Statistics of Ukraine


2008, № 4 (43)


In the Issue:


Chief Editor’s Column

Vasechko O.O. Statistical Thinking and Society 4

Theory and Methodology of Statistics

Mykhailov V. S., Koval S. P. Methodological Foundations of Sample Surveys of Wholesale Trade Enterprises 8
Romanyuk O. P. The System of Measurement of Social Institutions Economic Activity: the Essence and Development Peculiarities. Part II. Peculiarities of Development and Introduction of the System of Measurement of Social Institutions Economic Activity in Ukraine 14

Statistics and Economics, Analysis

Vigovska N. G. Administrative, Financial and Economic Control: Terminology Coordination 21
Gerasymenko S. S., Chupryn K. S. Information Support of Food Market Effective Management 27
Golyan V. A. The Analysis of Main Tendencies in Water Use and of the Ways of Saving the Water Resources 30
Ilyich L. M. The Vocational Technical Education System: Statistical Analysis of State, Dynamics and Development tendencies 36
Masliy V. V. Application of the Correlation Analysis Method for Estimating the Influence of Foreign and Domestic Investments on Economic Development of Ukraine 42
Parfentseva N. O., Popova V. V. Linking the GDP Dynamic Series for Statistical Analysis of National Economy 47
Primerova O. K. Estimation of Foreign Capital Sharing in the Banking System of Ukraine 54

Business Tendency Surveys

Pugachova M. V. Ukrainian Economy Tendencies in the Eyes of Enterprise Leaders (Analytical Review). Studying the State of Competitive Environment for Ukrainian Enterprises. 59

Regional Statistics

Kolesnik V. I. Regional Statistics as a Component of Information Support of Management 69

International Projects and Experience

Yegorov I. Yu., Zhukovych I. A., Ryzhkova Yu. O. Methodical Recommendations on Adaptation of the European Innovation Scoreboard Indicators to Conditions of Ukraine 74

History of Statistics

Zadorozhna R. P. Evolution of the Analysis Index Method 80

Public Administration

Kulchiy ІО. Theoretical Foundations of the Executive Bodies Reforming Process in Ukraine 86
Rozhkova I. V., Solonenko N. D. Improvement of State and Regional Management of Public Health Protection in Ukraine 90
Sybyryakov S.O. Problems of Formation and Development of State Officials’ Social Capital in Transformational States 94
Sytnyk G. P., Osipchuk S. G. Organizational and Legal Basis of Innovation Development as a Component of the Government Maintenance of Economic Security of Ukraine 99


Kateryna M. Shyshkina’s Jubilee 105

Memorial Dates

Arkadiy Mykhailovych Merkov (the 110-th anniversary since birthday) 106
Olexander Ivanovych Chuprov (the 100-th anniversary since death) 107

New Editions, Reviews

Gerasymenko S. S. A Review on V.V. Popova’s Monograph “Organizational and Economic Mechanism for Management of the National Macrosystem Development: Architectonics and Methodology of Statistical Estimation” 109
Chronicle 110
Abstracts 117
Alphabetic Index on the Authors of the Papers Published in “Statistics of Ukraine” in 2008 123