways of its study. The author suggests two versions of this program developed for students trained for bachelor and master’s degree respectively.