Statistics of Ukraine


2008, № 3 (42)


In the Issue:


Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Yerina A.M., Kalachova I.V. The Health Care National Account: Methodological Principles of Formation and Analytical Potentialities 4
Kulynych R.O. Statistical Methods of Studying the Influence of Some Factors, Which Characterize Economic Phenomena and Processes, on the Effective Indication 10
Mykytenko M.T., Lesnikova M.V., Boiko I.I., Ponomarenko K.O. Improving Methodological Approaches to the Insurance Value and Freight Charge Calculations in Import of Goods, Based on Data of Cargo Customs Declarations 17
Mykhailov V.S., Hotetovska, O.B. Panorama of Rating Estimation Methods and Their Use in Enterprise Finance Statistics 23
Motuzka O.M. The Special Data Dissemination Standard and International Technical Assistance Statistics 29
Romanyuk O.P. The System of Measurement of Social Institutions Economic Activity: the Essence and Development Peculiarities. Part I. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Social Services Activity Measurement. 32
Sarioglo V.G., Tereschenko G.I. Approaches to Statistical Estimation of Quality of Universal Secondary Education in Ukraine 40

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Bulchak T.M. Statistical Estimation of the Wholesale Trade Subject of Observation 46
Golyan V.A. Estimating Fiscal Control of Water Use 49
Soshnikova L.A. Correlation Analysis of Indicators of Economic and Nature Protection Activity of Branches 55
Shyyan D.V. New Methods of Analysis of Dynamic Series and Risk Level 65

Business Tendency Surveys

Pugachova M.V. Ukrainian Economy Tendencies in the Eyes of Enterprise Leaders (Analytical Review). Studying the Demand for Production of Enterprises and Industrial Facilities Capacity 71
Popova L.O. Validity Control as One of the Stages of Data Reliability Estimation in Business Tendency Survey of Building Enterprises 81

Regional Statistics

Kolisnyk B.I., Shubaly O.M. Substantiation of Competitive Strategies of Forest Enterprises of a Region Based on the Index Method 88
Schuryk M.V. Institutional Support of the Process of Allotment of Lands for Development in the Countryside of Carpathian Macroregion 98

History of Statistics

Mekshun L.M. O. Rusov’s Role in Formation of Chernihiv Zemstvo Statistics Model. 103

Public Administration

Gayevska L.A. School Reforms at the Beginning of 60s of XIX Century in Russian Empire 108
Dykhnych I.V. State Control of Attracting Foreign Investments as a Resource of Socio-economic Development of the Country and Regions (Case of Russian Federation) 114
Tsyts S.V. Efficiency of State Officials Activity 117
Shostal S.O. Intensification of Investment Process in Ukraine: Problems and the Ways of Solution 119

New Editions, Reviews

Revenko A.P. New Editions on Price Statistics: “Consumer Price Indices” and “Producer Price Indices” 123

Anniversaries, Memorial Dates

Antonina M. Yerina’s Jubilee 126
Chronicle 128
Abstracts 132