Statistics of Ukraine


2007, № 3 (38)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Gladun O.M. Household Sample Surveys in Ukraine: Historical Aspect 4
Gumenyuk V.Ya., Mischuk G.Yu. Determination Methodology of Age Qualification for Working Age Population 12
Tsal-Tsalko Yu.S., Moroz Yu.Yu., Moroz V.P. Statistical Research of Basic Means Applicability 18



Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Gerasymenko S.S. Statistics Fundamental Character in Effective Management of Economy 26
Danylko V.K., Kobylynska T.V. Legislative Basis of Agrarian Relations in Ukraine 29
Duplyak T.P. State System of Statistical Observation of Exhibition Activity in Ukraine: Current Situation and Problems 34
Kovtun N.V. Current Trends of Insurance Activity Development in Ukraine: Macroeconomic and Regional Aspects 38
Popova V.V. Intersectoral Trends of Development in Ukraine 44



Regional Statistics


Kolesnik V.I. On the Improvement of Information and Analytical Work of a Regional Statistics Body 51



Public Administration


Gudyma N.V. Frankness and Transparency Principles in Activity of State Administration Bodies in Ukraine: Normative Realization Problems 57
Zamogylny A.G. Current Trends in the Development of Social Management and Search for a New Power Paradigm 61
Kovalenko S.P. Activity of State Holding Companies in Ukraine: Enhancement of Efficiency 67
Krupnyk A.S. Influence of Globalization on State and Development of Material Objects of Social Infrastructure in Ukraine 71
Matviyenko P.V. Estimation of Public Management Efficiency of Transformation Processes in CIS Countries 79
Semenchenko A.I. The System of Restrictions and Standards for a Strategic Planning Complex Model in Public Management of Ensuring National Security in Ukraine 87
Usachenko L.M. Social Examination as a Form of Democracy and Public Influence on the Processes of Decision-Making by State Administration Bodies 91

History of Statistics


Mekshun L.M. Formation of Ukrainian Zemstvo Statistics Methodology in the Second Half of XIX – at the Beginning of XX Century 96

New editions, Reviews

YNew edition “Ye. Slutsky. Acknowledgement. Heritage from the Point of View of the Present Time” 100
“Market Statistics”the Newest Manual for Students and Practitioners 101



Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Ivan Isakovych Pylypenko is 70 102
Vitaly Petrovych Arendar is 70 103