O.V. Dyachenko

Organization of Statistical Observation in Foreign Trade in Ukraine

The article analyses the system of statistical data collection and processing in the former USSR. It considers the key issues of organization of statistical observations in foreign trade in commodities and presents methodological aspects of carrying out all-round and sample observations used in foreign trade statistics in Ukraine.


N.O. Mykhailyuk

Information and Statistical Base of Passenger Motor Transport and Direction for Its Improvement

The article examines the sources of information on the passenger motor-car transportation market – statistical and administrative information, its use and directions for improving information and statistical base of passenger motor transport.


O.B. Salikhova

Foreign Trade in High-Technology Goods: Methodology and Practice Problems of Statistical Accounting in Ukraine

The article presents the author’s determination of the concept of “high technology”. In statistical practice it is recommended to use product approach for estimating the diffusion of high technologies. A list of high-technology goods was formed according to the Ukrainian Commodities Classification of External Economic Activities. It allowed determining the volume and structure of foreign trade of Ukraine on this category of commodities.


O.V. Tsaruk

Harmonization of the Government Finance Statistics System with International Standards: Government Debt and Budget Deficit Statistics

The paper deals with the IMF’s and EU’s government finance statistics standards. It determines general distinctions in the methodology of government debt calculation and accounting of public funds used in Ukraine and accepted by the IMF and EU. The directions of harmonization of government finance statistics in Ukraine with international standards are determined.


V.K. Danylko, N.A. Kozorez

Ecological Taxes in Ukraine: Statistical Aspect

This article views methodological problems of ecological taxation in Ukraine. It pinpoints the essence of ecological taxes as a component of economic management of nature, and gives characteristic of their function. The article also provides an analysis of ecological receipts in Ukraine.


A.V. Zolotarevsky

Development of Providing in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the problems of providing development in Ukraine. Activity efficiency of domestic enterprises-providers is analyzed. The article also shows the main reasons of insufficiently effective development of the providing services market.


L.O. Katrikh, L.G Myronova, O.M. Maryuta

Statistical Planning and Efficient Control of Enterprise’s Main Industrial Resources in Conditions of Uncertainty

The article offers a sample method of the most efficient influence for economic and production entity. The number of effects depends on a Cobb-Douglas productive and economic model. This method is considered on an example of one of Ukrainian enterprises and may be used at any enterprise.


O.O. Moskvin

Experimental Calculation of an Input-Output Table in Comparable Prices

The article is based on the results of research, carried out by specialists of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine on the calculation of an input-output table in comparable prices, according to the SNA international standards. The results obtained give important information for the comprehensive analysis of the national economy’s structure, inter-branch relations, results of changes in prices, valuable proportions, economic processes forecasting, determination of efficiency of Ukraine’s economy and prospects for its further development.


A.V. Mukha, N.K. Sakovych

The Influence of Administrative Control of Prices and Monopolization Level on Inflation in Byelorussia

The article is devoted to the analysis of influence of administrative price control and monopolization level on inflationary processes in Byelorussia. In 2003-2005 the indicator of “net inflation” was calculated by excluding the administratively regulated items (goods and services, the prices of which are controlled by the state) from the consumer basket. A quantitative estimation was made for the degree of influence of administrative, seasonal and base components on inflation in Byelorussia at the present stage. Besides, the accumulated inflationary potential in Byelorussia was estimated.


Yu.M. Kharazishvili, O.O. Lyubich

The Model Analysis of Macroeconomic Results of Rise in Gas Prices in Ukraine

The article analyses the influence of rise in gas price for industrial users and households on the main macroeconomic indicators. The author suggests a scientifically grounded approach to studying this influence by using the determined analytical model of general economic equilibrium.


O.G. Yankovoy, O.I. Yashkina

Forecasting Interconnected Indicators of the Socio-economic Development of Ukraine

The paper presents theoretical research and practical developments on the methods of forecasting interconnected indicators of the socio-economic development of Ukraine. The authors introduce the Classification of economic indicators of all levels of management and a scheme for system forecast realization.


I.V. Kalachova

Managing Social Processes by the “Status – Context – Reaction” System of Indicators

The article deals with the conceptual and methodological approaches to the development of the system of indicators for managing the social processes. The socio-economic block of steady development indicators is presented as one of the first, taking into account the characteristic both of object of activity and possible influence on this activity. The list of indicators is given within the framework of the social policy fundamental purposes from the point of view of managing the corresponding processes, namely: self-security, justice, health and social unity.


O.Yu. Miroshnychenko

Estimating the Standard of Living for CIS Countries Population Based on Cluster Analysis

The cluster analysis procedures were adapted for estimating the standard of living of the CIS countries population. A comparative estimation of standard of living of CIS countries was made by using the cluster analysis agglomerative method and the k-average method.


O.S. Korovchenko

Information Support of a New Payment Accounting Mechanism

The paper covers the problems relating to information support of payment accounting in new conditions of economic management and offers the ways for improving the existing methodology.


V.I. Byrkovych

Modernization of Tourist and Recreational Potential of Ukraine’s Regions

The article provides the concepts of tourism. It gives the analysis of practice and offers useful and theoretically substantiated proposals on reforming tourist organizations in regions.


R.V. Voitovych

A Global State as an Alternative for a National State in Modern Conditions of Social Development

The article contains conceptual analysis of the essence and peculiarities of a global state formation and functioning as an alternative of a national state in conditions of globalization. The internal and foreign policy content is determined, antinomy of a global and national states’ correlation analyzed. The distinctions of principle of global and national states’ basic values are classified. The author determines the role of law in national states’ interrelations, shows the essence of international status formula and the ways for realizing “parallel” policy in conditions of globalization.


I.G. Mikhalina

Organizing and Economic Mechanism for Diversification of Modern Agricultural Production

The author of this article proves that studying preconditions and introducing organizing and economic mechanisms of economic diversification will secure financial and economic stability and development of Ukraine’s agro-industrial enterprises, and reduce risks and industrial losses from often changes and demands of agrarian market.


O.I. Pavlov

A Model of Agricultural Development in Ukraine and Its Accordance with European Union Standards

The author substantiates the necessity of an agricultural development model, suitable to multifunctional nature of rural areas. Agricultural development principles are formulated, conformity of the Ukraine’s agricultural development model to European Union standards determined, and the ways of its further development shown.


T.I. Pakhomova

Public Service as an Object for System Examination

This article views public service from the system methodology position. It indicates the main characteristics of public service as an open system.


Kh.V. Khachaturyan

Formation of Socially Oriented Marketing as a Management Phenomenon

The article defines peculiarities of forming social marketing as a management phenomenon. It also gives a generalized characteristic of main stages of marketing evolution and the basic concepts of its study.