O.O. Vasechko

Developing Statistics of Groups of Enterprises in Ukraine: Methodological Aspects

Groups of enterprises are of special interest as their active formation and expansion promotes acceleration of globalization in the European Union as well as all over the world. Due to penetration of the transnational companies into the Ukrainian economy, Ukraine is being involved in the European and world economic processes more and more. The article covers the problems which statistical offices of different countries come across while carrying out statistical surveys of groups of enterprises.


R.O. Kulynych

Interpreting Parameters of Regression Equations and Statistical Dependence Equations in the Analysis of Economic Phenomena Interconnections

The article enlightens the issues of parameters interpretation of one-factor and multiple regression equations and statistical dependence equations.


Yu.V. Mazur

Organizational and Methodical Principles of Monitoring of Higher Education Quality

The article considers the basic directions of using statistical principles and methods in estimation and control of quality of knowledge with the purpose of its increase that will promote mobility, employment and competitiveness of graduates of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.


V.S. Mykhailov

Foreign Economic Activity of Ukraine: Statistical Support

To the author’s mind, the article deals with the most important problems of formation and development of foreign economic activity statistics in Ukraine. As a whole its state meets international principles, norms and standards in this sphere.


T.I. Oliynyk

Dynamic Groupings of Agricultural Enterprises by Labor Efficiency and Payment for Work

The article is about correlation between the labor productivity level and salary level from standpoints of economic statics and economic dynamics. It’s determined that in static analysis labor productivity is a factor of relationship of cause and effect of labor productivity and salary level, and when this relationship is considered in dynamics, salary is a factor.


Yu.M. Osytapchuk, A.P. Revenko

Improving Methodology of Consumer Price Index Calculation

The article studies main directions in the improvement of CPI calculation: including new goods and services in consumer basket; transition to the new international “Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose”, used in grouping of some goods and services; formation of a new core CPI and correction of the index weight structure.


M.V. Pugachova

Studying Some Aspects of Functioning of Enterprises, which Form Groups, on Business Tendency Survey Data

The article presents the results of investigation of situation in corporative management at industrial enterprises, in particular, at those ones belonging to groups of companies. The investigation was carried out on the basis of business tendency surveys. The author studies the issues concerning the enterprises’ property structure and its dependence on sizes of enterprises, their adherence to principles of corporative management, state of investment, etc. Taking into account the information and comparisons the author makes conclusions on activity peculiarities of the enterprises which form company groups.


O.V. Vynogradov

Statistical Analysis of State, Dynamics and Tendencies of Development of Personnel Resources in Public Health Services of Ukraine

The article analyses the state of personnel resources in public health services of Ukraine and reveals the main tendencies of their development. It is proved that for a few years past the development of personnel resources in public health services shows stable positive dynamics, but development tendencies of this sphere are controlled not enough by public administration mechanisms.


V.I. Kolesnik

Basic Methodological Aspects of Statistical Estimation of Economy that is not Directly Observed

Analyzing the existing developments of scientists and using her own studies, the author suggests an approach to the determination of the volume of economy that is not observed by traditional statistical methods which allow estimating the real size of gross value added in a region. The information will help the authorities to estimate more exactly the situation in a region and to take effective measures.


B.I. Kolisnyk, O.M. Shubaly

Economic and Statistical Research of Development Tendencies of Forestry Enterprises

The article presents the directions of practical application of economic and statistical methods in different spheres activity of forestry enterprises (case of state forestry farms of Volyn). Use of these methods will allow to carry out the complex analysis of the current situation and will provide a sufficient level of validity of administrative decisions concerning perspective directions of development of forestry enterprises.


V.Yu. Popov

Paradoxes of Ukrainian Market: Intersectoral Income Distribution

Dynamics of structural proportions and the level of correlative dependences of labor expenditures and income by economic activity in Ukraine demonstrate certain contradictions. The article proves the necessity to design state strategy for influencing the financial mechanisms of expenses and income distribution.


N.B. Protsenko

Methodical Approaches to Forecasting the Activity of Enterprises in the Aspect of Guaranteeing their Stable Functioning

The article shows the forecasting influence on the level of economic stability of enterprises and presents a complex of economic and mathematical models for economic forecasting. The author offers technology for realizing economic forecasting and methods for estimating the forecast versions.


N.V. Agabekova, C.V. Novosyolova

Budget of Time of the Population of Byelorussia: Methodology for Carrying out Survey and Analysis of Results

The article is devoted to the issue of studying the present-day (current) budget of time of the population. The authors present methodology for carrying out survey of budget of time and the analysis of the results obtained.


І.O. Kurylo, N.O. Ryngach

Birth Rate in Ukraine: Analysis of Determinants and Statistical Estimation of Effects of Natal Measures

The article is devoted to investigation of specific determinants of fertility and to the estimation of effects of natal demopolitic measures. It also enlightens the mechanism of influence of birth rate factors on natality level and analyses effects of these determinants in modern Ukraine.

The author makes an attempt of statistical estimation of demographic and social effects of the newest natal measures in our country (e.g. a lump sum allowance for a newborn child).


I.A. Zhukovych, Yu.O. Ryzhkova

Classification of Scientific and Scientific and Technical Activities

The article considers the reasons of revision of DK 015-97 “Classification of Scientific and Technical Activities” (KVNTD) and preparation of its new version with the changed title DK 015:200_ “Classification of Scientific and Scientific and Technical Activities” (KVNNTD). The authors, who are the designers of this project, have studied and analyzed the basic changes and regulations included in it.


S.Ye. Gorbatyuk

Normative and Legal Aspects of Providing Social Activity at the Regional Level

The article deals with the normative and legal regulation as an effective instrument for public management in social work at the regional level. The author analyses the modern state of normative and legal foundations of social work and finds out discrepancies in the process of its realization in Ukraine.


B.A. Karpinsky, O.V. Gerasymenko

Financial System Balance of a Territory: Mechanism of Formation and Public Management

The article determines the essence of mechanism of formation and public management of the territory financial system balance and suggests the proper mechanism for formation and public management of the balance. It also shows the system of interconnection between the participants of the mechanism and examines the final result of its functioning, using the system of indicators of Ukraine’s regions.


G.P. Kushnirova

Professional Competence Peculiarities of Local Self-government Officials

Local self-government is the important institution in the system of public administration. Efficiency and effectiveness of activity of the local self-government bodies is the basis of providing the development of territorial societies. The article focuses on professional competence as a key element of effective activity of local self-government officials.


S.O. Moskalenko

Activity of Public Organizations as of Social Policy Subjects: Regional Aspect

The article shows the main tendencies in the development of public organizations in the Ukraine’s regions. It also analyses obstacles that prevent formation and functioning of public organizations as subjects of social policy and points out to the ways for getting them over. The author accents expediency of using foreign experience in organization of active social dialogue.


I.M. Tokhtarova

Development of Estimation Model of Public Management Efficiency in Guaranteeing Ethnonational Stability in Autonomous Republic of Crimea

The article presents a model for estimating ethnonational tension in a region, which allows to direct activity of public authorities to take more weighed decisions for guaranteeing socio-political stability of the state as a whole as well as its separate regions.