O.M. Gladun

Household Sample Surveys in Ukraine: Historical Aspect

The article considers the history of household sample surveys in Ukraine. A special attention is given to family budget sample survey and sample survey of economic activity of the population. Solution of the problems enlightened in the paper caused transition to the new system of household sample surveys in 1999.


V.Ya. Gumenyuk, G.Yu. Mischuk

Determination Methodology of Age Qualification for Working Age Population

The authors substantiate the method of age qualification determination for working age population based on the population distribution by age and use of standards of the developed European countries. Expedience of the determined age limits is proved by analysis of social, legal and economic aspects of using the potential of the definite population age groups in social production.


Yu.S. Tsal-Tsalko, Yu.Yu. Moroz, V.P. Moroz

Statistical Research of Basic Means Applicability

The article presents methodical approaches to formation of reliable information resources concerning the qualitative estimation of basic means applicability. It also considers the main technological processes of obtaining statistical indicators and offers the ways of solving the problems.


S.S. Gerasymenko

Statistics Fundamental Character in Effective Management of Economy

The paper estimates the rate of statistics attraction to research and applied studies. A conclusion is made that scientists humiliate the role of statistics in efficient decision making. To understand better the role of statistics in management the author suggests to diminish calculations in statistical publications and to use more economic terms.


V.K. Danylko, T.V. Kobylynska

Legislative Basis of Agrarian Relations in Ukraine

The paper reflects actual problems of improving the legislative basis of land reform in Ukraine. On the basis of official statistical information the author analyses tendencies of structural changes in the land fund – the basic national wealth of Ukraine.


T.P. Duplyak

State System of Statistical Observation of Exhibition Activity in Ukraine: Current Situation and Problems

The article studies the current situation and problems of the state system of statistical observation of exhibition activity in Ukraine and characterizes the system of statistical indicators of this activity. It also proves expedience of introduction of exhibition activity auditing.


N.V. Kovtun

Current Trends of Insurance Activity Development in Ukraine: Macroeconomic and Regional Aspects

The paper studies the main tendencies in the development of insurance activity in Ukraine, estimates regional peculiarities of the insurance market development and presents the rating of regions by the insurance potential, using multivariable statistical methods.


V.V. Popova

Intersectoral Trends of Development in Ukraine

The determination of influence of sector parameters on the development is suggested to realize in quality parameters of goods and services output. Practical use of the methods was demonstrated by the official statistical data of intersectoral balances of goods and services production and distribution (input-output) of the Ukrainian economy over 1991 – 2005. It is indicated that for concretization of influence of organizing and economic mechanism of the national macrosystem on management in development, changes in intersectoral balance should be estimated.


V.I. Kolesnik

On the Improvement of Information and Analytical Work of a Regional Statistics Body

The article gives the analysis of urgent problems at the national and regional levels, on providing users with complete and timely statistical information. The author generalized the existing approaches to the improvement of statistical data dissemination methods and studied the reasons that prevent meeting the needs of information users at the regional level (Autonomous Republic of Crimea as an example).


N.V. Gudyma

Frankness and Transparency Principles in Activity of State Administration Bodies in Ukraine: Normative Realization Problems

The article considers the issues of normative and legal formation of principles of frankness and transparency as well as improvement of realization mechanisms in the context of development of the domestic state administration system, taking into account democratization of social development. The author estimates the objective influence factors, conditioning this development and proves that it’s necessary to adopt the basic law on determining the foundations for realization of principles of frankness and transparency in activity of state administration bodies in Ukraine.


A.G. Zamogylny

Current Trends in the Development of Social Management and Search for a New Power Paradigm

The article is devoted to theoretical and methodological substantiation of social management as a complicated social process. The author explains the content of social management, describes current tendencies of its development and shows new power paradigms, appearing at present stage of development of the Ukrainian society.


S.P. Kovalenko

Activity of State Holding Companies in Ukraine: Enhancement of Efficiency

The article analyses foreign experience of involving the financial and credit institutions, banks in particular, to holding companies, including those formed with the state’s support. Positive and negative aspects of such experience are noted. The author proves expediency of involving financial and credit institutions to the state holding companies formed to enhance efficiency of their activity.


A.S. Krupnyk

Influence of Globalization on State and Development of Material Objects of Social Infrastructure in Ukraine

The paper considers the influence of globalization on state of various objects of social infrastructure in Ukraine. The ways of improvement are suggested for social infrastructure management in the interests of social groups, different by their social status and material welfare. These ways are as follows: studying the population demand structure, determining provision of demands and putting the social infrastructure objects in accordance with them.


P.V. Matviyenko

Estimation of Public Management Efficiency of Transformation Processes in CIS Countries

The article estimates efficiency of public management in transformation processes in the new states formed after disintegration of the USSR. Using dynamics of main socioeconomic indicators over the years 1991 – 2005 the author analyzed the development of transformation processes and calculated the rating of CIS countries economic development.


A.I. Semenchenko

The System of Restrictions and Standards for a Strategic Planning Complex Model in Public Management of Ensuring National Security in Ukraine

The article provides the system of restrictions and standards that takes into account peculiarities of strategic planning process in public management of ensuring national security. This system is an integral part of formation concept of a strategic planning complex model and should be used while synthesizing this model. Use of the system will facilitate rising of objectivity level in state policy and public management in this sphere.


L.M. Usachenko

Social Examination as a Form of Democracy and Public Influence on the Processes of Decision-Making by State Administration Bodies

The article considers social examination as one of the most important forms of creative cooperation of public administration bodies with nongovernmental organizations and determines its main principles. The author studies its influence on the society and its democratic development as well as the influence on public administration bodies, in particular, social examination facilitates rising transparency in activity.


L.M. Mekshun

Formation of Ukrainian Zemstvo Statistics Methodology in the Second Half of XIX – at the Beginning of XX Century

The article deals with programs of statistical data collection and summarizing in the Ukrainian zemstvo statistical agencies. It also shows formation of statistical methods, namely: method of combination tables, budgetary investigation method, sampling method, designed and used by the Ukrainian zemstvo statisticians. The article presents corresponding statistical data on the Ukrainian provinces in the second half of XIX – at the beginning of XX cent.