Statistics of Ukraine


2007, № 4 (39)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Vasechko O.O. Developing Statistics of Groups of Enterprises in Ukraine: Methodological Aspects 4
Kulynych R.O. Interpreting Parameters of Regression Equations and Statistical Dependence Equations in the Analysis of Economic Phenomena Interconnections 11
Mazur Yu.V. Organizational and Methodical Principles of Monitoring of Higher Education Quality 20
Mykhailov V.S. Foreign Economic Activity of Ukraine: Statistical Support 25
Oliynyk T.I. Dynamic Groupings of Agricultural Enterprises by Labor Efficiency and Payment for Work 29
Ostapchuk Yu.M., Revenko A.P. Improving Methodology of Consumer Price Index Calculation 33
Pugachova M.V. Studying Some Aspects of Functioning of Enterprises, Which Form Groups, on Business Tendency Survey Data 37



Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Vynogradov O.V. Statistical Analysis of State, Dynamics and Tendencies of Development of Personnel Resources in Public Health Services of Ukraine 48
Kolesnik V.I. Basic Methodological Aspects of Statistical Estimation of Economy that is not Directly Observed 52
Kolisnyk B.I., Shubaly O.M. Economic and Statistical Research of Development Tendencies of Forestry Enterprises 58
Popov V.Yu. Paradoxes of Ukrainian Market: Intersectoral Income Distribution 64
Protsenko N.B. Methodical Approaches to Forecasting the Activity of Enterprises in the Aspect of Guaranteeing their Stable Functioning 70



Demographic and Social Statistics


Agabekova N.V., Novosyolova C.V. Budget of Time of the Population of Byelorussia: Methodology for Carrying out Survey and Analysis of Results 74
Kurylo I.O., Ryngach N.O. Birth Rate in Ukraine: Analysis of Determinants and Statistical Estimation of Effects of Natal Measures 80



Design and Introduction of Classificators and Standards


Zhukovych I.A., Ryzhkova Yu.O. Classification of Scientific and Scientific and Technical Activities 90



Public Administration


Gorbatyuk C.Ye. Normative and Legal Aspects of Providing Social Activity at the Regional Level 95
Karpinsky B.A., Gerasymenko O.V. Financial System Balance of a Territory: Mechanism of Formation and Public Management 99
Kushnirova G.P. Professional Competence Peculiarities of Local Self-government Officials 105
Moskalenko S.O. Activity of Public Organizations as of Social Policy Subjects: Regional Aspect 109
Tokhtarova I.M. Development of Estimation Model of Public Management Efficiency in Guaranteeing Ethnonational Stability in Autonomous Republic of Crimea 113




Alphabetic Index on the Authors of the Papers Published in the Journal “Statistics of Ukraine” in 2007 127