O.M. Gladun

Sample Size Calculation Problems

The article studies theoretical issues of sample size determination, the main factors influencing it, while analyzing the problem of estimating calculation parameters. The author suggests a sample size calculation formula, which can be used for different sampling designs.


V.K. Danylko

Statistical Estimation of State, Use and Protection of Land Resources

The article is devoted to urgent problems of rising efficiency in use and protection of land resources of Ukraine. On the basis of official statistical information the tendencies are analyzed as to structural changes in land use as well as protection of lands – the basic national wealth of Ukraine.


N.V. Kovtun

Financial Statistics Methods in the Investment Activity Analysis: the Sphere and Peculiarities of Using

The paper deals with the issues related to peculiarities of financial statistics methods application in the investment activity analysis at the macrolevel.


G.I. Tereschenko

Unification of the Population Survey Data Based on Structural Variable Models

The article provides methodological approach to unification of different sample survey data at the microlevel by using structural variables probability models and interconnection models. The paper presents main results of realizing approaches to unification of the population economic activity and living conditions survey data. It also analyzes the possibilities of forming the basis for detailed analysis of socio-economic processes on the joint data. The article examines the example of distribution of per capita aggregate expenses of unemployed population, fixed by the ILO methodology. The further research directions are determined.

O.S. Dotsenko

Rating Estimation of Commercial Banks Reliability

Commercial bank activity in dynamics is estimated on the formed reliability indicators. Methods for commercial bank rating construction are suggested.


O.M. Maryuta, Yu.A. Maryschuk

Application of Range Models in Economic Statistics

The article describes the band model application in the economy. It presents the example of building a tactical model for the cosmetic market of the Dnipropetrovsk oblast. The parameter choice criterion is suggested for construction of range models for dimensions more than 2x2.


V.F. Pikalo

Determination of Profit Indicator in the Enterprise Statistics System

The paper enlightens the problem of reflecting the profit indicator in financial and statistical reporting; in particular, it considers interconnection and principal distinctions between profit as a statistical indicator, and the taxable profit indicator. The article shows problem aspects connected with different forms of statistical reporting for large, medium-sized and small enterprises.


A.V. Rotar

Innovation Processes in Industry: Economic Content and Essence

The article presents the definition for category “innovation” used in research which gives grounds to consider the essence of innovations in the context of final result as commercialized used new products as well as the processes which allow obtaining the qualitative and quantitative change of management object and economic, social and scientific and technical effects.


V.V. Ryazantseva

Income of an Enterprise: Formation and Use Analysis

The article studies the dependence of financial result of an enterprise from the net assets, private capital, reserves, cash, and current obligations. The construction and analysis method of multifactor regression model is used. Different financial forecast types are obtained, namely: point prediction, interval prediction, confidence interval for mathematical expectation of an indicator.


 M.V. Sytnytsky

The Influence of Innovation Potential on Strategic Flexibility of an Enterprise

The paper analyzes the influence of innovation potential on strategic flexibility of an enterprise while detecting and characterizing dynamic connections of the indicated structures’ elements.


V.M. Tamashevych, V.V. Leshkevych

Estimation of the Country’s Economy Competitive Capacity Based on the Foreign Trade Statistical Data

The article provides the experience of Byelorussian statistics in designing the system of indicators reflecting the country’s competitive capacity. In particular, it describes indicators of competitive capacity in foreign trade. The authors present estimated values of indicators and give characteristic for the existing statistical database.


V.I. Kolesnik

Formation Mechanisms for the Regional Situation Monitoring System

Based on monitoring system of economic and social situations in the state, the article determines approaches to the system of information support for regional development.


M.V. Schuryk

Enterprise Development Strategy and its Influence on the Carpathian Macroregion Land Resources Reproduction

The article presents the analysis of reasons of low level of agriculture development of and land resources reproduction in the Carpathian Macroregion. The author suggests measures for of enterprise structure reorganization in conditions of forming a market economy.


 Yu.G. Zhukovska

Modern International and National Central Statistical Classifications in the Process of Development

The article examines methodological principles for design of new international statistical classification of economic activities: ISIC (Rev.4), NACE (Rev.2) and products: CPC (Ver.2), CPA (Rev.2), as well as new modifications of national classifications of economic activities (KVED) and production (CSKP).


S.P. Kovalenko

Legal and Organizational Problems of State Holding Companies in Developed and Developing Countries

The article analyses the experience of using the holding structure of integration associations, in particular, forming of state holding companies in developed and developing countries. The author proves inexpedience of mechanical reproduction of the developed countries’ experience in Ukraine.


P.V. Matviyenko

The State of Economic Development of the Soviet Union Countries on the Eve of their Independence

On the basis of main macroeconomic indicators the author estimates the state of economic development and disproportions in republics of the Soviet Union before its disintegration. Using dynamics of macroeconomic indicators over the period of 1985 – 1990 and his own methods the author presents rating of economic development of republics.


M.K. Orlaty, O.M. Mogylny, M.M. Ksenofontov, S.P. Tatusyak

Management of Rural Territories Development in Poland

The article examines peculiarities of administrative reform in Poland, regarding mechanisms of rural territories development and its two aspects – structural policy and joint agrarian policy. It also analyses acceptability of Polish experience for its introduction into practice of management organization, creating regulation mechanism for complex development of rural territories in Ukraine.


S.F. Radzimovska

European Integration: Potentialities and Problems for Non-banking Financial Institutions of Ukraine

The paper shows the main problems in the development of the Ukraine’s fund market. Determining joining the European Community as a priority for the medium-term forecast, Ukraine has to solve the problem of speeding up the development of financial sector in order to secure its unimpeded integration into the EU united financial market.


V.I. Semenyuk

Accreditation as a Mechanism of Public Management in Health Attendance Quality in the Public Health Service Sphere: International Experience

The article is devoted to generalization of international experience in introduction and development of hospital accreditation procedure as the public management strategy. It also deals with determination of means for implementation of certain international experience into the public management system of health service in Ukraine for the improvement of the effective accreditation procedure.


 I.Yu. Shklyarska

Joint Pension System in Conditions of New Pension Legislation

The article considers the leading principles of the joint pension insurance system within the framework of new pension legislation; new terms for granting pension, calculation methods. It also gives the analysis of pension average level over the period since the Law of Ukraine “On Compulsory State Pension Insurance” has been brought into action, for the country as a whole and by region. Factors influencing the joint pension system are analyzed.