Statistics of Ukraine


2008, № 2 (41)


In the Issue:


Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Gerasymenko S.S., Nosova Ye.A., Chupryna O.A. Problems of Using Statistical Information in Marketing Research 4
Grabovetsky B.Ye., Moroz O.V., Blagodyr L.M. Factor Analysis of Labor Productivity Based on Economic and Statistical Models 9
Yegorov I.Yu. Problems of Estimation of the Level of Economic Development of Ukraine before Disintegration of the USSR 13
Kulynych R.O. Index Analysis of Inflation Influence on Personal Incomes 21
Pikalo V.F. Possibilities of Using Marginal Analysis of Profit in Enterprise Statistics: Theoretical Substantiation 24
Tamashevych V.M., Leshkevych V.V. Efficiency Estimation of the External Trade Commodity Structure 29
Schokin R.G. Formation of a Balanced System of Indicators of Private Educational Establishment Efficiency 36

Statistical Research of Processes of National Economy

Boiko S.V. Statistical Study of Income of the State Budget of Ukraine 39
Poplyuуko Ya.V. Dollarization of Ukraine’s Economy: Statistical Estimates 44
Popov V.Yu. Methodical Basis for Estimation of the National Market Competition Component 50
Tarasyuk G.M. Planning the Potential of Food Industry Enterprises: Essence, Key Problems and Directions 59
Taryanyk O.M., Glukhova O.A., Glukhova S.V. Modern Tendencies in the Development of Innovative Activity of Enterprises in Ukraine: Macroeconomic and Regional Aspects 63

Business Tendency Surveys

Pugachova M.V. Ukrainian Economy Tendencies in the Eyes of Enterprise Leaders (Analytical Review). Innovative Activity of Enterprises 68

Demographic and Social Statistics

Lysa O.V. Estimating the Manpower Indicators by the Monthly Population Survey Data 76
Shevchuk P.Ye. Improving the Approaches to the Birth Rate Estimation for a Conventional Generation 82

Public Administration

Vyshnevska O.A. Present-day International Labor Migration and Public Migration Policy 87
Voronov M.P. Foreign Experience of Functioning and Improving of Self-administration Principles 91
Zbaraschuk O.V. Estimating Activity of Regional Executive Authorities in Ensuring Socio-economic Development of the Territories 95
Lysenko B.V. Programs of Social Housing Development in Small Towns of Ukraine 100
Naida I.V. Improving the Legal Basis of State Control of Young Specialists’ Labor Rights in Ukraine 104

Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Nelia O. Parfentseva’s Jubilee 109
Chronicle 110
In memory of Victor M. Tamashevych 114
Abstracts 115