Statistics of Ukraine


2007, № 2 (37)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Kulak A.G. Modeling of Integral Public Health Indicator 4
Mazur Yu.V. Monitoring of Higher Education for Providing Effective Branch Management. 9
Prylypko Yu.I., Repin K.Yu. Methodical Approaches to the Shadow Economy Volume Determination .in Agriculture 13
Sarioglo V.G., Ogay  M.Yu. Statistical Estimation of Households Income Differentiation at the Municipal Level 20



Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Balitska V.V. General Financial Position of Economic Entities of Ukraine: Statistical Estimation. 26
Zakhozhay K.V. Statistical Observation in the System of Management of Local Budgets of Ukraine 30
Ignatova I.S. Specific Excises as Resources Redistribution Means in the Economy 34
Popov V.Yu. Structural Changes in Branch Proportions of Output and Income in Ukraine 38



Regional Statistics


Gorkavy V.K., Panchenko S.I. Analysis of Tendencies and Factors of Agrarian Labor Productivity in Kharkiv Oblast 44
Shmatkovska T.O. Movement Tendencies of Social and Demographic Processes in the Volyn Countryside and Determination of Their Interconnection 50

 Schuryk M.V. Carpathian Macroregion: Problems of Stabilizing and Development



Design and Introduction of Classificators, Standards, Regulatory Foundations


Zhuk O.P. Legal Security of Foreign Economic Activity in Ukraine 60

International Projects and Experience

Yegorov I.Yu., Zhukovych I.A., Ryzhkova Yu.O. International Approaches to Formation of R&D Satellite Account 65



Public Administration


Zhukova L.A. Public Management Efficiency in Civil Defense as a Basis for Early Detection, Removal and Neutralization of Threats to National Security in Ukraine 70
Koctyuk I.P. The State Officials’ Vocabulary and Means of Its Enrichment. 74
Matviyenko P.V. Banking Planning as a Key Management Instrument 78
Semenchenko A.I. Principles of Development of a Strategic Planning Complex Model in Public Management of Ensuring National Security in Ukraine 86
Skopych O.D. Theoretical and Legal Control Analysis in the Local Self-government System 91



Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Mykhailo Kuzmovych Orlaty is 60 95