Statistics of Ukraine


2006, № 3 (34)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics


Dyachenko O.V. Organization of Statistical Observation in Foreign Trade in Ukraine


Mykhailyuk N.O. Information and Statistical Base of Passenger Motor Transport and Direction for Its Improvement


Salikhova O.B. Foreign Trade in High-Technology Goods: Methodology and Practice Problems of Statistical Accounting in Ukraine


Tsaruk O.V. Harmonization of the Government Finance Statistics System with International Standards: Government Debt and Budget Deficit Statistics




Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Danylko V.K., Kozorez N.A. Ecological Taxes in Ukraine: Statistical Aspect


Zolotarevsky A.V. Development of Providing in Ukraine


Katrikh L.O., Myronova L.G., Maryuta O.M. Statistical Planning and Efficient Control of Enterprise’s Main Industrial Resources in Conditions of Uncertainty

Moskvin O.O. Experimental Calculation of an Input-Output Table in Comparable Prices 38
Mukha A.V., Sakovych N.K. The Influence of Administrative Control of Prices and Monopolization Level on Inflation in Byelorussia 44
Kharazishvili Yu.M., Lyubich O.O. The Model Analysis of Macroeconomic Results of Rise in Gas Prices in Ukraine 51



Market Economy: Statistical Analysis and Predictions


Yankovoy O.G., Yashkina O.I. Forecasting Interconnected Indicators of the Socio-economic Development of Ukraine




Social Statistics


Kalachova I.V. Managing Social Processes by the “Status – Context – Reaction” System of Indicators


Miroshnychenko O.Yu. Estimating the Standard of Living for CIS Countries Population Based on Cluster Analysis




Improvement of Accounting and Reporting


Korovchenko O.S. Information Support of a New Payment Accounting Mechanism




Public Administration


Byrkovych V.I. Modernization of Tourist and Recreational Potential of Ukraine’s Regions


Voitovych R.V. A Global State as an Alternative for a National State in Modern Conditions of Social Development


Mikhalina I.G. Organizing and Economic Mechanism for Diversification of Modern Agricultural Production

Pavlov O.I. A Model of Agricultural Development in Ukraine and Its Accordance with European Union Standards 96
Pakhomova T.I. Public Service as an Object for System Examination 100
Khachaturyan Kh.V. Formation of Socially Oriented Marketing as a Management Phenomenon 104



Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Ivan Timopheevich Pastukhov (the 95-th anniversary since birthday) 108
Eugenia Yakovlevna Belytska (the 100-th anniversary since birthday) 109
Arseniy Petrovych Khomenko (the 115-th anniversary since birthday) 111




Abstracts 116