I.M. Zhuk, V.S. Mykhailov, Ya.V. Poplyuiko

Methodical Issues of Financial Analysis of Enterprises at the Regional Level

The article presents a methodological approach to the choice and calculation of estimation indices of financial situation of Ukrainian enterprises both at the regional and state levels. The methodological approach is based on the system of thirteen financial coefficients calculated as an average value of enterprises of a region. The authors give the analysis of financial situation at enterprises of some regions.


I.V. Kalachova, O.A. Rudych

Using Sociological Data in Social Monitoring

The article deals with methodological approaches to organization of social monitoring and, in this connection – to the use of sociological data as one of the social statistics data sources. Modern vision of the objective and subjective ratio as one of the social policy principles should lie in considering social activity of a person, his ability to purposeful social mobility, maturity of his consciousness to be the important factors in carrying out monitoring. On an example of two components of human capital – education and health, using data of sociological monitoring, the author analyses the tendencies observed in these spheres.


O.V. Tsaruk

Macroeconomic Effects of National Debt as an Object for Statistical Study

The paper provides the main theories of public debt. It determines the essence of macroeconomic effects of public debt classified according to their displaying in short- and long-term periods. The author suggests new ways of improving methods for statistical study of public debt effects.


V.I. Dyachek

Imitation Modeling for Efficiency Estimation of the Use of Agricultural Equipment

The key issue of this article is determination of efficiency of using equipment in different conditions of agricultural production by the imitation modeling method based on statistical models of dependence of machine productivity and fuel consumption on crop capacity.


A.I. Korniyenko

Economic and Statistical Analysis of Interbudget Transfers in Ukraine

The article studies the economic essence and main types of interbudget transfers in Ukraine. It gives statistical analysis of dynamics and structure of interbudget transfers, which shows positive and negative aspects of transfer policy of the state.


O.V. Lytovka

Statistics of Industrial Waste Formation and Managing It in Ukraine

The article deals with the issue of the industrial waste conditioning in Ukraine. It presents the analysis of data on managing waste of I-III levels of danger in 2005 and dynamics of its formation during the last six years.


Yu.I. Prylypko

Estimation of Non-registered Economic Activity in Education and Public Health Service

The article covers the issue relating to unregistered economic activity in education and public health service. The methods are suggested for statistical estimation of this activity. They are based on Eurostat’s recommendations with types of such activity taken into account.


L.O. Chorna

Methodological Principles of Grounding Long-term Price Decisions at Enterprises

The article determines the key objects of long-term price decisions directed to the realization of pricing strategy at enterprises. A flow chart is suggested for carrying out calculations of retail price level which characterizes the main trend of a specific kind of its pricing strategy.


M.I. Shenkarenko, O.M. Kuznetsova

Inventive Activity in Ukraine: Tendencies of Development

The article is devoted to the problems of inventive activity development in Ukraine over the period of 2000–2005. Comparative analysis of inventive activity of domestic applicants has been carried out by region, state administration body, and economic activity. The authors determine key patenting directions for domestic and foreign applicants according to the class grouping system of the International Patent Classification (IPC).

The article also considers activity of scientific and educational organizations characterized by the highest level inventive activity and determines priorities for this category of applicants.


L.A. Soshnikova

Estimation of Nature Protection Activity as an Ecological Component in the SNA: Directions of Improvement

The paper shows the problems and possible ways for developing the system of accounting of nature protection expenditures, which allow not only to raise objectivity of estimation of nature protection activity and use of nature resources, but also to lay methodical and information foundations for further integration of the systems of economic and ecological indicators in order to determine ecologically adjusted macroeconomic indicators.


T.I. Byrkovych

Foreign Relations Agencies of Ukraine and Principles of their Activity

The article describes the system of foreign relations bodies and principles of their activity at the present stage


O.V. Vynogradov

Public Management of Multichannel Financing of Health Care Establishments

At the present stage of public health development medical establishments use different sources of payment for medical services. This system is characterized as a multichannel one. But, despite their attractiveness, not all forms of financial receipts were developed in the public health system. To study attractiveness of different financing sources the author analyses the decision making process at the level of introduction of additional sources.


D.V. Karamyshev

State Mechanisms of Forming the Budget Relations in the Health Protection System in Ukraine

The article deals with main directions of budget policy and determines the state mechanisms of budget formation and performance in the health protection system. It also discusses the importance of budget policy in the health protection system for realization of managing influence of the state on the socio-economic processes in the Ukrainian society at the present stage of reforms.


A.O. Krasneichuk

“Consultant-Client” Interrelations in the Process of Consulting the Public Administrative Bodies

The article is devoted to the problems of consulting which are new enough for scientific research in public administration of Ukraine. The author substantiates the necessity to attract consultants to subdivisions of state authorities, shows mistakes that may arise while choosing the consulting model and gives characteristic of the essence of “consultant-client” relations.


O.S. Maksymchuk

Key Directions and Tasks in the Development of Pension System in Medium-term Outlook

The article is devoted to pension security issues, perspective targets of pension reform activization and to the state policy measures in this sphere.


R.M. Plusch

Organizing Interaction of Local Self-administration Bodies

It is proved that organizing interaction of local self-administration bodies and enterprises, located in the same territory, are very important for deep system socio-economic reforms. By the research results the general rules of successful partnership strategies were identified and twelve principles for co-operation development formulated. The author suggests six key factors determining success of voluntary associations and systematizes causes of failure. General recommendations were developed on preparation, formation of voluntary association and supporting of its activity.


M.I. Rudakevych

Ethical and Psychological Principles of Forming Ethical Behavior of State Officials in Their Professional Activity

The article presents ethical and psychological analysis of state officials’ professional activity based on common activity principles.


E.B. Chekotovsky

Studying Statistical Science History: Approaches and Directions

The paper covers the issues relating to the content of educational program “Statistics History”. It is critical of the existing approaches to periodization of statistics history and the ways of its study. The author suggests two versions of this program developed for students trained for bachelor and master’s degree respectively.