Statistics of Ukraine


2006, № 2 (33)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Zhuk I.M., Mykhailov V.S., Poplyuiko Ya.V. Methodical Issues of Financial Analysis of Enterprises at the Regional Level.


Kalachova I.V., Rudych O.A. Using Sociological Data in Social Monitoring


Tsaruk O.V. Macroeconomic Effects of National Debt as an Object for Statistical Study




Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Dyachek V.I. Imitation Modeling for Efficiency Estimation of the Use of Agricultural Equipment


Korniyenko A.I. Economic and Statistical Analysis of Interbudget Transfers in Ukraine


Lytovka O.V. Statistics of Industrial Waste Formation and Managing It in Ukraine

Prylypko Yu.I. Estimation of Non-registered Economic Activity in Education and Public Health Service 39
Chorna L.O. Methodological Principles of Grounding Long-term Price Decisions at Enterprises 47
Shenkarenko M.I., Kuznetsova O.M. Inventive Activity in Ukraine: Tendencies of Development 52



Improvement of Accounting and Reporting


Soshnikova L.A. Estimation of Nature Protection Activity as an Ecological Component in the SNA: Directions of Improvement




Public Administration


Byrkovych T.I. Foreign Relations Agencies of Ukraine and Principles of their Activity


Vynogradov O.V. Public Management of Multichannel Financing of Health Care Establishments


Karamyshev D.V. State Mechanisms of Forming the Budget Relations in the Health Protection System in Ukraine

Krasneichuk A.O. “Consultant-Client” Interrelations in the Process of Consulting the Public Administrative Bodies 72
Maksymchuk O.S. Key Directions and Tasks in the Development of Pension System in Medium-term. Outlook 77
Plusch R.M. Organizing Interaction of Local Self-administration Bodies 81
Rudakevych M.I. Ethical and Psychological Principles of Forming Ethical Behavior of State Officials .in Their Professional Activity 85



History of Statistics


Chekotovsky E.B. Studying Statistical Science History: Approaches and Directions. (The End)




As a Matter for Discussion


Kodatsky V.P. Organization of Financial Activity at Enterprises




Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Zlupko S.M. Ivan Franko’s Attitude to Statistics and His Statistical Works (the 150-th anniversary since birthday 98
In memory of  Doctor of Political Economy and Statistics, Academician Kostyantyn Grygorovych  Vobly 103
Alexander Petrovych Roslavsky-Petrovsky (the 190-th anniversary since birthday) 105
Anatoli Alexandrovych Popov Is 80 106




Abstracts 111