O.M. Motuzka

Statistical Monitoring of International Technical Assistance

The paper provides the analysis of state control of international technical assistance and its monitoring. The author suggests the ways of improving statistical analysis of international technical assistance.


I.I. Pylypenko, V.O. Shevchuk

Audit in the Environment of a Civil Society and a State

The article considers audit as an institution of Ukrainian economy control that is new for national socio-economic practice. Alongside of independent audit an attention is paid to state financial audit. Social significance and administrative role of audit is emphasized. The paper enlightens the main scientific and educational problems of training auditors in Ukraine and shows the ways to solve them.


Yu. I. Prylypko

Improving Some Estimation Methods for the Shadow Sector Volume

The article describes changes in the shadow economy estimation methods used by the Ministry of the Economy in analytical calculations while carrying out monitoring of this pressing problem. The paper contains the research results on the improvement of the existing system of monitoring and control of shadow economy.


A.O. Blinov, A.V. Sydorova

Methodical Approach to the Estimation of Studying Motivation

The article analyses the problems of studying motivation for students through the choice of the aim, types of studying situations and planning the approaches to studies. Dynamics of progress in studying the normative subjects and selective courses is analyzed. Dependence of progress on the amount of studies and independent work time is estimated by statistical methods.


N.A. Karasyova

Leasing in Foreign Countries: Formation and Peculiarities of Development

The article considers the development stages and formation peculiarities of leasing business. It also presents the analysis of international experience and differences in organization of leasing in different countries of the world.


M. D. Korinko

Improving Organization and Functioning of the Internal Economic Control System in Diversification of Activity of Subjects of Management

The article is devoted to the issue of improving the control methodology for diversification of activity of subjects of management.


Yu.Yu. Moroz

Management of Development Equilibrium of Enterprises in Agriculture: Statistical Support

The article considers the system and methods of analysis of statistical indicators for the estimation of development balance of agricultural enterprises activity. The author states the main technological processes of obtaining statistical data and offers the ways to steady development.


V.V. Popova

Methodical Basis for Determination of the National Macrosystem Development Path

The research methods presented in the article are directed to the supplement of quantitative parameters of the national economy development by the qualitative characteristics of GDP formation. The author’s approach interpretation is accompanied by the USSR and Modern Ukraine data.


N.V. Rudavka

Dynamic Development Tendencies of Gorlivka Economic System

The article studies peculiarities of the territorial and branch structure of economic complex of Gorlivka. The paper reveals positive and negative tendencies and specificity of economic system development. It also determines the key directions of reforming the economic complex of the town.


O.V. Vynogradov

Statistical Analysis of Formation, Dynamics and Tendencies of Material Resources in Public Health Services of Ukraine

The article analyses the state, dynamic development and tendencies in development of fixed assets of public health services of Ukraine. It is proved that for a few years past intensity in using the amount of hospital beds is increasing. At the same time general reduction in fixed assets promotes an increase in sickness rate, disability and epidemics of socially dangerous diseases.


I.A. Dauksh, N.Yu. Korolyova

Statistical Analysis of State of Suicide in Byelorussia

The article is devoted to statistical analysis of dynamics of the number of registered suicides in Byelorussia over the period of 1990–2006. The paper studies the sex and age coefficients of mortality from suicide by region. Modeling and forecasting of the phenomenon under study is being realized.


Z.O. Nadyuk

Using Methods of Trend Model Construction for Forecasting in State Control of Medical Services Market in Ukraine

The article shows perspective of application of a linear trend method for forecasting the increase in morbidity and expansion of diseases in Ukraine. The directions have been developed for using prognostic data, obtained by this method, in state management of public health at the state and local levels.


O.V. Krekhivsky, O.B. Salikhova, I.O. Krekhivsky

Modern Methodological Approaches to Defining the High-technology Sectors: Recommendations on Application in Ukraine

The paper covers current problems of methodology and practice of definition of high-technology sectors of economy. It shows the experience of leading international and national organizations, concerning the choice of criteria system for the estimation of the branch technology level. The existing catalogues of high-technology branches have been studied and methodological recommendations on identification of high-technology industrial enterprises of Ukraine have been developed.


Yu.M. Ostapchuk, A.V. Varnidis

Introduction of the Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose – an Important Step to Adaptation of Ukrainian Statistics to International Standards

The article describes the national Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose, based on European Classification COICOP-HBS (Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose) and considers its place in the general system of statistical classifications. The paper substantiates the approaches used in design of the national Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose, shows the main directions for its using in household surveys and in calculations of the consumer price index and final consumer expenses of households.


O.A. Vyshnevska

Illegal External Labor Migration as an Object of State Control

The article studies the present-day state of external labor migration of the Ukrainian population, illegal migration in particular. The author shows main characteristic features and kinds of illegal external migration as well as the main reasons forcing Ukrainians to migrate. The main directions and approaches of state control in this sphere are determined on the basis of analysis that has been carried out.


M.P. Voronov

Public Administration Mechanism of China: Local Aspect

The article provides main problems of self-government in Ukraine. It also presents the example of organization of local authorities in China and suggests the ways of using this experience.


G.V. Dmytrenko, R.V. Dmytrenko

To the Issue of Financial Control Improvement in the Sate Administration System

On the basis of analysis of existing practice the authors consider the problem of financial control improvement at the local level.


A.G. Zamogylny

Connection and Interaction of Public Management and Political Activity (Historical and Theoretical Aspect)

The article considers connection and interaction of public management and political activity as well as development and introduction of new approaches to their optimization. The aim of the article is to study the power phenomenon in historical and theoretical meaning and to show the content and specificity of political activity as a form of public management.


S.P. Kovalenko

Management and Control in State Holding Companies

The article provides theoretical aspects of corporative management and control in state holding companies, shows the essence and aim of realizing management and control and gives propositions for their improvement.


T.V. Kondratyuk

The U.S. Public Administration and Government System and Its Economic and Statistical Definiteness

The article deals with the concepts of public administration and government and stresses on their principal unity. The Anglo-Saxon tradition of public administration is characterized. The structure of the U.S. public administration system is reflected on the base of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). The author demonstrates similarity of mechanisms of activity of the U.S. government systems at the federal and state levels and describes the local administrative-territorial units of the U.S. (municipal corporations, counties, townships, school and other special districts).


 N.B. Mezentseva

Medical Law – an Important Component in the Program of Postgraduate Training of Doctors and Jurists

The paper is devoted to the problem of theoretical substantiation of mission and strategy of legal component of postgraduate training of doctors and jurists in the context of modern imperatives of law domination.


O.D. Skopych

Strategic Reference Points of Forming the Effective System of Municipal Financial Control

The article considers theoretical and practical aspects of organization of financial control system in local self-government and determines strategic directions for the development of such system.