Statistics of Ukraine


2008, № 1 (40)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Motuzka O.M. Statistical Monitoring of International Technical Assistance 5
Pylypenko I.I., Shevchuk V.O. Audit in the Environment of a Civil Society and a State 9
Prylypko Yu. I. Improving Some Estimation Methods for the Shadow Sector Volume 16



Statistics and Economics, Analysis


Blinov A.O., Sydorova A.V. Methodical Approach to the Estimation of Studying Motivation 26
Karasyova N.A. Leasing in Foreign Countries: Formation and Peculiarities of Development 31
Korinko M. D. Improving Organization and Functioning of the Internal Economic Control System in Diversification of Activity of Subjects of Management 34
Moroz Yu.Yu. Management of Development Equilibrium of Enterprises in Agriculture: Statistical Support 40
Popova V.V. Methodical Basis for Determination of the National Macrosystem Development Path 46
Rudavka N.V. Dynamic Development Tendencies of Gorlivka Economic System 51



Demographic and Social Statistics


Vynogradov O.V. Statistical Analysis of Formation, Dynamics and Tendencies of Material Resources in Public Health Services of Ukraine 56
Dauksh I.A., Korolyova N.Yu. Statistical Analysis of State of Suicide in Byelorussia 63
Nadyuk Z.O. Using Methods of Trend Model Construction for Forecasting in State Control of Medical Services Market in Ukraine 67



Design and Introduction of Classificators and Standards


Krekhivsky O.V., Salikhova O.B., Krekhivsky I.O. Modern Methodological Approaches to Defining the High-technology Sectors: Recommendations on Application in Ukraine 71
Ostapchuk Yu.M., Varnidis A.V. Introduction of the Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose –  an Important Step to Adaptation of Ukrainian Statistics to International Standards 79



Public Administration


Gorbatyuk C.Ye. Normative and Legal Aspects of Providing Social Activity at the Regional Level 87
Karpinsky B.A., Gerasymenko O.V. Financial System Balance of a Territory: Mechanism of Formation and Public Management 92
Kushnirova G.P. Professional Competence Peculiarities of Local Self-government Officials 96
Moskalenko S.O. Activity of Public Organizations as of Social Policy Subjects: Regional Aspect 100
Tokhtarova I.M. Development of Estimation Model of Public Management Efficiency in Guaranteeing Ethnonational Stability in Autonomous Republic of Crimea 104
Kondratyuk T.V. The U.S. Public Administration and Government System and Its Economic and Statistical Definiteness 108
Mezentseva N.B. Medical Law – an Important Component in the Program of Postgraduate Training of Doctors and Jurists 113
Skopych O.D. Strategic Reference Points of Forming the Effective System of Municipal Financial Control 116



New Editions, Reviews


Revenko A.P. A Review on V.I. Kolesnik’s Monograph “Statistical Support of Regional Management”



Abstracts 131